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De-activate the airlock and prepare for blast off 🚀 The Interstellar 7s space module is headed for a gaming galaxy far far away 🌠🎰 Free games, bet multipliers and a jackpot are identified aerial phenomena that could be yours ✨💰 Play to win up to $10K at one of our Slots Play Casinos!

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Video Slots

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50,000 x the bet per line
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Spin through outer space in the Interstellar 7s retro rocket! Keep an eye out for cosmic constellations and flashing lights. The first is an aerial spectacle and the second is a high-tech harbinger of all the good things to come! Get your intergalactic thrills now at Slots Play Casinos!

If you want to hit the $10K payload of the mothership, here is what you have to do… Sign up at a Slots Play Casinos partner casino and load Interstellar 7s online slot in the browser. That way, a soft (and cushy) landing is guaranteed.

Why a soft landing and not a splashdown? There is a plethora of special effects orbiting the reels. We are not talking about blue stragglers, pulsars or clouds of nebulae. Oh no! What we are referring to is far, far superior – but only if you are a slots aficionado as opposed to an astronaut!

The hero ingredient in our space-age slot machine is nothing less than a Bonus Wheel. It, along with a Multiplying Wild, is the makings of a moonshot. That is a ‘giant leap’ in fortunes – and those fortunes could easily be yours!

One spin of the Bonus Wheel can unleash a splash out in cash. It is the direct path to Free Games, Bet Multipliers or a jetpacked Jackpot! The even better news is the Bonus Wheel is not a rare phenomenon. It triggers every 50 to 75 reel spins!

The Game’s Platform

Interstellar 7s is, by definition, a classic 3×3 slot. The barrel reels are fashioned as the modular compartments of a space probe or shuttle. In this online casino game, there are 5 fixed bet lines to capture matching symbol sets – and by extension, the moonshot moolah!

Due to the truncated gameboard, your mission is easier than ever. That is to drop 3 identical icons or gaming symbols simultaneously on the grid. Do that (which is easy enough!) and you are paid out according to the Interstellar 7s paytable.

Another element driving the favorable drop rate is the fact there are nine symbols in play. With so few ‘variables’ in the action, the probability of hitting payline wins and triggering bonus features is heightened. That is one of the reasons why Interstellar 7s online slot has a medium volatility rating.

When you take a betting range of $0.10 to $1 per spin into account, the volatility rating is spot on. The risk versus reward elements are evenly matched. In other words, you are likely to win more frequently but the amount you bank in dollars and cents is tempered by the betting options.

All payouts on all slots at recommended Slot Play Casinos are bet dependent. Winnings directly correlate with the stake. If the bet limits are mediocre – as is the case with Interstellar 7s slot – the payouts are mediocre too.

That is not to say you can’t scoop up a significant amount of cash playing Interstellar 7s slot… You can! In fact, the top award in the game is 50,000 x the payline wager.

When you multiply that by the bet line equivalent of the highest available stake, there is $10,000 sequestered somewhere on the reels. In all likelihood, it is the proceeds of a perfect alignment of Multiplying Wilds and Bonus Wheel prizes – like the recent and rare Planetary Parade!

As for the rest of the payouts? They are linked to seven of the nine gaming symbols. In typical classic slots fashion, the regular symbols are either lucky 7s or gold bars. Drop three red 7s on a bet line and you are 250 x better off.

The blue and purple 7s pay out 100 x and 40 x the payline bet, respectively. One, two and three bars offer prizes of 2x, 10 x and 15 x apiece. Now for the winnings in USD.

Bet on Interstellar 7s online slot at a Slots Play Casinos partner site and what is the most you can win in regular game play? That would be $50 for the red 7. The rest of the symbol set pays between $0.40 and $20.

That is breakdown of the lunar largesse without bonus features and special effects in the equation!

Get a Wild Galactic Ride Around the Reels!

The standard Wild symbol is where the cash resides. It delivers 500 x for a three symbol configuration. That is a crisp $100 bill – a genuine Benjamin Franklin! Plus, it carries out its usual role as the equivalent of the wild card or joker in a deck of playing cards.

When the Wild is on the board, the odds of bagging payline wins are not good… They are excellent! Now to the Multiplying Wild. That is the symbol with a W3X inscribed on it. When it completes paying combinations the winnings are summarily trebled.

Do you want to enjoy the spoils of a wild galactic rout of the reels? All it takes is an account at one of the top ranked casinos featured at Slots Play Casinos. You know? The sites powered by SpinLogic Gaming software!

Blast Off in the Bonus Wheel Rocket Booster

Wilds may ramp up the payout rate but the Bonus Wheel has the potential to activate immediate profits. All you need to get a spin of the wonderful wheel of wealth is three bonus Scatters on a payline. Manage that and it is blast off!

The Interstellar 7s Bonus Wheel contains 11 possible prizes plus a second spin of the wheel. Awards vary from bet Multipliers and Free Games, with a $1,000 instant win Jackpot that is sandwiched in between.

The most you can grab are 12 Free Games or 100 x your stake. All the Free Games rounds, from 8 to 12, have a 2 x bet Multiplier as a value-added extra. As for the Multipliers? There are seven possibilities. They start at 8 x and move progressively upward to 100 x the stake!

To Sum Up

Interstellar 7s may be a 3 reel slot in structure, but there is nothing down key about the gameplay. The Wild is the launchpad for regular payouts and it appears like clockwork on the reels.

The Multiplying Wild may not be its equal in hit frequency, but it is nowhere near the Halley’s Comet of gaming. When it drops, you can bank on plenty of coins rolling off the reels and into the account of your chosen Slots Play Casinos partner site.

All that pales in significance when the Bonus Wheel is in action. When betting max, you have an equal chance of getting $100, $1,000 or 12 free games with $2 thrown in for good measure. If none of the prizes fall for you, the worst that can happen is you get a second spin!

When we gave the reels of Interstellar 7s online slot a twirl, we triggered the Bonus Wheel three times in 200 spins. The wheel rewarded us with 8 free games, a 10 x bet Multiplier and an 8 x bet Multiplier. That was enough to keep our bankroll going for a lot longer than expected!

Why not see what the big wheel has in store for you? It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a $10,000 prize is in the offing. The game is live NOW at Slots Play Casinos partner casinos!

Play for Free

The best way to assess the mechanics of the game is to play the Interstellar 7s demo. It is the genuine article but without the moonshot moolah in play. You bet credits and get credits – but you also gain valuable insight on all the critical data like drop frequency and trigger time.

Play to WIN!

How do you give yourself a fair chance of bagging the $10K that is lurking on gameboard? You aim for the stars and play Interstellar 7s slot with real money bets on the machine. The game is live at top-ranked Slots Play Casinos partner casinos: