Scratch Cards are Fun and at SPC they are Free

Slots Player Casinos has added free scratch cards to our collection of free games that you can play right here on the site. Scratch cards have been around for a very long time; they are a staple of the kiosks that sell lottery tickets. Online, they aren’t “cards” so it may be better to call them scratch games. In any case, they are fun, cute, and entertaining.

Take a Break

At most online casinos, the scratch cards are those games you go to when you’re taking a break from playing real money games simply because they’re so much fun to play. Here at SPC we’re making scratch games and all sorts of other games free for our readers. So you don’t even have to register at a casino to play scratch cards online for free.

A Broad Choice

Our scratch cards come from several game providers. This gives you the chance to see the kinds of scratch games that are out there at online casinos. And, remember, when you play these games directly at SPC, the scratch cards are free, always!

Free Play is a Great Way to Play

Some players always play casino games in free play mode before they play for real money. Kudos to them! Our free scratch cards give you the chance to play as many scratch games as you like either just for the pure fun of it or as a way of deciding which scratch cards you like the most.

Free scratch cards are perfect for playing with your kids. While you might decide not to include your kids in real money games, including scratch cards, with the free scratch games now ready to play here at SPC, you can have great fun with your kids anticipating the next “scratch”. Kids learn that there is always another chance even when the scratches don’t go their way.

How Scratch Cards Work

Basically, you scratch off one box after another until you win or you fill the card but don’t win. The cards are laid out like tic tac toe cards so you and your kids can have fun trying to see if you can “win” the game as if it were a tic tac toe card. There’s no strategy in these games so the fun is in the playing, the graphics, the animation, and the music.

Limitless Fun

When you play scratch cards for real money at a casino, you play for fun and profit. The top prize in the free scratch cards here at SPC is endless fun. If you play with your kids or with our significant other, the first prize is also loads of laughter.

Romance Flourishes

With your significant other, you can play as a way of being totally at ease with her or him. Every winning scratch can be accompanied by a friendly back scratch, for example.

Online Scratch Cards are Better than Kiosk-bought Scratch Cards

Here are a few reasons why the free scratch cards at SPC are superior to the scratch cards you buy at a kiosk.

  1. They’re free!
  2. You don’t need to have a penny in your pocket to scratch them.
  3. You don’t leave shavings all around you when you scratch them.
  4. You can play even if it’s raining outdoors.
  5. You can play with soft music in the background.
  6. You can yell for joy when you win.
  7. Did we mention they’re free?
  8. Also, they’re loads of fun.
  9. They are designed to draw out the little child in you.

Lucky Scratch

We have Love Match Scratch and Irish Luck Scratch and Beetle Bingo Scratch. We have a few dozen other fun filled free scratch cards right here at SPC. So, along with our many other free games, you might find that playing free scratch games is where it’s at!

Ogden Nash Has the Last Word

Take it from one of best comedic poets of the twentieth century, Ogden Nash. His poetry is perfect as an accompaniment to a revelry of free scratch cards. He once wrote; “If you have an itch, you should scratch.”

More profound words were never spoken!