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The luscious, glittering sensation of elegance and style is often expressed through precious stones. These gems come in many colors and shapes but all are valued for their beauty and their mystical meanings. Explore the fascination of gemology with the online Mystic Gems slot, now available for PC and mobile players.

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Mystic Gems Slot Review

Gemstones are beautiful pieces of nature. They are excavated from the earth and then made into different types of jewelry. Much time, effort, and information-gathering goes into mining gemstones and some of them may be quite rare. Yet that’s not the only reason that they’re valuable. People value precious stones because mystical qualities are attributed to them.

Explore astrological, mythical and mystical significances that are attributed to gemstones in the Mystic Gems Slot, available for real money gaming at Slots Play Casinos partner casinos:

Mystic Gems Information

For thousands of years, gemstones have fascinated people in many different cultures. They have inspired mystics, philosophers, astrologers, doctors religious thinkers and others. Unusual powers were ascribed to these special minerals.

Some people believe that different gemstones have medicinal properties while others focus on stones’ metaphysical abilities. Healers talk about how gems can be used to rebuild damaged parts of the body and astrologers consider them to be a vital component in the alignment of the heavens and the earth.

Some gemstones that are favored for their mystical properties include the:

  • Opal is the stone most strongly associated with love and passion. It is also thought to promote healing, spontaneity and imagination. This is true for both white and black opal as well as other types of opal.
  • Black onyx that protects the wearer from hostility and enhances perseverance and determination
  • Moonstone, a gem which is believed to promote clear thinking, inspiration and receptivity and thus, enhances communication. Regarded by many as the gem for psychic abilities
  • Agate which is considered a protective stone that can offer protection from stress and bad dreams
  • Ruby, a symbol of royalty and vitality which is said to open the heart and promote love
  • Amethyst which is believed to calm emotions and encourage clarity of thought and the attainment of wisdom
  • Zircon has been believed to encourage the promotion of wisdom and spiritual growth since the Middle Ages. Wearing zircon is said to help one find beauty and peace.
  • Jade which promotes good luck and brings prosperity
  • Aquamarine which is said to release anxiety and fear and promote courage, calmness and feelings of relaxation.
  • Diamonds, the most valuable gemstone, is said to absorb and amplify the thoughts of the person wearing it. In ancient times many cultures believed that diamonds could protect against poison and healers used it for detoxification.
Sometimes, just interacting with gems can bring about positive results. Sign into the online casino of your choice from the list above and play the Mystic Gems online slots whenever you’re feeling in the need of a sparkling lift of the spirits.

Mystic Gems Features

Mystic Gems is a 5-reel, 25-payline online slot that delivers a generous 96% RTP. That makes it a gem of a game. As befits a game about gemstones, the graphics are lifelike 3D images that bring the beauty of the world’s most beautiful gems to life.

The reels are full of blue sapphires, green emeralds, ruby reds and, of course, sparkling diamonds. You can take things easy and aim for low payout symbols or ratch up the action and focus on making combinations with the high payout symbols.

The beautiful genie is the scatter and if you get three or more lady symbols you’ll collect the scatter payout plus activate the bonus spins. Depending on how many genies come out on the reels at once you’ll get anywhere from 8 to 24 free spins. Free spins retrigger so if three or more genies appear on a free spin the free spins round will start anew.

Mystic Gem Wild symbols appear on all of the middle reels to substitute for other symbols and create more winning paylines. Mystic Gem Wild symbols become multipliers when they substitute in wins with the red ruby wild multiplying by 3x, the green emerald multiplying by 4x and the blue diamond multiplying by 5x. Any payline that includes more than one Mystic Gem turns all the Gems wild with the Highest Multiplier.


Everyone loves a pretty bauble and the Mystic Gems online slot provides numerous opportunities for you to score gems – both on the reels and in your pocketbook!