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This Slot’s Always Hot!

Always Hot Deluxe is a senior member of Novomatic’s Hot slot collection and is a real winner for players who prefer the simpler, no frills approach to their pokies.


Novomatic have released a series of ‘Hot’ slots, each sharing a main theme with slight variations. This member of the ‘Hot’ team features just 3 reels, 3 rows and only 5 paylines, which is just about the minimum you can get for all three on any video slot machine. The graphics are not garish, despite featuring a firy yellow and red background, but they certainly aren’t anything special either; rather like an old fashioned fruit machine you’d find at any pub or Rotary Club. The other downside are the arcade style noise that constantly shouts at you from the reels like alarm bells waking you up on a Sunday morning. So simply turn the volume down, or off, and then you can just chill out to the joy of a 3 reel slot that keeps it real and doesn’t fly off into other realms.

The base game has a maximum bet limit of 20 coins and 9 symbols. The double 7s offer the highest payouts at 6,000 coins for three in a row. The double stars have the next highest value, followed by the watermelons, grapes, bells, plums, lemons, oranges and finally, cherries. There are no wilds, no scatters and no special feature symbols anywhere in sight.

The Gamble Feature is probably the only exception to the simplicity of this game. Whenever you win a payout, the gamble button at the bottom of the reels lights up and if you click, it opens up a sub-game over the reels. There you are presented with a face down, mystery card. Click on either the red or the black buttons to guess if the mystery card is either red or black. If you guess right, you double your winnings. If you’re wrong, you lose what you won in that spin.

Special Features

Besides the gamble feature, which is pretty standard in most Novomatic slots, there are no special features here. It’s just a straight-shooting, three reeler with good size wins.


The attraction of this slot is its simplicity. These days it’s getting harder and harder to find a simple, 3 reel slot with any kind of decent payouts and an RTP above 95%, like this one. If you’re actually a fan of slot machines, and not always trying to find one that mimics video games, then we recommend you test out this hot slot for yourself.