Fast Payments Plus Other Ways to Get the Most Out of your Casino Entertainment

Fast Payments Plus Other Ways to Get the Most Out of your Casino Entertainment
If you’re already playing at an online casino you have probably encountered many of the multiple ways that the Internet casino makes it easy to enjoy gambling entertainment. The online casino offers you an expanding itinerary of gaming conveniences including multi-platform access, top casino games, live dealer gaming, no limit gambling options, great bonus give-aways and fast payouts.

Before you sign up for your casino account, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast the differences in the casinos so that you can experience the best possible gaming event. One of the most important aspects of the casino involves the withdrawal payment methods. When you pay for real money casino entertainment you want to be sure that your casino provides fast withdrawals with the option for easy transfers of funds into your online financial institution of choice.

Here at SPC we review the different casinos’ payments requirements. We suggest you review the banking page of any casino you’re considering joining. The banking page should display all of the information you need to make your best choice and enjoy real casino entertainment with the kind of payments that suit your personal needs for PC or mobile gambling events.

To give you a head start, here are a few casinos we sign off on as being among those offering payment requirements favorable to players:

Casino Banking

Online casinos make it easy to transfer money to and from the casino’s online site. They offer multiple payment methods so that you can find a banking solution that suits your expectations. There are, however, many differences in casino payment methods. Therefore, it’s worth the extra minutes of research to ensure that you identify the casino’s ebanking options that fit your needs.

To make deposits at the online casino you must link your casino account with your preferred online bank account. Casinos support a wide range of online ebank types. They include evoucher and ewallet cards, credit and debit cards, echecking accounts and ebanks that facilitate wire transfers to and from the user’s local, brick-and-mortar bank account.

Once you’ve opened your casino account you’ll be able to go to the Banking Page on the website and select your ebank of choice. Once you click your preferred ebank logo you’ll notify the casino that you wish to link your account to that specified banking institution.

Complete the link by filling out the link form and answer the security questions to confirm your link. The casino will then complete the action so that you can begin to make your casino deposits and withdraw your wins.

Fast Payments Plus Other Ways to Get the Most Out of your Casino Entertainment


If you’re playing for free there will be no need to make any deposits. However, once you start to play for real money you’ll need to buy credits in order to make your wagers. You can transfer funds to your casino account whenever you wish so that you can begin to make your bets. Bet low amounts on multiple games or place big bets on a few favorite games. You can use all of your funds at one time or you can spread your credits out over multiple gaming sessions. The choice is yours.


Withdrawing your funds involves transferring your wins from your casino account to your personal ebank account. Once your winning payouts have been placed in your ebank account you can use those funds to make further online purchases or withdraw the monies into your land-based bank account. You can also leave your winning payouts in your casino account and use them for further casino gambling.

Casinos vary in their withdrawal policies. Some casinos allow you to withdraw your wins at any time. Others limit your withdrawals to specific intervals — only one withdrawal every 24 hours, only 48 hours, only every 72 hours, etc.

In addition, there are online casinos that give you the opportunity to withdraw your funds regardless of your account balance. In those casinos your withdrawals are limited to those times when your account has reached a pre-determined minimum limit. Alternatively, there are other online casinos where you can withdraw any percentage of your payouts whenever you wish.

Fast Payments Plus Other Ways to Get the Most Out of your Casino Entertainment

Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

Casino advisors suggest that you look for an online casino that offers the most liberal withdrawal policies possible. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the casino facilitates safe and secure casino transactions.

Check out the ebanking institutions with which the casino interfaces. You’ll want to make sure that these ebanks are safe and secure places where your funds will be safe until you have decided how to proceed. Some points that you will want to review when deciding on your selected ebank include:

  • Is the bank regulated by a recognized regulatory agency? Check the footer of the institution’s homepage. The ebank should display the name and logo of the banking agency that monitors its transactions to ensure that customers will enjoy protected banking activities. Some of the best-known and most-active regulators include the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation of Canada, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) of Australia and the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation (FDIC) of the United States
  • Make sure that the ebank is encrypted by 128-digit encryption codes. These codes offer the highest level of security to their customers to prevent an unauthorized source from accessing a customer’s account details and deposits.
  • Check the procedures that the ebank has in place for sign-ins. Will it accept simple passwords which are easily hacked? Or, does it require that customers protect their accounts with passwords that includes letters, numbers and symbols? Is there an option for a 2-factor identification that activates when someone tries to sign in from an unidentified location? That’s an important safeguard, and one that you should see in your chosen ebanking institution.
  • Does the bank provide written assurance that no access to customers personal information or contact information is given to third-party sources?

A few other things that you should compare and contrast when you are deciding on your casino bank of choice:

  • What are the currency exchange rates? This could be important if you might be purchasing goods from online sources located outside of your region.
  • What are the ebank’s fees (for deposits, withdrawals, sending and receiving money)
  • What other services does the ebank provide? Does the ebank allow you to pay bills online? Can you make online tax submissions through your ebank account? Are there budgeting tools? Investment analysis tools? How quickly does customer service respond to questions and concerns?

Choosing an online casino involves identifying the casino site that offers top games, lucrative bonuses, the most user-friendly casino amenities and top ebanks with fast payouts.