How to Win by Having Fun with Big Time Casino Thrills & Entertainment

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Winning real money gifts is fun and enticing for online casino players but the main goal of playing online is to have fun. The two elements – having fun and winning prizes – aren’t exclusive. In fact, if you aren’t having fun, it’s almost certain that you won’t enjoy a winning casino event.

How can you parlay your gaming fun into real money wins? Check out the Slots Play Casinos top tips for how to win by having fun and get ready for a fun-filled gaming adventure of exciting interactive gameplay with real money rewards.


“Having fun” means different things to different people. For some people, having fun simply means relaxing and enjoying whatever is happening at the moment. For others, “fun” means that you actively go out to search for enjoyable activities. Fun has been described as enjoyment without responsibility and the innate need to engage in pass times that give us satisfaction.

But no one has ever quite pinned down how to have fun. Fun is an individual feeling that each individual must determine for him/herself. Most people find gaming to be “fun” – according to recent statistics, over 40% of the world’s population plays video or other online games while many others play physical board or card games.

Do you need to win to have fun? No, say researchers. Winning is almost never the goal of playing games. But you do need to have fun to win. If you aren’t having fun at the game, you are less likely to be fully immersed in the gameplay, less likely to be concentrating properly and less likely to… well, to really care what happens.

Winning a game brings a sense of satisfaction plus, for real money games, cash prizes. So how can you turn having fun into winning?

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To have meaningful success in any endeavor, you need to understand and appreciate your unique approach to casino play. Once you get a handle on understanding your personal approach to gaming, you’ll be able to maximize that knowledge to achieve wins.

For instance, if you’re good with numbers, that may be the tip that tells you that you should focus on card games. Or if you find yourself becoming immersed in good storylines, you may be more drawn to slots as a fun gaming event. As you become aware of your strengths, interests and limitations, you’ll be better able to make choices that help you invest in your future successes.

Remember, people are, on the whole, most comfortable when they do things that they like to do. Those are the things that make it easier for us to stay consistent, motivated and focused on reaching our goals. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of our comfort zone but in general, it’s best to stay aware of what feels “right” – what feels like it aligns to you. You’ll be better able to focus on opportunities – not because that’s what you’re supposed to do or because that’s what other people are doing – but because such a focus makes the best use of your innate qualities and abilities.

Keep Moving

Giving up is easy. It’s what most people do when they are confronted by challenges that involve “too much” effort to overcome those encounters. But giving up means that you also give up on the opportunity to work toward and achieve something bigger. By giving up you lose out on your chance to demonstrate your potential and miss the opportunity to reach out and grow. In short, success without a bit of work and sweat isn’t really success which can cause you to lose your sense that what you’re doing is fun.

You need to remember that when you try a new game or a new approach to an old favored game you are likely to make mistakes. Even if you’re well-prepared, you are also likely to experience some failures. BUT if you can always keep in mind that making mistakes is part of achieving success, you’ll have fun, not only with the final result but also with the process that  got you there.

Prepare to learn from your mistakes. If you see that you don’t enjoy roulette, give blackjack a try. Or if one slot machine doesn’t pan out, try another one… it might be that you need to move through a learning curve in order to find exactly the gaming adventure that fits your personal needs and expectations in order to enjoy a truly fun gaming event.

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Gaming fun and success means making the choices that are good for you. IN other words, sometimes you need to wait for the right opportunity to come around. To do that, you need to be in a healthy emotional space. You need to be emotionally resilient so that you can bounce back from setbacks and more forward with confidence and positivity.

This type of outlook is invaluable for gamers. To be sure that you are focusing on positivity, be sure that you:

1. Choose a high-quality, well-rated online casino that offers top games, rewarding bonuses, easy banking and a welcoming support desk where you can ask questions and feel free to solicit advice.

2. Take advantage of the casino bonuses that give you additional payouts without requiring added deposits.

3. Try out different types of games in the casino’s free mode so you can find the games that suit your individual interests and preferences.

4. Set a gambling budget and stick to it. Your casino budget should only be money that you don’t need for expenses but rather, money that you set aside for entertainment.

5. Take your losses in stride. Gambling means winning some and losing some.

The more fun that you have, the easier it will be for you to enjoy casino wins!