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Join a space race for 125 free games + 10 x boosters 🤑 Stack wilds on the reels 🎰 Get paid for 2 icons and up all round. Grab 1 of 2 progressive jackpots or claim the 50,000 x top prize. Play Cosmic Crusade now 🌌💸 It’s a Slots Play Casinos special!

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If you are gravitationally bound to real money gaming, listen up. There is a Cosmic Crusade on the go. It needs players like you to activate the rocket engine, hit the flight deck and operate the controls.

Maneuver multiple spaceships onto the grid, pick a planet and you are awarded as many as 125 FREE GAMES around the Sun. You will follow an elliptical flight path populated by comets, black dwarfs and prize Multipliers that max out at 12 x!

That is the key mission – to unlock free odysseys into outer space. Do that and there is a 50,000 x payload in it for you! That is the outcome in space gold. Convert it into Earth money and you can bank as much as $12,500 by spinning around the Slots Play Casinos universe!

What else of value is embedded in Cosmic Crusade slot machine? Air locks? Check. Rocket boosters? Yep. Guidance system? Sure thing. That is not the half of it, people.

There are Wilds that can appear staked on the reels. Cosmonauts in blue and pink pay out tons of coins. As for the JACKPOTS? They literally grow and grow in size – and nope, they are not red giants! Rather, they are added incentives to play the Cosmic Crusade slot online at a Slots Play Casinos partner site!

The Game’s Platform

The Cosmic Crusade video slot has a 5×3 reel set and 25 fixed bet lines. Wins are achieved by dropping identical symbols on a payline. Symbols must appear on adjacent reels starting from the first column on the left.

In this SpinLogic online casino game, payouts kick-in for two matching game tiles and up. As a consequence, the hit probability is higher than usual. What that means is MORE MONEY could be coming your way!

All online casino games are rated according to variance or volatility. That is a term referring to the average value and frequency of payouts. Volatility ratings range from low to high.

Low volatility games typically have lots and lots of payline wins of nominal value. High volatility slots on the other hand do not pay out all that often. When they do the winnings are neat in the extreme!

Hit the mid-mark between the two and the frequency and value of wins are evenly balanced. Why all the baloney about volatility? Well, the Cosmic Crusade online slot has a medium volatility rating. The risk, return and incidence of payouts hit the sweet spot and the pay table reflects that fact.

How much can you win playing Cosmic Crusade at a recommended Slots Play Casinos partner casino? That depends upon which symbol lands in multiples on the game board. The number of symbols in the combination is also a significant factor. The more matching tiles there are on a payline, the higher the prize.

In this game the Wild symbol delivers the top 5,000 x payout. That is for 5 Wilds on the grid. The space jock and his girl offer up to 2,000 x and 1,500 x the line bet respectively.

You get 1,000 x for the red crystals and 600 x for the satellite and cute little A2D2 type bot. The flaming asteroid and playing card ranks pay between 100 x and 250 x for 5-of-a-kind.

When it comes to determining the winnings in hard cash you must take the bet per line into account. In the Cosmic Crusade slot the available bets per spin range from $0.50 to $6.25. When you divide your stake by the number of paylines you arrive at the dollar payout.

Here are the facts and figures. You can win up to $1,250 for 5 Wilds. The astronauts pay $500 and $375 apiece. As for the rest of themed game tiles, they offer between $150 and $250 for the highest 5-strong configuration. The rest of the symbol set generates $25 through to $62.50.

That is not the best of it, Cosmic Crusaders. When the Pick feature is activated, regular winnings can be boosted by as much as 12 times. Plus, you get to enjoy the largesse without feeding virtual coins into the machine!

Pick a Planet: Get More Free Games Than Stars in the Universe!

Climb into the Cosmic Crusade ‘scatter-ship’, call in back-up and you could be light years ahead in terms of cash in the bank. The reason being the spaceship pays out when it appears scattered anywhere on the grid. Accumulate a squadron of 5 and you win 50 x the total stake.

That is the opening act. The main attraction is the Scatter symbol’s role as a bonus feature trigger. At least 3 ships are the key to the second screen Pick feature. Your mission? To select one of 6 spinning planets.

Hidden beneath the surface of the unexplored worlds are combinations of Free Games and Multipliers. They start at 5 Free Games where all payline wins are doubled. Select the perfect planet and you are awarded a mind blowing 125 Free Games. In this behemoth of gratis gaming, all wins are multiplied by 10!

Even if you miss out on the big cosmic kahuna you can still break the bank. How come? The highest available bankroll booster is 12 x and that comes with an allotment of 90 Free Spins! Not bad for second best!

What is the material impact of the mega-Multipliers? Hit the space jock five-fold across the board and you can win up to $6,000. That greedy gamers is with NO stake on the table!

In theory you can win even more than that. How much? According to the dev boys there is a maximum 50,000 x win embedded in the action. What is that in USD? How about a quick $12,500 for doing nothing more than playing slots at one of the featured Slots Play Casinos partner sites?

Random Jackpots Times Two: Dark Matter or Deal Sweeteners?

Hundreds of Free Games are one of the potential game changers built in to the fresh new slot. The other is the pair of progressive jackpots displayed above the grid. These bonuses are juiced by a percentage of every bet placed by every player at the Slots Play Casinos gaming platform of your choice.

What is even more satisfying is the pots seed at $250 and $1k apiece. Funds accumulate until someone somewhere unlocks the loot. How do you stay in the space race for an instant lump sum?

That is easy folks. You simply bet on the Cosmic Crusade slot machine. One or both of progressive jackpots are randomly awarded after any spin that DOES NOT have a winning combo on the board!

To Sum Up

The Cosmic Crusade online slot has a fun futuristic Sci-Fi theme. The game board emulates the control console and main viewport of a spaceship. The action takes place above a scaled up city located somewhere on a purple planet.

Everything, including the symbols, fit neatly into the outer space vibe. Even the Pick feature with its spinning planets and navigational overlay is true to theme. That is the design element of the fresh 5×3 SpinLogic Gaming slot.

As for the bonuses themselves? They are impressive to say the least. Seriously? Who wouldn’t want a tranche of 125 Free Games available at the fingertips. When all the payline wins are multiplied by the factor of 10, that is not neat. It is astounding!

Even the action in regular play is better than average. The fact that all symbols pay for 2 and up has a consistently positive outcome. Throw in stacked Wilds that routinely show up on the game board and you can expect a steady flow of cash into your online casino account.

Pair a maximum payout of 50,000 x the bet per line with the chance of hitting one or both of the progressive jackpots and what is there not to like about Cosmic Crusade? It is fast. It is fun. Plus, there is plenty of easily triggered free play to jazz things up.

Play for Free

How do you hone your tactics for the pick a planet feature? You play the Cosmic Crusade demo game. There may be a pattern to the multiplier enhanced free games layout – or there may not. You will only know for sure when you play the game. The free play mode allows you do precisely that without splashing the cash!

Play to WIN!

If you want to win real money, you have to bet hard cash. Cosmic Crusade slot is playable on any device and featured at top ranked SpinLogic gaming platforms. Play to win now at one of the Slots Play Casinos partner casinos: