Bet Max for Best Real Money Slot Wins

Every online casino gamer knows that real money games are the reason we are all here today and that real money slots are the piece de resistance of online casino games.

All Casino Games Have Great Merit

Let’s be fair to blackjack and poker players. There are a few true variations of blackjack and a few more variations of poker. Both games are great and, with the benefit of the superb modern graphics, these games are more fun to pay online than they have ever been.


We love to play slots!

So Many to Choose From

There are thousands of online slots for real money. That’s because there are so many slots developers. They bring out at least one new game every month. The online casinos that feature them write about the new games in several places on the casino site because they want players to play them and players want to read about them and then play them.

Give the New Slots a Tryout

Often gamers will try out a new slot in free play mode. These real money slots free play sessions usually last just a few minutes because the gamers generally go on to bet on the outcomes.

Video Slots Tell a Story

They are just slots, of course, but video slots have themes. Depending on the storytelling skills of the game developers, these stories may be of the ho hum variety or they may become online classics. One of the most delightful aspects of slots play is discovering new and exciting slots to play—even slots that have been around for years.

Classics of Slots Play

Let’s go over two video slot classics that are so much fun to play that gamers tend to be less concerned themselves with winning the big prizes there.

Keeping Busy

Builder Beaver is a five reel slot with 25 paylines. Players, from single penny bettors to high rollers, love this game primarily because the graphics are so exceptional. It’s possible to achieve a 30,000x multiplier here but it’s pretty hard to do. While you’re waiting for the big one to hit, you’ll love the humorous characters.

Builder Beaver places you in the great outdoors. Your companions on this excursion are the beaver, of course, accompanied by a raccoon and a bear along with pine cones, a log cabin, a pail, water lillies, an apple, and a saw. Two Wild symbols get you 12 free spins even without the Scatter symbol! In this classic slot, you can retrigger the free spins without benefit of a single Scatter!

The Scatter symbol also provides free spins. So you have many ways to win in this game. There are two progressive jackpots here but the potential top prize in each is relatively small. So, most players have made Builder Beaver a classic on the strength of its exceptional entertainment value.

Toil and Trouble

Bubble Bubble is a Halloween themed slot complete with three bonus rounds. It has 50 pay lines but is still accessible to modest budgets because the minimum bet is a single penny.

This slot also features twelve distinct characters all hauntingly realistic in their own way. Gamers have made Bubble Bubble a classic because of the magnificent characters. If you play it on Halloween, you’ll surely get a fright but you could very well get a fright on any night with the wind howling outside and the stray cats making scary sounds.

Lest we frighten you away from Bubble Bubble, let us assure you that it’s one of the most popular slots because it’s so much fun to play, even if it does send a chill down your spine!

Mobile Slots

The graphics that are now available on mobile are so good that many gamers have chosen mobile as their default online casino. In addition to great graphics, the real money slots app for mobile is so easy to download and takes up so little space on your modern, powerful mobile device, that many gamers have more than one real money slots app on their mobile device.

Big Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a major reason that gamers flock to online slots for real money. The jackpots are developed by taking a small amount from every wager and putting that small amount in the big jackpot. Since progressive slots are generally run by the game developer, the jackpots have worldwide reach. Mega Moolah is the most famous progressive slot because the jackpot always resets at one million dollars whenever it’s won by a lucky player somewhere in the wide wide world.

Play Carefully

Real money slots require good money management. In order to win the biggest jackpot in any slot, not just the progressive jackpot, you have to have bet the maximum on the winning pay line. Alas, it has happened that a player thought that he’d won the jackpot but didn’t because of this major oversight.

So, playing for the biggest win in any slot requires you to have the bankroll to support such bets. If not, by all means play a slot better suited to your financial means.

Strategy in Slots Play

Slots are almost purely a game of chance. Slots play, therefore, should be primarily for its entertainment value. The money we bet on real money slots games should be well within your overall entertainment budget.

We urge our readers to take any so-called sure fire winning strategy in slots with a very large grain of salt.

Are You Ready?

After all this talk about real money slots, we would like to finish by repeating our advice. And this is true for all games, not just slots. Play to have fun, to enjoy yourself, and to hopefully win a little money.