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The five-reel, 50 payline Take Olympus online slot delivers Greek gods Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Hades to the gaming screen where their individual powers meld into one supreme authority through interactive gaming fun and big cash rewards.

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Take Olympus Slot Review

Take Olympus slot is the latest in Slots Play Casinos line of history-themed slot machines. This online casino slot event brings you into the world of the Greek gods where matching combinations, 4-symbol configurations, free spins, multipliers and bonus features signal the gods’ pleasure through bestowing lucrative cash prizes.

This interactive online slots is mobile-friendly so you can play it at your leisure on your PC or on your mobile device. The mobile version is available on both Android and iOS devices and features all of the controls that you get with the PC edition which you can access with the swipe of a finger.

Take Olympus has a satisfying RTP of 95.49% which means that you can look forward to many pleasurable hours of play with multiple opportunities to achieve profitable cash rewards on every spin.

Take Olympus Slot Information

Western civilization owes much to Greek mythology. The legends of the Greek world form the basis of many of the philosophical schools upon which much of our understanding of our world today is based and continue to influence our arts and literature until today. The Greeks themselves recognized that their myths contained a considerable element of fiction but in general, Greeks of the era considered that the legends were true.

Greek mythology evolved as a way for the Greeks to understand natural phenomena, how our world works and the reasons that things happen. For the Greeks, the legends were an accurate recounting of how the actions of the gods affect daily experiences. Historians acknowledge that much of the way that we understand the world came from the Greeks.

According to Greek mythology the Olympian gods ruled the heavens and the earth. There are folktales and etiological myths  that explains the identities and alliances of the various gods. Belief in the gods continued among the Greeks until the 3rd – 4th century CE when Christianity began to dominate in the region.

The stories of Greek mythology generally center around the gods/heroes and focus on the origins of the gods, internecine struggles among the gods, the struggle of the gods to take the world out of chaos, the succession of divine rulers and the happenings on Olympus. Olympus was the mountain on which the gods lived and interacted. There, Zeus fathered children with goddesses and mortal women alike, Apollo achieved victories over giants and monsters, Hera restored her virginity annually by bathing in the spring of Canathus and Poseidon ruled over the seas while Hades ruled the underworld.

The best-known Greek myths were those that demonstrated the gods’ heroic actions as well as their vulnerabilities. The most widely-related of these myths involved Athena, patroness of Athens, who adored war heroes, Hermes, messenger of the gods, Aphrodite’s relationships and Poseidon’s combination of his early status as an earthquake god with his later status as god of the sea.

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Take Olympus Slot Features

Greek mythology has played a significant influence on the arts and literature of the world. For many, the philosophies behind the Greek gods’ successes and failures serve as a basis for understanding the successes and challenges of our own lives. Now, you can incorporate Greek mythology into your gaming entertainment when you play the Take Olympus online slot on your PC or mobile device.

In the Take Olympus slot machine, each of the five gods featured – Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hades and Poseidon – has his or her own special powers that can lead you to rewarding prizes. As each of these gods appear they trigger special effects such as transforming symbols, free spins, respins and more. You can bet as little as 0.20 coins on any of the game’s 50 paylines or as much as 45 coins. There’s no obligation to bet on a specific number of paylines so the choice is yours as you determine whether you want to play a high-stakes game or a budget slot.

The gods deliver other gifts too. Whenever an arrow, fired by Apollo, hits a symbol on the reels that symbol transforms into a wild which helps to create more matching paylines. Poseidon symbols that land on the reels during a Poseidon episode creates respins. Aphrodite’s symbols turn into sticky mystery boxes that morph into matching symbol. Hades symbols activate win multipliers that are added to his cycle’s final spin.

Zeus, of course, was the most powerful Greek god and in this slot his image is the most valuable symbol. In addition to functioning as the wild, if he appears on any of the gods’ cycles he’ll multiply the prize. His symbol can also randomly stack and when it does, it triggers 10 free spins.


The Take Olympus online slot brings the myths of ancient Greek to the modern gaming screen where players can interact with the famous Greek gods in a way that delivers lucrative real money prizes.