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Wild Fire 7s combines the best of all worlds of slots – alluring graphic images, an enticing sound track, action-filled gameplay and plenty of opportunities to achieve winning payouts and bonus rewards.

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Classic Slots

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17,850 times the base bet
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Wild Fire 7s Review

Today’s technologically-advanced slot machines feature a wide range of new hi-tech elements and features. Gamers who want to unwind with an unhurried slot gaming event can choose on old-fashioned three-reel slot machine where the payouts are comparable to the five-reel video slots but the pace is slower and there are more opportunities to enjoy a less-stressful, more relaxing gaming adventure.

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Wild Fire 7s Information

Some slots enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the newest, most radical and most sophisticated slot machines. The five-reel video slots generally feature a wide range of extras – expanding wilds, scatters, free spins, respins, multipliers, cascading wilds and other elements that have been added to make the game more stimulating.

Not all players appreciate the bells and whistles of the five-reel slots. Many slots aficionados look for the classic three-reel slot machines that take you back to the good old days when the symbols were old-fashioned, features were basic and the atmosphere was one of simple gaming entertainment.

The first slot machines emerged in the late 19th century with a 5-drum, 50-playing-card-symbol machine. The slot machine was a heavy, metal machine that would often sit in the corner of a salon or a candy store. Players would insert their coin and pull the lever. If the cards lined up into a poker hand on the reels, the player would win – usually a piece of fruit or a drink at the bar.

From there, the slot machine progressed to giving automatic payouts. This was done by eliminating the drums and installing three reels where 5 possible symbols would appear. Each symbol combination delivered its specific payout.

The new machine was called the “Liberty Bell” and it paid out rewards in coins. Later, anti-gambling sentiment grew so the card symbols were replaced by fruit symbols and prizes were paid out in the form of candy and chewing gum. The machine was adopted by Vegas casinos in the ‘30s and ‘40s and slots became the symbol of the new Gambling Capitol.

In 1964 the mechanical machine gave way to an electromechanical slot machine. The reels were operated electrically and, with the “bottomless hopper” that made automatic payouts, the slot machine became even more user-friendly. Video slots were introduced in the ‘70s and in the ‘90s, slot machines started to feature second screen bonus rounds where a bonus round would trigger a new screen and players would win additional bonus payouts.

Simultaneously, slots began to be featured at online casinos where online gamers could play online. The machines offered options for Free Mode play so a gamer could play the machine without making any type of deposit. Any gamer who was interested in playing for real money could deposit money into his/her casino account via an online bank and then compete for real money prizes.

Today, players at both land-based and online casinos have their choice of the classic three-reel slot machines or the five-reel video slots. In fact, interest in the “old” three-reel slots is beginning to rise again. This is encouraging the casinos to bring in more retro three reel slots. One of the best of these new retro slots to is now featured at the online casino — RealTime Gaming’s fun-filled Wild Fire 7s.

Wild Fire 7s Features

Wild Fire 7s captures the nostalgia of old-time, three-reel slot machines. The look and feel of Wild Fire 7s evokes the atmosphere of the casino of old but there are also high-tech elements that maintain the environment of 21st century slots action.

As the reels spin you’ll see the kinds of images that classic slot machines featured including bars of gold, gems and the famous 7s. In addition to the traditional three reels there’s a fourth reel where you can achieve multipliers and free games.

Or, you can also activate the Progressive Jackpot and collect the accumulated jackpot prize which is comprised of the deposits made by thousands of previous players. The progressive jackpot’s payout varies….sometimes it’s hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars and sometimes… more!

The most important reel in this game is the fourth reel which is a surprise because most classic slots have only three reels. But in this game, the fourth reel is the reel where all of the best features can be found.

Unlike the classic slot machines of yore, Wild Fire 7s features a multiplier symbol that appears on that fourth reel. When the multiplier symbol emerges the win amount is multiplied according to the combination that was made.

The fourth reel is also where the progressive jackpot can be activated – if the jackpot icon displays during the base game on the 4th reel you will collect the entire pot. Progressive jackpots start in Wild Fire 7s at $500 and the amount increases from there.

If the Free Spins symbol lands on the fourth reel the free spins feature activates and the player receives seven Free Spins. That means that you spin the reel for free and not only collect the payout from any wins that you achieve on that free spin but you get a x5 Multiplier that multiplies each spin by 5! Maximum payout is 17,850x the original bet.


Wild Fire 7s is available for download, instant play and mobile gaming entertainment. The nostalgia of the classic slot machine combines with an arcade environment and an innovative 4th reel to create a stimulating slots adventure of fun and excitement.