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Leverage an enlarged grid, 1000s of pay ways, high-paying symbols 🎰💲 Get more wilds every time buffalos stampede. Spin the bonus wheel for free games, multipliers or an instant win jackpot. Play Buffalo Mania Deluxe at Slots Play Casinos 🐃🌵 Bank up to $12,880! 🤑

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Mosey on down to Missouri where wild buffalo runs pump out the coinage. Watch as random displacements occur and the Bonus Wheel spins in largesse! Buffalo Mania Deluxe is a ‘no bull’ kind of game. It is live now at Slots Play Casinos!

How do you survive a buffalo stampede and coin it in the process? Nope, you do not dig in with the gophers and steal their food cache. You play Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot machine at a recommended Slots Play Casinos partner instead.

Do that and you have ample warning of an impending dash of large wooly creatures across the grid. In this instance, buffalos leave Wilds on the reels. That is the one special effect that occurs arbitrarily at any time during the game.

The other is equally impressive. It involves the substitution of all the themed icons on the board with just one big paying beast. Then there is the show stopper, the people pleaser, the online slot’s box office hit.

It is the Bonus Wheel, people. One spin can shift the needle from loss to profit. It is home to a jackpot, 10 X MULTIPLIER and Free Games that max out at 15. The wheel is where an instant cash prize of $12,880 resides!

That is a snapshot of the features you can encounter in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe online slot. The expander mechanics are an additional boon. In that sequence of gameplay, the grid gets larger and win ways surge in number to a maximum of 46,656 PAY WAYS – and that is a lot!

The Game’s Platform

In its regular configuration the Buffalo Mania Deluxe video slot has a 6×4 grid with 4,096 pay ways. That can all change at any point in the base game. When the Major Mania Replacement feature is active, the game board can expand to a 6×5 or 6×6 set-up. The number of pay ways rises to 15,625 or 46,565, respectively.

The expanding grid and increasing pay ways can also be part of a Free Games round. That is determined by the outcome of a spin of the Bonus Wheel. You can find the details a little further down the page.

Notwithstanding the expander mechanics, your objective is to match like symbols on the grid to win. Payouts start for 3 matching game tiles and up. The highest remuneration is for 6-of-a-kind.

The only exception is the Scatter symbol. It offers prizes for combos of 3 up to 5.

Now to the more critical factors – the value of the payouts and average frequency of wins. Both elements conform to the game’s medium volatility rating. Payouts are mediocre. The drop frequency is neither high nor low.

Buffalo Mania Deluxe is essentially a middle-of-the-road kind of game. A betting range of $0.50 to $6.25 a spin reflects that fact. The maximum award of 2060.80 x the stake is also an indication of variance.

Play the SpinLogic Gaming slot at a recommended Slots Play Casinos partner casino and the risk and reward are evenly weighted. You can consequently anticipate a lengthy gaming session easily funded by an average bankroll!

As for the actual winnings? Payouts are neatly divided into two categories. The wild animals are the high-paying symbols. The low-paying, high-drop-frequency icons are the playing card ranks 9 through ace.

The big old buffalo is the premium payer in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe online slot. It offers up to 200 x for the maximum 6-symbol format. The bear and cougar generate prizes of up to 150 x and 100 x, respectively. The wolf comes in at 75 x and the playing cards deliver 25 x through to 50 x.

Now to what you can win in dollars and cents. When you reduce the bets by dividing them by 25, you get a bet per pay way range of $0.02 to $0.25. These are the figures that are multiplied by the payouts on the pay table.

Tot up the numbers and you can win up to $50 for the buffalo, $37.50 for the bear and $25 for the cougar. The wolf pays out $18.75. That is for 6-of-a-kind on a maximum $6.25 wager. The playing cards deliver $6.25 through to $12.50.

The only other paying symbol is the Scatter. It offers winnings of up to 20 x for 5-of-a-kind. That is $125 in cash.

Are you ready to scoop up fistfuls of dollars? All it takes is a tap of the Play for Real tab. That way you get access to an exclusive Slot Play Casinos coupon code. It unlocks free spins of the Buffalo Mania Deluxe online slot machine!

Major Replacement and More Ways to Win!

At random times in the game the Major Mania Replacement feature kicks in. It is announced by a separate window featuring all 4 major symbols – the buffalo, bear, cougar and wolf. The software selects one symbol and that is the major replacement.

The chosen beast automatically replaces all the other animal icons on the board. The grid may or may not expand to a 6×5 or 6×6 configuration, boosting the total number of pay ways to either 15,625 or 46, 656. With the major replacement in play, you have a chance of winning a second time… for free!

What is notable about the feature? There is a heightened probability of hitting 5- or 6-of-a-kind of one of the highest-paying icons in the game! That is one of the reasons why Buffalo Mania Deluxe is already hot property at Slots Play Casinos gaming partners!

Wilds in the Wake of a Stampede

The second random feature in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot is the Bursting Wilds feature. In this sequence of heart-pounding action, buffalos stampede across the gaming interface. Once they have done a runner, you may find one or more wilds have miraculously appeared on the grid.

If the wilds complete a paying permutation, you bank a few dollars. That of course is compliments of the casino. If not, there is no harm done to the pocket. Buffalos clearly do not require a wager to stampede!

Bonus Wheel Free Games or Instant Cash Prizes

The random special effects are small fry. The big fish is the scatter-activated Bonus Wheel. Dropping 3 Scatters anywhere on the grid entitles you to one free spin.

This is not an ordinary wheel. It is a Buffalo Mania Deluxe Bonus Wheel and that means only one thing – there are luxurious prizes embedded into each and every segment.

Besides 6 different Free Games rounds with or without expanding grids, you can win one of two lucrative instant win prizes. The first is a 10 x Multiplier that boosts the TOTAL STAKE and not the bet per pay way. The second is a mystery jackpot.

Based on what we know of the game, the big wheel is the key to the top 2,060.80 x award. Bet max and that is $12,880 that could be dropping directly into your account at a top-raked Slots Play Casinos partner casino!

To Sum Up

With Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot you are always in the action. If it is not stampeding buffalos sweetening your casino account, it is major symbol substitutes. Both special effects appear pretty regularly on the board but it is the Major Mania Replacement bonus feature that habitually appears back-to-back.

When that happens the balance in your betting account is systematically boosted – and not by low value wins. The fact the replacement symbol is always a high-paying icon increases the likelihood of hitting at least one big win every 25 to 50 spins.

Triggering the Bonus Wheel requires more time and patience. When you do unlock the feature, you are guaranteed to win at least 6 Free Games with Bursting Wilds. Hit the jackpot and you could be as much as $12,880 better off!

At the end of the day, Buffalo Mania Deluxe is a typical medium volatility slot. The payouts won’t make you as rich as Croesus but the frequency of the winning drops more than compensate.

When we played the game at a Slots Play Casinos partner platform, we triggered the Bonus Wheel within 50 spins. The indicator landed on 10 Free Games playable on an expanded 6×5 grid with 15,625 active win ways. We banked $81; no bets required!

Play for Free

How do you maximize the payout rate with or without buffalos galloping across the board? You play the Buffalo Mania Deluxe demo game first. That way you can evaluate the average trigger time to the Bonus Wheel and whether the software favors one major symbol over the next. It is the smart way of getting ahead in the game!

Play to WIN!

You have to be in it to win it! If you want a shot at a real money jackpot that may or may not max out at $12,880, play Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot for real now. It is live at the following Slots Play Casinos partner casinos: