Real Casinos News

Although there are thousands of online casinos, many gamers enjoy a gaming holiday at any of the many hundreds of real casinos as well. We feel that, although we primarily report on online casino gaming, we would be remiss in our obligation to you, our readers, were we to ignore real, land-based casinos altogether.

The experience of gambling at a land-based casinos certainly differs from the experience at an online casino. The glitz and glitter at the many themed land based casinos are attractive to gamers who also enjoy the entertainment experience of online casinos.

It isn’t enough for gamers to buy a ticket to a casino mecca such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You want to know as much as you can regarding hotels, restaurants, shows, day trips in the vicinity of the real casino you’ve chosen to visit – and much more. Land based casinos are located in many jurisdictions so our section on land-based casinos will be a work in progress for many years to come.