How to Win at Online Blackjack

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Winning at blackjack can be attributed partially to luck but a big part of scoring wins involves knowing blackjack strategy. Blackjack pros share their most successful blackjack techniques as they teach the basics of how to win at online blackjack, now available for real money gaming at all Slots Play Casinos.


Blackjack may seem to be one of the easiest casino games to master but for those who are preparing to play on a top-tier level, it’s one of the most complicated. For simple blackjack, you can play the game reasonably well with a basic understanding of when to take an additional card for a “hit” and when to “stand” on the cards that you already have.

If, however, you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to optimize your blackjack events, you should study the rules of blackjack, learn blackjack strategy and practice, practice, practice. Blackjack strategy guides you as you focus on getting as close to 21 points as possible without going bust while you outplay the dealer’s hand.

Basic Strategy Chart

If you’re going to play hard-cord blackjack, you’ll need to memorize the Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart. This is the chart that was derived form a computer simulation based on hundreds of millions of hands of blackjack. The trials and errors that the computer recorded were the basis for the chart that tells which decisions are best for the player in every situation, with every possible combination.

If you’re using the basic strategy chart you should remember that basic strategy can only overcome the casino’s house edge when card counting is added to the mix. A number of blackjack pros have created basic strategy charts based on their own simulations. These charts offer guidance on every possible combination of cards. That can be difficult to remember so it’s best to simply learn the most common combinations and what to do in each case.

When you choose your blackjack variation, remember that the strategy changes slightly, depending on the variation that you’re playing. In general, the main differences occur based on whether the game is a single-deck game or a multi-deck game. So if you’re prepared to memorize multiple versions of blackjack strategy, go ahead. If you want to stick with one basic strategy, stick to one-deck games because those are the games that are applicable to the basic blackjack strategy.

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Basic Strategy Tips and Tricks for Blackjack

Blackjack strategy involves learning about each hand’s probabilities for success while understanding how you should continue and how you should wager based on those probabilities. Some of the most important elements of blackjack basic strategy include:

What should you do if you have 16 points in your hand? A 16-point hand involves one of the toughest decisions of the game – on the one hand, there’s a significant danger that you’ll go bust if you accept another card but on the other hand, you risk losing to the house, which may have more points in their hand than you, if you stay. Blackjack advisors say that if the dealer shows an up card of 2 – 6 you should stand but if the dealer’s up card is a 7 or higher, you should take the hit.

When do you split 10s? The decision about when to split 10s is one of the most complicated splitting decisions of the game but pros use the rule of thumb that says that it’s best to refrain from splitting 10s and stand on your 20 points. Sometimes, the decision may be made to bet more chips on the last hand or split if it’s a ten-rich deck but the general rule is to leave the 10s unsplit.

When do you split other pairs? According to basic blackjack strategy, the time to split pairs is if the pair involves 2 eights or 2 aces. Those are the cards that increase your chances of ending up with 21. If the dealer shows a 7 or lower, you can go ahead and split pairs of twos, threes or sevens. Sixes can be split if the dealer shows the “up” card of a two or a six. Splitting is suggested as a way of controlling loses and reducing the house edge.

When do you double down? Doubling down involves taking an extra card and doubling the bet. This can be done when you believe that the probabilities are in your favor – if you are playing a one-deck game or if you’ve been counting cards and feel like it’s time for you to score a win. If you’re playing a video blackjack game the machine shuffles the cards which means that every hand is a fresh deck so if your first 2 cards total 10 points, you’ll be in a good position to double down. Other good double-down hands include those with an ace plus any card from two through six.

What do you do with a soft 17? In blackjack, 50% of the game is strategy and 50% is guessing. The skill of playing blackjack involves remembering the game rules, remembering the proper strategy for any circumstance and remembering the number of high and low cards that have been played since the last shuffle. Once you reach 17 on low value cards you will need to decide whether to stand or take a hit on the soft 17. Blackjack strategy says that you should always take a hit on a soft 17. If you have a soft 18, soft 19, or soft 20, you should stand.

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In conclusion, stick to the basic rules for blackjack to remember when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender. These rules won’t ensure you 100% success but they will give you a better chance to achieve the best results in every hand of blackjack.