Bitcoin Casino News

This currency is still being called a cryptocurrency especially by the powers that don’t want competition for their own currencies, namely banks and national governments. While Bitcoin and the many other so-called cryptocurrencies are a major political area of contention, from the standpoint of casinos and gamers they are simply another way to finance your casino account.

Since Bitcoin is so new and most people hear primarily negative things about it, we feel that we owe it to our readers to explain Bitcoin in everyday terms that will make the concept not only easier to understand but also acceptable to gamers as a medium of exchange.

Most casinos that have begun to accept Bitcoin also accept many other world currencies. One of the major elements making many casinos popular is that they allow gaming in a wide variety of currencies. And yet, there are now some casinos that operate exclusively in Bitcoin. It’s part of our commitment to stay current on all currencies used in casinos and Bitcoin, as the newest currency of all, demands special attention.

We give it that special attention for you.

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