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How to Become a VIP?

Becoming a VIP is great for the relatively few gamers who qualify for that elevated designation. Here Slots Play Casinos will look at three VIP programs from the list of casinos that we have reviewed and recommended. We will then discuss the pros and even a few cons of going for the rarefied air of the VIP.

VIP in Online Casino Terms

Okay, we know what a VIP is in terms of high-class hotels and restaurants. A VIP will fly first class or business class usually from the same airline thus collecting many frequent flyer miles. A VIP will rent a top-tier car from the same rental company thus collecting bonuses for frequent driving.

Similarly, a VIP will play online casino games often and will bet more than the average gamer can easily afford to bet.

Betting Levels to Reach VIP Status

This is a question only you can answer! Remember, part of most VIP programs is that the VIP has to maintain their VIP ranking. This means making many fairly large deposits.

Even VIPs have to decide if depositing $500 or $1000 every week is realistic financially.

Get to be a VIP Quickly

This question is actually much easier to answer than the previous one. In monetary terms, there may be many more gamers who can afford to deposit at a VIP level but they realistically know that they don’t have hours and hours to play online casino games!

After all, in order to achieve great wealth, one has to have worked very hard for a long time! In order to stay wealthy, a person might still have to work long hours. Working long hours usually means that you don’t have time to play for long hours as well!

The formula, then, for attaining and maintaining VIP status at an online casino is to deposit often in relatively high amounts and to play, if not often, then for relatively high stakes!

Is it Worth It?

This is another entirely subjective question. Each gamer has to answer it for herself or himself. Most will say that they can’t bet enough to become a VIP and that’s a good sign; it means that these gamers are gaming responsibly.

Those players who can afford the financial requirements to become online casino VIPs have to decide if this is the type of gaming they enjoy doing.

Get the VIP Benefits from an Online Casino

Of course, being a VIP does entail enjoying a few perks:

  1. Whenever the casino offers free spins, they will probably offer more to a VIP.
  2. Whenever the casino offers a deposit bonus, it will probably offer a higher percentage rate for the bonus or will allow the VIP to deposit more. In other words, where for an average gamer, the bonus might be “up to $1000”, for a VIP, it might be “up to $5000!
  3. A VIP will usually have his or her own customer service representative. This saves time and, as we have seen, time is very valuable to VIPs!
  4. A VIP will also have a dedicated account representative. It is this person’s responsibility to “pamper” VIPs with gifts and other baubles.
  5. A VIP might be invited to a special tournament. He or she might be given special treatment at the tournament. Some casinos fly VIPs to tournaments in warm weather places during the coldest time of the year.

The VIP Program at Grande Vegas Casino

Grande Vegas is a wonderful casino and we are proud to be able to recommend it. The interface and explanation of the rules and details of the VIP program are presented on a visually beautiful page! Gamers are promised:

  1. A One-time $100 no deposit bonus when a gamer reaches VIP status.
  2. High deposit bonus offers every day.
  3. A better rate for accumulating comp points.
  4. Higher betting limits.
  5. Special offers every week.

There is, naturally, a cost to membership in Grande Vegas Casino’s VIP program. A gamer has to accumulate 5000 VIP points {or comp points as it were} in any 90 day period.  Doing so automatically makes that gamer a VIP. To remain a VIP, a gamer has to continue to accumulate 5000 VIP points every 30 days.

Clearly, most gamers cannot maintain VIP status even during a coronavirus lockdown! But for gamers who love the special attention, Grande Vegas Casino loves pampering you special players!

The VIP Program at Play Croco Casino

This VIP program is a bit different than the one at Grande Vegas Casino. At Grande Vegas, gamers enter and stay at the VIP Club by accumulating comp points. At Play Croco Casino, gamers have three levels which are based on deposit levels rather than on comp points.

At Play Croco, you will enjoy a bonus offer every day with low wagering requirements for slots while the wagering requirements are somewhat higher for other games such as blackjack and video poker.

Play Croco gives every VIP a special “host”. The casino tries to surprise VIPs with special offers and gifts every month!

In addition to all of the benefits of being a VIP, Play Croco is an online casino with a genuine sense of humor and wonderful entertainment for all gamers!  !  They have a large assortment of great games, to be sure, and they also offer a magazine, a blog, and Sloto Life which they say is a collection of articles to make people enjoy life more.

And the Welcome Package is worth up to $7777 with 300 free spins!

The VIP Program at Jackpot Capital Casino

Whereas Play Croco has three VIP levels, Jackpot Capital has FIVE!! They are silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and elite.  VIPs at Jackpot Capital get a no deposit bonus on their birthday. Naturally, the bonus for elite VIPs is quite a bit higher than the bonus for “just silver level” VIPs.

As with all good VIP programs, the program at Jackpot Capital promises gifts, personalized promotions, low wagering requirements, personal attention via a host, and many other benefits that high rollers expect.

Jackpot Capital does one thing on their explanatory VIP page that most online casinos don’t do; they also remind curious readers who are not financially able to become a VIP that their gaming is no less important to the casino! Thus, they remind players about the regular comp points promotion and the Game of the Month awards that double the number of comp points per wager.

Jackpot Capital is one of the oldest online casinos which means that it is about twenty years old. They have seen the concepts of promotions, comp points, and VIP Clubs develop over the years and are always ready to go one step further to benefit their gamers!

Another VIP Option: Slotocash Casino

If you’re interested in exploring more VIP programs, consider Slotocash Casino. Known for its robust VIP program and a wide array of games, Slotocash offers a unique blend of benefits and gaming experiences that could be just what you’re looking for in a VIP program.

Slots Play Casinos Also Goes One Step Further

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for up-to-date information about online gaming and the fitful return to land-based gaming in the “aftermath” of the covid pandemic.

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