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Ultimate 10x Jackpot slot is one of the newest progressive jackpot slots at the casino which is won on  an average of every 2 weeks and pays an astounding $12,000 per win! Ultimate 10x is available for mobile and PC gaming with energizing gameplay and fun-filled features.

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Ultimate 10x Slot Review

In recent years there’s been a move to lessen the number of big progressive jackpots in slots games and, instead, include smaller jackpots – often called “the major jackpot” and “the minor jackpot.”

The Ultimate 10x Jackpot is a simplistic three-reel jackpot that gives the player the freedom from dozens of paylines that they need to track. Yet this classic slot features the Ultimate 10x Jackpot that grows with every spin of the reels. The prize can hit $25,000 for gamers who bet the maximum three credits and match three 10x Jackpot symbols. Once the jackpot strikes it resets and starts building again for another jackpot prize.

This and other elements make Ultimate 10x slot one of the year’s best games here at Slots Play Casinos.

Ultimate 10x Information

Three-reel slots don’t always have the highest payouts but many players prefer them because, they say, the payouts of a three-reel slots are the most consistent. Three reel slot machines are the “original” slots – they were first introduced to the public in the late 1800s.

Even after more than 100 years of technological advances in the slots industry, including the introduction of five-reel games, games with bonus rounds, 3D graphics and different types of special elements, the three-reel machine remains a favorite of old-time gamers and modern players alike.

Progressive jackpots became a feature of some slots in the ‘80s. It was an immediate success, drawing players into the small side game that ran alongside the main slot machine. Players would make a small side bet on the progressive jackpot competition that was an addition to the main game.

Then, as the reels would spin as usual and the player would collect the regular game wins, the possibility was always there for the progressive jackpot combination to hit. If it did, all of the progressive jackpot deposits from all participating players would be paid out to the winner who won the entire pot.

Progressive jackpots are popular because they give players an extra something in their game. The pool goes up and up until someone hits the jackpot combination. When that happens, the pool resets and once again begins to grow as new players join in.

The player doesn’t need to add a big sum in order to participate in the jackpot contest but if they win – whoa! It’s a big cash reward!

Ultimate 10x Features

You can find Ultimate 10x online slots at Slots Play Casinos where you can play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the real mode. The game gives you a big bang for your buck – with only one payline, you can go for the gold and enable the line for the maximum amount of $15 or, if you’re looking for a budget game, make a penny bet and bet three credits for as little as $.01 per spin. That’s not a lot, considering that the jackpot of $25,000 could pop up at any time.

The symbols on the reels of Ultimate 10x are those that you’d expect to see in a classic three-reel slot including bells, bars and more. There are both 3x and 10x wilds, both of which can substitute for any other symbol to complete a combination. If the 3x wild is on the payline with two other matching symbols, the payout is tripled. If two 3x wilds appear together with a regular symbol, the prize is multiplied 9x. So, for example, with one 3x wild and two bells, the bell’s 25/50/75 coin prize increases to 75/150/225. And one bell plus two 3x wilds would mean a payout of 225/450/675 coins.

Same thing for the 10x symbol – you’d multiply the normal prize by 10x if it pairs with two matching symbols. A regular game symbol plus two 10x wilds is multiplied by 100x. To put things in perspective, two bells and one 10x would increase the prize to 250/500/750 coins while one bell and two wild 10x symbols would result in wins of 2500/500/7500 coins.

One symbol plus a 10x wild AND a 3x wild multiplies the prize by 30x – a bell + a 3x wild + a 10x while increases the normal 25/50/75 coin prize to 750/1500/2250 coins.

You can see that, despite the limited number of reels, paylines and betting options, this game can deliver some serious prizes!


Enjoy fun times with Ultimate 10x Wild, a classic slot with two Wild symbols. Most importantly, this game has a ‘Must Win’ progressive jackpot guaranteed to pay out by the time it reaches $25,000!

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