Triple 10x Wild Online Slots

Let’s get nostalgic for the lazy hazy crazy days of yesteryear circa the 1950’s. Triple 10x Wild is a retro arcade game that can give you very non-retro wins! It has two multipliers; one for 3x the win and one for 10x. The colossal win total is 30,000 coins. This game joins the retro fun of the arcade with the modern fun of a casino.

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Triple 10X Wild Slots

The classic 3-reel slot machine is alive and well! In fact, the 3-reel slot machine not only survives in the online casino, it is thriving. Proof positive can be found in Triple 10X Wild slots, a 3-reel online slots game that presents traditional slot machine symbolism with some ultramodern twists for a very satisfying online gambling experience.

Triple 10X Wild Information

Triple 10X Wild appears, at least at first glance, like the kind of slot machine your grandfather would have enjoyed playing. It has three reels. It has one payline: a straight horizontal line right across the middle of the reels. It has many of the traditional slot machine icons that Charles Fey introduced in the closing days of the nineteenth century: cherries, bars, stacks of money, liberty bells, lucky 7s. So far, so traditional.

When you play Triple 10X Wild slots online, you may bet one, two, or three coins. You may also select a coin size ranging from 1¢ to $10, so your total bet on each spin of the slot machine reels can range from one cent (one 1¢-coin) to thirty dollars (three $10-coins).

At this point, a word of praise is due the developers at WGS for so faithfully re-creating the look and feel of the classic 3-reel slot machine. When you look at the image on your computer screen (and yes, it’s easy to forget that you are actually looking at a computer screen), you will see the slot machine before you, as your grandfather might have seen it on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. It is a big mechanical device, it weighs about a ton, it has the three slot machine reels with the single payline right in front of you at eye level, and the paytable with the various winning combinations displayed above. On the side of the machine is the big mechanical lever—the proverbial one-armed bandit—that you would pull to make the whole thing work.

Yes, so far, so traditional. But stay tuned, because here come the 3X Wild and 10X Wild symbols to spice things up with something brand new and very exciting.

Triple 10X Wild Features

The 3X Wild symbol appears only on Reels 1 and 2 of the online slot machine; the 10X Wild only on Reel 3. Both are wild symbols, meaning they can substitute for other symbols to create winning slots combinations. Thus, a payline with Bell-Wild-Bell, or with Bell-Bell-Wild, becomes a winning payline equivalent to Bell-Bell-Bell but even better because the wild symbol multiplies the payout. Here’s how it works:

  • One 3X Wild symbol multiplies the payout by three. Thus, 3XWild-Bell-Bell pays 3 times the regular three-bell payout displayed on the payout table.
  • Two 3X Wild symbols multiplies the payout by nine. Thus, 3XWild-3XWild-Bell pays 9 times the regular three-bell payout displayed on the payout table.
  • A 10X Wild symbol multiplies the payout by ten. Thus, Bell-Bell-10XWild pays 10 times the regular three-bell payout displayed on the payout table.
  • A 3X Wild and a 10X Wild in combination multiplies the payout by thirty. Thus, 3XWild-Bell-10XWild pays 30 times the regular three-bell payout displayed on the payout table.
And what if you get a Wild Symbol but it doesn’t produce a winning combination. Suppose, for example, that you spin a payline of Bell-Bar-10XWild? It looks like a loser, but there’s no need to worry. In such a situation, your Wild Symbol will pay out a multiple of your total bet:
  • One 3X Wild symbol pays 3 times your total bet.
  • Two 3X Wild symbols pay 9 times your total bet.
  • A 10X Wild symbol pays 10 times your total bet.
  • A 3X Wild and a 10X Wild in combination pay 30 times your total bet.
And now we come to the very best part of all: the three-wild combination. We are talking about a payline with 3XWild-3XWild-10XWild on the payline, and it pays a whopping ten-thousand times your bet. If you bet 3 coins, you win 30,000 coins. And with coin sizes ranging up to $10, that could mean a $300,000 jackpot on a single lucky spin of the online slot machine.


Triple 10X Wild is a great online slots game that should appeal to everybody. If you are a regular 3-reel slots player, this is just the game for you. If you don’t ordinarily play 3-reel slots, you will be pleasantly excited at how much fun it can be. In any event, no matter what your slots background, you are sure to love Triple 10X Wild.