Jackpot Slots Easily Hit the $1,000,000 Range

jackpot slots

There are three types of jackpots you can win at slots online. The first two come from regular slots play. They are actually the highest possible win in either the regular game or the bonus round at any jackpot slots game. We’ll talk about regular jackpots first. Then we’ll get to the final type: progressive jackpots.

Multiple Pay Lines and Jackpots

In modern online slots, you can normally play from 9 pay lines up to 20 or more. Each slot has a maximum number of coins you can bet per line. In the regular game, the highest payout is usually for five Wild symbols on a winning pay line. That means, if you didn’t bet on that pay line, you don’t win even with five Wilds.

Similarly, in order to win the maximum payout, that is, the regular game’s jackpot, you usually have to bet the maximum number of coins on the winning pay line. It has happened more than once that a player hits the top jackpot in regular play but can’t collect it because he or she didn’t bet the max on the winning pay line. So, the two essential strategies for winning the highest regular jackpot are to play every payline and to bet the max on each pay line.

These regular slots play jackpots are far from the millions you can win playing a progressive jackpot slots game. Nevertheless, the winnings are substantial in their own right.

You can clearly see the value of betting every pay-line and the maximum on each line when you reach the bonus round. The same pay lines and the same bet you made on each line apply when you get three Scatter symbols and go to the free spins bonus round. So if you played less than the maximum number of pay lines in the regular game, you can’t add pay lines in the bonus round.

Similarly, if you didn’t play the maximum bet in the regular game, you can’t add to your bet in the bonus round.

This is extremely significant because the possibility of achieving a big win is heightened in the bonus round.

Progressive Jackpots

The third type of jackpot is the progressive jackpot. This type of jackpot can reach millions of dollars. Every casino that offers progressive jackpots runs a jackpot counter on its home page. You can follow the rapid progress of each progressive slots game. Imagine how much the excitement increases around the globe as a progressive jackpot grows from six figures to seven figures!

Progressive jackpots are usually run by the jackpot slots developer. On every bet, a small amount gets set aside to grow the jackpot. Since game developers have a much farther reach than any individual online casino, the number of players playing a progressive jackpot may be in the thousands at any one time.

Progressive Jackpots Never Rest

Some online casinos have a large majority of their players from one hemisphere of the Earth so when those players are asleep the casino slumbers as well. This never happens to a progressive jackpot because the game gets played all over the world.

There Are Many Progressive Slots

In addition to the epic jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah, which begins every new jackpot at $1,000,000, after the previous jackpot has been won, there are far more progressive jackpots that pay out far more than the maximum possible win in a normal jackpot slots machine but less than the massive progressive jackpot wins.

So, a casino can get the reputation as a jackpot slots casino by running a large number of progressive slots. It is not unusual for a jackpot slots casino to run as many as twenty progressive slots.

Jackpot Strategy

We have to say a few words about overall jackpot slots strategy. Slots are essentially a game of chance. In this sense they differ greatly from blackjack which is a game of constant strategy.

Gamers love slots because they’re so entertaining. The entertainment comes from every aspect of the slots game from the theme to the creativity the software provider put into it. The excitement generated by a progressive slot or by a jackpot in regular slots play, is genuine. It adds a lot to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Still, there are two very important strategies you must employ if you hope to win a jackpot. We urge you always to remember the two basic rules of strategy for playing for any jackpot, be it the modest regular jackpot or the huge jackpots generated by epic jackpot slots. These two strategies are to play all pay lines and to bet the maximum on each pay line. This increases your chances of winning that life-changing jackpot!