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Stack mini monsters on the reels for wins of up to 50,000 x 👾🎰 Keep the bankroll rolling with 3 random features, all of which have high payout potential. Get 10 bonus boosted free games for a shot at $1,250! 💰🥳 Play Mega Monster at a Slots Play Casinos partner site!

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Video Slots

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50000 times the bet per line
20 Expands Up to 60 paylines
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Climb into your big peoples’ pants and load up with garlic, silver bullets and a wooden cross. It is time to face the Mega Monster – no screaming, shrieking, or weeping allowed.

The location? In the dead of night in the graveyard with the crumbling headstones. That is where wins of up to 50,000 x await, along with MULTIPLIERS, expanding grids and jumping reels!

Besides cornering werewolves, vampires and Frankenstein’s monsters on the board, where is the really scary bit? Listen up gamers. There is a Free Games feature on the grid. It is designed to strike terror in the heart and send bank notes scurrying into your account at a Slots Play Casinos partner casino!

How do you unleash the slew of special effects in Mega Monster slot? You do nothing at all. That is apart from signing up at a SpinLogic Gaming platform featured right here at Slots Play Casinos and playing the game!

The Game’s Platform

Mega Monster is a 5 reel slot with 20 fixed paylines. During the vast majority of paid spins, the game board has a 5×3 set up. All that can change in the blink of the eye. The reason being the randomly activated Expanded Reels Feature!

As with all online slots your mission is to hit at least 3 identical game tiles in one spin. The only proviso is the symbols appear on adjacent reels from left to right. They must also form a payline pattern as displayed under the Mega Monster pay table.

Do that and you are paid out the prize corresponding to the number and type of symbol. In other words, you get more for a 5 symbol configuration than a 4 or 3 symbol configuration. Plus, the monsters pay out more than both the themed symbols and the playing card ranks.

What is the most you can win playing Mega Monster at a Slots Play Casinos partner site?

Of the three characters, it is Franky that delivers the mmm loot. He, or should we say ‘It’, is the green-tinged monster with an electrical bolt clean through the neck. Achieve a 5-of-a-kind of Franky and you are instantly 1,000 x the line bet better off.

Thereafter, Wolfie and Vampirella – the werewolf and vampire respectively – offer up to 300 x and 250 x a piece. The brain, chalice of blood and pendant deliver 150 x, 100 x and 80 x the line bet. Hit a five-for of any of the playing card suits and you get 40 x or 50 x the payline wager.

Now to the rewards in dollar terms. Mega Monster video slot has a betting range of $0.40 to $5 a spin. Divide the bets by 20 – the number of paylines – and the bet per line is $0.02 to $0.25.

What that means is you can win up to $250 in regular play. That is for landing 5 Frankies concurrently on the game board. The rest of the themed icons generate winnings of between $20 and $75. The playing ranks offer $10 or $12.50 a pop.

The winnings may be mediocre in value but that can be expected of a medium volatility game. Where you can tap into a rich vein of cash is in the Sliding Reels and Free Games features. That together with the fact the Wild symbol is often in play compensates for the average payouts!

Rack It Up with Randomly Activated Features

What makes Mega Monster slot machine a must-play betting game? The fact there are 3 randomly activated features to boost the bottom line. What is even more pleasing is the time to trigger is quick and the features recur pretty promptly too.

Each feature is announced by a suitably eerie effect. Blue mist rolling across the game board signifies the onset of the Sliding Reels feature. The Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds feature is announced by a coven of bats flapping across the screen.

What about the Multiplier effect? How do you know when the payouts are likely to soar in value? A wall of flames precedes the feature in the base game. In the Free Spins round, Wolfie the werewolf swoops onto the screen to randomly toss a Multiplier into play.

When the Sliding Reels are triggered, Franky mutates into a Wild. The reels jump one position to the left with reel 1 landing in the space vacated by reel 5. The action recurs until the reels are back where they belong.

With each jump the symbol configuration changes. That theoretically gives you 5 extra extra chances to win…  for FREE. If you are lucky, you can get successive payouts some of which can easily be 5-of-a-kinds!

Unlock the Expanded Reels with Extra Wilds feature and Vampirella is Wild. The grid expands to a 5×4 structure and paylines double in number to 40. Plus, there are more standard Wilds in circulation too. All that adds up to potential paydirt.

As for the Prize Multiplier feature, here is the deal. When it launches Wolfie goes Wild. Any payouts are increased by a Multiplier ranging in value from 2 x to 5 x.

What is there not to like? The only downside is the last two bonus features are one-offs. You have to wait until they trigger again to benefit from any spoils.

Are you ready to hit the grid and rake in tons of random loot for free? If it is a resounding ‘yes’ here is what you have to do:

  • Register and fund an account at a Slots Play Casinos endorsed casino
  • Open the New Games tab
  • Click on the Mega Monster tile
  • Play to WIN

Bounce the Bonus Icon on the Board to Trigger FREE Games

The piece de resistance in Mega Monster online slot is the Scatter-activated Free Games feature. Land 3 bonus icons on the grid and you are paid 1 x the stake. You are also the beaming recipient of 10 Free Games.

These are not ordinary Free Games. They are complimentary spins further enhanced by one of the random features mentioned above. What type of feature is up to you – or not!

Before the gratis game time begins, you have the opportunity to select one of four options. They are the Sliding Reels, Expanded Reels and Prize Multiplier features or one of the three features randomly selected on your behalf.

It is during this segment of play that you can dislodge the top 50,000 x prize from the grid. What that means is you can walk away with a cool $1,250 stuffed in your wallet – thanks to Slots Play Casinos. That is provided you bet max and hit the 5,000 x max payout. It has been done before and can happen again!

To Sum Up

Mega Monster is a fun little slot. When it comes to the graphics, it passes with flying colors. Likewise, the Addams Family type soundtrack which is entertaining rather than annoying.

The random features keep rolling in to heighten the excitement. Unlocking the Free Games feature is quicker than in the vast majority of online slots. What is more, the Wild symbol appears frequently on the grid to maximize the payout rate.

By all measures, Mega Monster video slot is a medium variance game. The risk-reward ratio is evenly balanced. What that means is you do not need a humungous bankroll to enjoy what can be rewarding gaming sessions – albeit gains that are sure to be nominal in value.

Why not overcome your fears and play Mega Monster online slot now at a Slots Play Casinos partner casino? You may not become an instant millionaire but wouldn’t a $1,250 prize be nice?

Play for Free

How do you rate a slot without losing cash? You play the Mega Monster demo game first. It is the savvy way of figuring out what’s what in terms of features, payouts and bets. Once you have a clear idea of how to corner and neutralize vampires, werewolves and little monsters on the reels – and bank dollars too – you can take what you have learnt to the next level!

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