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Slots Play Casinos Talks about New Online Casinos

It costs a substantial amount of money to set up new online casinos.  It costs even more money and time getting loans and building permits to put up a new land-based casino.

Even Slots Play Casinos cannot keep track of all the new casinos that appear online.  We are able to review many new online casinos.  We have reviewed and recommended a few casinos that were set up in 2020.  So, we are due to review some newer online casinos.

In this article, we will go over many things new gamers should look for in an online casino.  It is neither hard nor especially easy for a gamer to find an online casino that suits their needs.  That is where Slots Play Casinos can help.

What Is the First Thing to Look For?

In one way, this is a subjective question.  Every gamer has his or her priorities.  On the other hand, safety and security are objectively more important than whether the casino offers Caribbean Poker!

Safety and security apply to the regulatory agency that regulates the casino.  It refers to the strength of the encryption software the casino uses to guard and safeguard every gamer’s assets on account at the casino.

Safety and security also apply to the size and strength of the data-collection software the casinos use to track everything that goes on at the casino.

Easy and Diverse Banking

Gamers used to deposit with bank transfers or money orders.  Modern casino banking includes debit and credit cards, ewallets which offer a lot of privacy to the transaction, and the latest banking method: cryptocurrency.

Many casinos offer a bonus for deposits using an ewallet or a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and there are actually many such currencies in circulation.  After bitcoin, Litecoin is the cryptocurrency most likely to be accepted by an online casino.

The Welcome Package Should Exude Welcome

The earliest online casino new gamer bonuses were relatively small and gamers could take the bonus all at once.  Now, with Welcome Bonuses reaching more than $5000 (approaching the magical $10,000 level) a good online casino will divide it up into three, four, or five deposit bonuses as part of the overall Welcome Package.

Some online casinos have begun to add a no deposit bonus to the Welcome Package.  These bonuses are a lot smaller than the deposit bonuses.  They are designed to give gamers the freedom and flexibility to simply “roam” about the casino.

Online Casinos are Different

When a player roams the casino floor at a land-based casino, they take in the banks of slots.  They might or might not see any video poker terminals as these are better for players and slots are better for the house.

They will see one or possibly two blackjack tables.  There may not be a $2 table.  Also, they won’t see the wide range of blackjack variations common to online casinos.

They will see the craps and roulette tables which are the only games offered at land-based casinos that are more fun for players than the same game at an online casino.

That’s because land-based casinos encourage raucous whooping and hollering at the craps and roulette tables, something that online casinos cannot replicate.

Of course, Slots Play Casinos says that the cost of travel and accommodations at a land-based casino are not worth the chance to make noise playing roulette or craps.

In addition, land-based casinos in the United States offer only American roulette where the house edge is double the house edge in European roulette which our recommended casinos offer.

Online Casinos Pay Full

Here we are talking about blackjack and video poker.  With correct strategy on every hand, the return to player rate in both blackjack and video poker is about 99.5%.  Land-based casinos cannot do anything about the simple arithmetic of these games so they change the odds in their favor through another onerous trick: they reduce the return to player for some hands.

In blackjack, a growing number of land-based casinos are paying only 6-5 instead of the traditional and much fairer 3-2 for a blackjack, which our recommended casinos pay.  In video poker some land-based casinos now pay 8-5 or even 7-5 for a full house or a flush instead of the traditional and much fairer 9-6 which our recommended casinos pay.

So, one important thing to check out at any casino is the return to player for a blackjack, a full house, and a flush.  You can count on Slots Play Casinos to recommend online casinos that pay in full for these hands.

New Games for New Casinos

There are over 100 game providers that create games for both online and land-based casinos.  With Instant Play, gamers at any online casino can check out the games at any other casino that supports Instant Play.

Players at land-based casinos may be literally stuck at that casino if it is a standalone casino.  Even in a city with a lot of casinos, they are usually far apart from each other and people do not like to walk a mile or more in the heat of summer or the cold and rain of winter.

So, to be able to seamlessly play new games from several game providers, the best way to do so is at online casinos.

Promotions That Only Online Casinos Can Give

These are usually deposit bonuses.  Land-based casinos cannot give large deposit bonuses because players cash out at a land-based casino when they leave and the wagering requirement makes it nigh on impossible to complete in the time the average player will be at a land-based casino.

The wagering requirement prevents a player from cashing out a bonus as soon as it is registered in his or her casino account.  The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus.  30x the bonus is considered quite reasonable.

Very few players at a land-based casino could complete a 30x wagering requirement in the time they are at the casino.  At an online casino, gamers can complete a wagering requirement at their own pace.

Customer Service and Terms and Conditions

These are the last two items we will cover here.  An online casino needs excellent customer service. We recommend that a gamer looking to try out a new casino call the customer service office.

The better the service in this regard, the more likely it will be that the casino meets all other gamer needs.

The first online casinos had hard-to-read terms and conditions.  Newer casinos have learned how to write their terms and conditions so that they cover all the necessary bases and are eminently readable.

Slots Play Casinos Reports to You

You are the reason we do what we do, namely to gather as much information as we can about the online casino scene and report it back to you.  For the most up-to-date information…


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