A Soccer Score

We Aussies just love our football! Aussie Rules, that is. Despite having an awesome soccer team ourselves (go Socceroos!) we do often wonder why the rest of the world is so soccer crazy. So if you want a little taste of the soccer syndrome yourself, then you’ve landed in the right place.


Welcome to Netent’s championship Soccer league, where you get to play the field for real money wins. Spin the reels to the cheers of your fans and when you win, you’ll hear the crowd roar! Start the game by choosing your favourite team’s flag and yes, Australia is in there too.

There are 10 base symbols that can pay up to a max of 1,000 coins. There are also 2 kinds of wilds in the base game and another 2 in the free spins game and all are represented by soccer balls. The 2 base game wilds and can either be regular wilds, which can grant up to 2,000 coin wins just by itself, or overlay wilds that can cover any of the base symbols.

Special Features

Both of the special feature bonus games in this slot are fairly sophisticated. The first is a triggered by x3 bonus logos appearing anywhere on the reels and takes you to a true blue video game where you get 5 free rounds and in each round, you get one turn as a player and one as the goal keeper. As the player, you need to pick where you want your goal to touch down and if the goalie doesn’t block your kick (ie. a ¾ chance), you get a coin win. Then you play as goalie and have to guess where the ball will land (ie. a ¼ chance) and if you block successfully, you get a +1 multiplier. At the end of 5 rounds, your total coin wins are multiplied by your final multiplier and can reach up to 98,000 coins.

The Free Spins Tournament feature is triggered by 3 golden trophies and it grants up to 4 levels of 6 free spins. Each wild red or blue soccer ball that appears on the reels scores points either for you or for your opponent, which is how you compete. Your player can advance up from the Round of 16, to the Quarterfinal with a max 4000 coin prize, to the Semifinal with up to a 20,000 coin prize and then to the Final with a 100,000 max coin prize.


Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, you’ll score big on this slot with video game style bonus rounds, a 96.82% RTP and a fantastic range of special features you’ll just love to tackle.