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The Triple 10x Wild Slot brings you a retro arcade-type gaming event that relives the fun-filled days of the video arcade while allowing you to play from the comfort of your own home. The 3D graphics, options for budget or high stakes betting and fun-filled gameplay deliver an exciting and rewarding slots adventure.

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Triple 10x Wild Slot Review

Slots gamers who are looking for a fast-paced, interactive slots event generally look for a five-reel slot. The three-reel Triple 10x Wild Slot was designed to deliver all that plus more. While game companies are falling over themselves trying to design new, technologically advanced video slot machines, WGS decided to go back in time and create a game that has all of the entertainment value of a 21st century video slot along with the genuine slots experience that the old-fashioned three-reel slot machines provide.

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This online slots has it all – special elements, bonuses, fun-filled gameplay and more. You can play at any time and from any location on your mobile device or your PC computer via cable, Wifi or cellular connectivity.

Triple 10x Wild brings the glory days of the video arcade to your gaming screen!

Triple 10x Wild Information

Triple 10x is based on people’s enduring love for the old video games from gaming arcades. These arcades popped up in big cities, rural areas, near army bases and other gathering spots in the late ‘70s. Space Invaders and Pac-Man were early favorites and players could insert a coin and play the game while interacting with other like-minded players who were playing at the machines next to them.

The arcades laid the foundations for today’s gaming subculture. Players had their own terms and norms that allowed them to form their own societies. There were LAN parties where enthusiasts set up hundreds of computers, connected by local networks, to play games together for days at a time, cementing the alternative social space that the players were attempting to create for themselves.

This was the era when the competitive and co-operative multiplayer games that we know today as “esports” were beginning to emerge. The world of game aesthetics introduced recommended gaming pixels, snowflakes and Japanese scrolls which expanded as the years went by.

Arcade games offered many benefits including facilitating improved coordination, improving problem-solving skills, enhancing memory, providing learning opportunities, improving the brain’s speed, enhancing multi-tasking skills, improving social skills and improving attention and concentration.

Even with the new video slots, old-fashioned arcade three-reel classic slots remain popular with many players. Many people appreciate the simplicity of the three-reel slot and even choose those games over the five-reel video slots when they play slots at the casino. The Triple 10x Wild is one of the most popular of this generation of three-reel slots thanks to its gameplay, elements and interactive style.

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Triple 10x Wild Slot Features

Triple 10x Wild blends a retro, arcade atmosphere with bonuses, multipliers and other “modern” slots elements so every spin is a thrill. Don’t be fooled by its “old-fashioned” look – Triple 10x Wild is a fast-paced ride with high stakes.

The screen is set up to represent a colorful old-school slot machine with a reel set, an interactive paytable and the iconic square buttons at the bottom creating a colorful and intuitive game that will hook you in just a few spins. It’s easy to customize the game using the command bar located under the reels.

Triple 10x Wild is a three-reel, one payline game so all you have to do is to line up symbol combinations on that one payline. There’s no need to decide which paylines to enable since any completed combination will earn you a payout. You can bet 1, 2 or three credits per spin. So all in all, your only deliberation involves the amount of money needed to put on the reels which you can adjust using the +/- button. If you want to bet the maximum amount you simply press “Bet Max”.

The autoplay option allows you to choose your settings and your preferred wager which will be placed automatically on the row for the duration of several spins

The game features bells, red 7s and other traditional slots symbols as well as multipliers that multiply the payouts 3x and 10x.

If you achieve a 3x symbol your payout is multiplied by 3. If two of these symbols appear, the payout multiplies by 9. For a 10x symbol you simply add a 0 to your payout which multiplies the payout by 30.

The best outcome that you can hope for is a 3x – 3x – 10x combination which delivers the jackpot prize – anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.


Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled retro slot game, an old-fashioned arcade experience or a simple exciting gaming adventure, give the Triple 10x Wild a whirl at online Slots Play Casinos.