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Plunge into the tropical ocean and chase puffer fish to unlock free games 🐚🎰 Get boosted winnings of up to 100 x – no bets required 💲🌊 Cascading wins are active throughout. Play Shelltastic Wins and bank up to $12,5k. Live demo at Slots Play Casinos Partner!

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Video Slots

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50,000 x the line bet
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Gear up for an undersea adventure where real treasures await. Get prizes for matching icons anywhere on the grid. Shelltastic Wins is a snorkler of a slot. Payouts flow freely in recurring cascades. Unpaid action is available on-demand!

A close encounter with Napoleon the puffer fish, all neat and natty in his tricorn hat, is key to banking moolah. Drop him fourfold on the grid and you are one step closer to buccaneers’ booty. In this game a haul of $12.5k is distinct possibility – and wouldn’t you want a bit of that?

When you play Shelltastic Wins slot machine at a Slots Play Casinos partner casino the objective is clear. To unlock the Free Games feature. When you land a luminous pink clam on the game board you could boost the payouts by up to a century for free – and yes, that is 100 X THE PRIZE posted on the pay table!

The Game’s Platform

Shelltastic Wins video slot has a 6×5 grid. What makes this game unique is the fact there are no rigid paylines to spoil the fun. Wins are awarded when identical symbols drop in clusters anywhere on the gaming interface.

The only proviso to raking in cash is like symbols must intersect, either vertically or horizontally. They do not have to align from the immediate left or right. Tiles can land slap baNg in the middle and you are still paid out.

As a counterweight to the ‘pays any way’ structure, you have to drop more icons to be in the money. The norm is 3 matching game tiles and up. In Shelltastic Wins online slot you have to hit groups of 8 tiles and more.

As for the pay table? It is perfectly aligned to the medium volatility rating of the game. What that in effect means is the frequency of the wins and the value of the payouts are equally matched.

Play Shelltastic Wins slot online at a recommended Slots Play Casinos partner site and here is the deal. You won’t bag enough to give up your day job – as you could in a high variance game. Plus, the wins do not drop as frequently as they do in low volatility slots. The risk and reward is pretty much evenly balanced.

Now to the burning question. How much money is there lurking on the grid of Shelltastic Wins slot? The highest prize is linked to Napoleon the inflated puffer fish. He pays out up to 2,000 x.

The good news is you only have to land 4 or more puffers to unlock the loot. The top award is for 6-of-a-kind. BTW, the puffer fish is no ordinary symbol. He is the Scatter and the key to the Free Games bonus round.

As for the rest of the regular game symbols, they are an assortment of sea shells and coins. The yellow shell offers up to 1,000 x. Drop purple, green and pink shells in groups on the board and you are awarded a top payout of 500 x, 300 x and 240 x, respectively.

Winings for the coins range from 40 x to 200 x. The quoted prizes are for a full allocation of 12 identical symbols. They can be in a single group or multiple clusters on the grid.

Now for the prizes in filthy lucre. In this game you have to divide the bet per spin by 20 and then multiply the answer by the payout on the pay table. Do the sums, bet the $5 maximum and the puffer fish Scatter offers up to $500.

That is followed by the yellow shell that delivers a top prize of $250. The remaining sea shells generate $60 through to $125 apiece. Coins in 12-strong configurations on the game board generate wins of $8 through to $50. That is in regular play.

When the Free Games are live, you can plunder a lot more than that from the Shelltastic Wins reel set! Plus, there is that little matter of the Cascading Wins feature – a real money modifier that is always in action.

Red Alert: A Tsunami of Cascading Wins is Coming Your Way!

One of the standout features in Shelltastic Wins slot is the ability to unlock recurring payouts in just one paid spin. It is not a random feature that only occurs once in a while. Heck no.

Cascading Wins are part and parcel of play. Every time you drop a group if matching tiles, you are paid out. The winning combination dissolves. A new set of symbols plop into position.

If that set contains identical game tiles, the sequence recurs until there are no more paying combos on the board. It is a winning spree that can continue for four, five or even six consecutive spins. Imagine how much loot you can accumulate for a meagre outlay of a single wager? That, Slotsters is Shelltastic Wins in action!

Free Games Boosted by Yummy Multipliers

Now for the show-stopper, the mega-money spinner. What we are referring to is the Scatter activated Free Games round. Trigger the feature and you are awarded 10 Free Games.

That is one component of the round – the fact you do not have to part with cash to win cash. The other, far more exotic element of the Free Games feature is the pink clam. When it appears and there is a winning combo on the board, the shell opens to reveal a random Multiplier value.

Not all the available Multipliers are nominal in value – although there isn’t a player from Slots Play Casinos who would not be delighted with double the money. In Shelltastic Wins you have the opportunity to supplement the conventional payouts by 2 x through to 100 x.

That is the one hooray. The other is the fact that one clam up to 5 clams can appear at a time. If you drop more than one clam on the grid, all the Multiplier values are tallied together and added to the prize.

When you take the Cascading Wins feature into account, Free Games is where the treasure is buried. If you are lucky you can dig up 50,000 x. That is $12,5k that could be yours – no bets required!

The even better news? You can Buy the Bonus whenever you want! Failing that, there is a Bonus Bet feature to help you refine the search for the spoils!

To Sum Up

Shelltastic Wins slot machine is simple in structure and design. It is a marine-themed game that falls into a similar niche to Sweet 16 and Sweet 16 Blast. It pays any way, which is a boon for players but you do need to accumulate a greater number of game tiles to win.

The Cascading Wins feature keeps the balance in your casino account ticking over. As with most online casino games, it is the bonus round that delivers the goods. Progress to the Multiplier enriched Free Games feature and there is a good chance of scooping up plenty of cash.

What we like is the option to Buy the Bonus. That together with the fact you can enhance the probability of triggering the feature is a major plus in the game. A negative is there is no Wild symbol to boost the payout rate.

With a top prize of 50,000 x and wins that can recur any number of times, Shelltastic Wins slot machine is most definitely worth a few spins. To get your share of the booty, simply sign up at Slots Play Casinos partner casino and play! It could be your lucky day!

Play for Free

How do you maximize your chances of finding treasure when there is no X marking the spot? You play the Shelltastic Wins demo game first. That way you can evaluate the drop frequency, the average number of winning cascades and even finetune your Buy Bonus tactics without paying a fee!

Play to WIN!

Shelltastic Wins online slot is infinitely playable on all devices from desktop to mobile phone. The game is live now at select SpinLogic Gaming partner sites featured at Slots Play Casinos: