USA Land-based Casinos – 1000s to Choose From

USA land-based casinos have progressed from back hall gambling salons of the 1930s to the opulent betting centers of today. These days, American gamers can find gambling fun with real money prizes at dozens of USA land-based casinos.

You can find gaming options in many states across the nation. They include Arkansas, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Indiana and Louisiana. In addition to casinos that are located in the big cities and state-wide lotteries, many Native American reservations offer gaming opportunities.

Every year millions of Americans travel to a casino venue or play their local lottery to enjoy the excitement and fun of competing for cash prizes.


Until 1931 gambling was illegal throughout the United States. That changed when the Nevada Legislature legalized gaming in Nevada. Two Nevada cities, Reno and Las Vegas, began building casino sites with Vegas taking the lead.

By 1941 Las Vegas was acknowledged as the gambling capital of the world. The city’s economy is based on the Vegas casinos scene. People flock to Vegas from around the world to experience its casinos, nightclubs and sporting events.

The income that gambling brings to the city and state, in the form of taxes, has made Nevada’s economy healthy and sound. Over the years other states have taken note of this financial boon and taken steps to bring legalized gaming to their own locales.


The casino industry is regulated by the individual states. That’s why you’ll find States that feature bookmaking and gaming opportunities alongside non-gaming states. Today, eighteen states have commercial casino venues while 30 states offer legalized gambling of some kind.

The State legislature in each state decides whether the state will offer legalized gambling and, if so, what type. The legislature then creates a governmental office to monitor gaming activities in the State.

For instance, the Nevada Gaming Control Board supervises gambling activities in Nevada, the Illinois Gaming Board supervises gambling in Illinois, the New Jersey Gaming Board regulates Atlantic City Casinos and so on.

Native American Casinos

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 limits states’ abilities to regulate gambling activities on Indian reservations. The areas are protected by tribal sovereignty laws and many Tribal Councils run casinos, bingo halls and other types of gambling pursuits on their lands.

It’s estimated that the total revenue from these Indian casinos reaches upwards of $27 billion dollars. That makes it a lucrative industry for the reservations who vie with the Vegas casinos to attract players.

Native American gambling venues are regulated by Congress under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The United State Supreme Court has ruled that state gambling laws are not applicable to the casinos and bingo halls that are located on Native American reservations. Oftentimes, gaming prizes at an Indian casino are above the maximum legal limit of the state and knowledgeable players prefer to play at land-based reservation casinos.

Foxwoods Casino

Some Native American casinos are simple structures with limited game options but some are quite lavish. One of the most extravagant of the Indian casinos is the Foxwoods casino which is the largest resort casino in North America.

The Mashantucket Connecticut gaming center is regulated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Gaming Commission and reports to the Tribal Council. There are 7 individual USA land-based casinos at Foxwoods, each of which features a wide range of casino games.

There are also hotels, restaurants, spas, theatres, a golf course and spaces for meetings and conventions.

The casino also honors the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal nation with the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center where visitors can view exhibits that tell the story of the Mashantucket Pequot peoples.

Slots at Foxwoods

Foxwoods places a great deal of emphasis on providing players with the top casino experience. Since slots are a casino favorite, Foxwoods make sure to supply patrons with the best in slots entertainment. There are almost 5000 slot machines at Foxwoods so you can play a slots machine that meets your individual tastes and interests.

Foxwood slots are powered by the IGT gaming developer, an industry leader for slot machines. The International Game Technology slots specialize in design, development and production of high-quality slots, offering innovative gaming solutions to both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos around the world.

Some of the featured Foxwoods slot machines include well-known brand names. Like Sex and the City, 100 Pandas, Baloonies Farm, Stinkin’ Rich, Texas Tea and Billy Goats Bucks.

Foxwoods Poker

Poker aficionados will thrill to the Foxwoods poker options that cover every possible type of poker competition. There are games of classic poker along with No Limit Hold ‘Em Poker, Hold ‘Em Poker, Stud Poker, Omaha Poker, HORSE Poker, Razz Poker and more. Poker tournaments are held every day with two, and sometimes three tournaments each day.

Table Games

Foxwoods features 22 different table game options including Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Craps and more. There are over 250 tables including low-limit blackjack tables where you can place a bet as low as $1 to stay in the action.

The casino also features progressive jackpot games with three different possibilities. You can try your luck on Mega Progressive Jackpots, Major Progressive Jackpots and Minor Progressive Jackpots. These jackpot options are available on games of Texas Hold ’Em, Crazy Fours, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Let It Ride tables. This gives you more chances to play the game that you want in a manner that fits your individual betting needs.


Foxwoods is famous for its promotions. Each bonus that you receive allows you to add to your regular game wins with bonus give-aways and other casino gifts. Many of these promotions run concurrently so you can take advantage of multiple promotions simultaneously.

Some of the top Foxwoods promotions include things like free spins on the Simpson’s slot machine. Or a chance to win a $300,000 bonus on your football gamble. A variety of casino cash give-aways on Mondays. Then there are free spins on the 5 Dragons slots. A Breeder’s Cup bonus. And the monthly Wheel of Wonder bonus – on offer on the 4th Tuesday of every month. And more!

You collect your bonuses through your Player Rewards Card which you receive when you begin your casino journey. Promotional bonuses are paid out in free spins, casino cash and discounts at the casino’s hotels and restaurants.

Foxwoods is one of the top USA land-based casinos, but be sure to check out what’s happening at the other top USA land-based casinos.