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Sweet 16 Slots Review

If you are an avid gambler, you might have noticed that new casino games pop up all over the web practically every month. That means that by now you have dozens, if not hundreds, of slot games to choose from whenever you want to gamble. This review will focus on the Sweet 16 slot game, released by RTG back in 2016. To help you navigate through the endless lists of available slot games, we strive to provide you with the most accurate casino games reviews. We hope that this would help you decide if you’re interested in a specific game or not before you put your own money on the line. Read on, and find out if Sweet 16 is what you’ve been waiting for all this time!

Game Info

Sweet 16 is a 5-reel slot game with 243 possible ways to create winning combination, which can award you with up to $625,000 whenever you want to sweeten up your day. As the name might suggest, this game revolves around all the most delicious candies you might remember from your childhood. Sweet 16 might seriously affect your diet, so come prepared with lots of sweets of your own! The coin size you can use ranges from 0.01 to 5, which you can change up according to the amount of risk you’re willing to take. The return-to-player percentage of this game is 96.63%, which is one of the highest rates out there.
SlotoCash$81,135.00Ritchie Valens™ La Bambawinner iconKim I.2020-09-22
Fair Go$49,940.00Triple Twisterwinner iconBrenton W.2020-09-18
Fair Go$44,910.00Sweet 16winner iconDean P.2020-09-18
PlayCroco$43,968.00Panda's Goldwinner iconTodd N.2020-09-26
Intertops Classic$40,000.00Kenowinner iconDaniel B.2020-09-20
Fair Go$39,960.00Shanghai Lightswinner iconLidia L.2020-09-21
SlotoCash$38,225.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconAnthony S.2020-09-27
PlayCroco$36,288.00Bubble Bubble 2winner iconDimitri K.2020-09-27
Jackpot Capital$36,000.00Witchy Winswinner iconJames S.2020-09-23
Fair Go$30,025.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconMark R.2020-09-25
Fair Go$29,754.00Panda Magicwinner iconDavid C.2020-09-27
Fair Go$26,640.00Witchy Winswinner iconTracey M.2020-09-25
Grande Vegas$25,030.00Coyote Cashwinner iconWeyand A.2020-09-26
Fair Go$24,345.00Storm Lordswinner iconPenisimani O.2020-09-26
Fair Go$22,838.00Crystal Waterswinner iconGeorgina W.2020-09-19
Fair Go$21,850.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconAmy H.2020-09-26
Fair Go$21,315.00Cash Bandits 2winner iconDylan P.2020-09-20
Grande Vegas$21,000.00Super 6winner iconTimothy L.2020-09-19
Grande Vegas$20,900.00Ghost Shipwinner iconMarjorie S.2020-09-22
Grande Vegas$20,250.00The Big Bopper®winner iconSheila I.2020-09-25
Slotastic$20,000.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconRoger F.2020-09-25
SlotoCash$20,000.00Double Double Bonus Pokerwinner iconJay B.2020-09-26
SlotoCash$20,000.00Double Double Bonus Pokerwinner iconJen D.2020-09-18
SlotoCash$19,200.00Cash Bandits 3winner iconTom W.2020-09-14
PlayCroco$18,000.00Kenowinner iconMelissa W.2020-09-19
SlotoCash$18,000.00Samba Sunsetwinner iconJan A.2020-09-23
SlotoCash$17,115.00Cash Banditswinner iconMark C.2020-09-14
PlayCroco$16,000.00Kenowinner iconAlissa O.2020-09-27
Grande Vegas$14,306.25Witchy Winswinner iconTeng Y.2020-09-24
PlayCroco$13,995.00Witchy Winswinner iconAli T.2020-09-24
Slotastic$13,780.00Storm Lordswinner iconJames E.2020-09-28
SlotoCash$13,500.00The Mariachi 5winner iconTally R.2020-09-20
SlotoCash$13,405.00Henhousewinner iconBrianna S.2020-09-27
Grande Vegas$13,162.50Witchy Winswinner iconKirandeep K.2020-09-28
Jackpot Capital$13,000.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconWendy S.2020-09-18
SlotoCash$12,825.00Witchy Winswinner iconAmanda A.2020-09-25
Grande Vegas$12,500.00Loose Deuceswinner iconMarie R.2020-09-20
PlayCroco$12,500.00Storm Lordswinner iconDeanna D.2020-09-22
PlayCroco$11,950.50Storm Lordswinner iconTiari H.2020-09-20
Slotastic$11,520.00Jacks or Betterwinner iconGustavo F.2020-09-23
PlayCroco$10,125.00Witchy Winswinner iconEmma C.2020-09-24
PlayCroco$10,000.00Kenowinner iconPaige F.2020-09-15
Jackpot Capital$9,875.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconAmy K.2020-09-24
Grande Vegas$9,814.16Golden Lotuswinner iconDavid M.2020-09-28
Grande Vegas$9,310.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconSam T.2020-09-20
Intertops Classic$8,500.00Kenowinner iconLaura R.2020-09-17
PlayCroco$8,000.00Diamond Fiestawinner iconBen D.2020-09-24
Slotastic$8,000.00Kenowinner iconKazelyn R.2020-09-14
Grande Vegas$7,530.00Texan Tycoonwinner iconSheila S.2020-09-25
Jackpot Capital$7,515.00Achilles Deluxewinner iconCatherine P.2020-09-18
Jackpot Capital$6,875.00Lucky 6winner iconLatonia Z. W.2020-09-14
Slotastic$6,342.00Cai Hongwinner iconMartin R.2020-09-15
Jackpot Capital$6,250.00Shopping Spree IIwinner iconNeva J.2020-09-19
Slotastic$6,000.00BlackJackwinner iconTristan L.2020-09-19
Jackpot Capital$5,895.83Achilles Deluxewinner iconJanet K.2020-09-18
Jackpot Capital$5,837.79Achilleswinner iconDavit K.2020-09-27
Jackpot Capital$5,732.50Three Kingdom Warswinner iconGary L.2020-09-24
Slotastic$5,150.00Wild Hog Luauwinner iconBrad B.2020-09-20
Jackpot Capital$5,062.50Lucha Libre 2winner iconNedra C.2020-09-20
Slotastic$4,068.00Panda's Goldwinner iconJoseph P.2020-09-17
Slotastic$4,000.00Double Double Bonus Pokerwinner iconDavid B.2020-09-24
Slotastic$3,375.00Stardustwinner iconLydia G.2020-09-14
Intertops Classic$3,200.00BlackJackwinner iconLuke L.2020-09-29
Intertops Classic$3,200.00Live Blackjackwinner iconChristopher M.2020-09-28
Intertops Classic$3,075.00Tri-Card Pokerwinner iconJoel B.2020-09-16
Intertops Classic$2,000.00BlackJackwinner iconJamie L.2020-09-27
Intertops Classic$2,000.00Suit 'Em Up™winner iconJoseph S.2020-09-20
Intertops Classic$2,000.00BlackJackwinner iconJeff L.2020-09-16
Intertops Classic$1,350.00Kenowinner iconRobin T.2020-09-17
Intertops Classic$1,280.00Live Blackjackwinner iconSpiro E.2020-09-15

Game Features

You might have guessed that this game can turn out to be quite lucrative, which is enough to catch your interest if you want to leave the casino with some extra cash in your account. However, playing casino games for the cash alone will get boring at some point. That’s why it is important to pick a game with surprising features that will keep you entertained for a long while. One of the most important symbols this game has to offer is the wild, which substitutes for all the regular symbols except for the scatter. In Sweet 16, the wild might appear stacked on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 – which can practically guarantee your teeth will ache from all the sweet prizes you will get! You also have the morphing feature, which can also increase your chances of winning casino prizes while you play. Every time you will get a winning combination, the participating symbols will disappear, and new ones will replace them. This process will occur over and over again, till there are no new combinations to be made. But the fun doesn’t end there! Every time a winning combo will morph into another, the cash prize will be accompanied by a multiplier that can go up to x10. Both of these features are available on the regular spins, but you also have the scatter bonus round! If you manage to get at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on your reels, you will trigger 16 free spins, during which you will get a multiplier ranging from x2 to x20.


Sweet 16 online slot game has a lot of great features that you might enjoy, so if you want to have fun with an uncomplicated, lucrative casino game – this game is right up your alley!