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Slots Play Casinos Explains Exclusive Casino Promotions

Here at Slots Play Casinos we peruse the online casino market looking for interesting things to report back to you, our readers.  One of the most interesting things we have discovered, and that we find that no one reports on this phenomenon, is that there are exclusive casino promotions at online casinos.

Three Exclusive Online Casino Promotions

In fact, there are three types of exclusive promotions at online casinos:

  1. Promotions that only that single casino runs.
  2. Promotions that are geared to an exclusive group of gamers, usually VIPs or newbies.
  3. Something totally different that some casinos may share, most don’t, and some have entirely exclusively.

Promotions That Individual Casinos Run

For example, Jackpot Capital has a Hump Day promotion.  This promotion runs on Wednesday since that is the midpoint of the week and we are all “over the hump” when Wednesday segues into Thursday.

Juicy Stakes has a casino and a poker room under one roof.  The casino is now offering 30 free bets on blackjack until early next week.  And then they will offer another great promotion.

Liberty Slots Casino offers special promotions on the 7th, 13th, and the 21st day of every month.

Tournaments Have Become Better Than Ever

Many online casinos still do not yet offer slots tournaments.  Some casinos run slots tournaments only for download casinos.  Now, many others are realizing that gamers prefer to play on Instant Play so these casinos are running tournaments without the need to download the casino.

Some online casinos that run tournaments run a small number every month while others have a hundred or so tournaments going all the time!  Slots tournaments are becoming de rigueur at online casinos since they give gamers great gaming fun at zero to very little cost.

VIP Promotions are the Cat’s Pajamas

That means that these promotions are really good.

First, let’s understand what a VIP is at an online casino and then we will look at a few exclusive promotions just for VIPs.

A VIP is a player who deposits large sums of money every month.  Each casino defines for itself what the term “large” means in this context.  Some online casinos require gamers to deposit a minimum, large sum every month while others accept one large deposit and make that gamer a VIP for life.

Who Can Be a VIP?

First, you need to be able to deposit a lot of money.  You need to play a lot of online casino games.  You should be able to make larger than average bets.

But what if a gamer deposits, say, $10,000 and plays video poker or blackjack.  Let’s say that they use correct strategy on every hand.  If they do so, their expected return to player rate is about 99.5%.  So, our VIP gamer, having deposited $10,000, now plays video poker or blackjack in several lengthy sessions and bets in total all of their $10,000 deposit.

With a 99.5 return to player rate, he or she can expect to lose just $50 out of bets totaling $10,000 over the course of many hours of video poker or blackjack fun.  Clearly, this player does not need to make another deposit and won’t need to do so for a long time to come!

At some online casinos, he or she will continue to be treated as a VIP while at others, they will lose their VIP status, as a certain level of deposits must be made every month in order to stay a VIP.

What Promotions Do VIPs Get?

Every casino treats its VIPs as they see fit.  Here are just a few gifts and other offers VIPs can get at online casinos:

  1. More comp points.  They may be 100% more or even more more than that!  Comp points are like found money and even wealthy gamers like to find money.
  2. Larger bonus rates and maximums.  Where the bonus rate may be 100% at an online casino for average gamers, it might be 200% or better for VIPs.
  3. Special bonus offers.  These are bonus offers that a casino might not offer average players.  It might call for a very large deposit at a very high rate.
  4. Gifts on a VIP’s birthday or anniversary. Some offer trips at lower costs than the average cost.  Some offer free or low-cost tickets to major events such as the World Series, the Olympics, or the Super Bowl.  Soccer (football for everyone outside of the USA) fans may request and receive tickets to the World Cup.

Why Are VIPs a Small Minority?

Simply, very few gamers can afford the VIP gaming lifestyle.  At this point, we would like to point out a few important items such as due diligence and sound money management.

If a person who has been rich for a very long time wins a lottery worth over $50,000, they will not squander the money on homes, cruises, first class travel and accommodations, cars and so on.  They already know how to conserve their wealth even as they live a VIP lifestyle.

Average People Struggle after a Lottery Win

People who win the same lottery and have had to be careful to stay above water financially, may end up squandering the money over a few years’ time on the above and many more high-end items such as clothes, gifts, restaurants, and so on ad infinitum.

In short, a lot of people who can afford to be a VIP at an online casino choose not to be because they are protecting their financial assets and that includes not making extravagant deposits.

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence means reading the terms and conditions at any casino they want to join.  With Instant Play and thousands of online casinos, gamers almost always are members of more than one casino.  The terms and conditions are likely to be somewhat different from casino to casino including what it means to be a VIP.

How to Practice Sound Money Management

There are hundreds of sites that talk about this exact subject.  We will distill the wisdom of many into a few important points:

  1. Make lists of expenses.
  2. Decide how much you want to save every month.
  3. Check prices carefully, including reading the terms and conditions, of anything you want to buy online or offline.
  4. Save for specific reasons such as retirement.
  5. Save for emergencies.
  6. Make sure that you have the proper insurance.
  7. Spend time learning a skill that might come in handy later.
  8. Pay attention to the news especially, but not exclusively, to the financial news.
  9. Plan ahead.
  10. Set financial goals.

Unique Exclusive Promotions

Here we find online casino blogs, articles, magazines, diaries, travel tips and so on.  Most of the 30-something casinos we recommend have at least one of these extra credit promotions.

Slots Play Casinos also offers exclusive promotions in coordination with our recommended casinos. These promotions are for deposit bonuses, no deposit bonus, and free spins.  Sometimes free spins are included in a deposit bonus.  Look for the orange coupons (they’re also marked “Exclusive”) for these exclusive-to-SPC promotional offers.

The blogs and articles may run to the hundreds of unique entries.  The magazines are usually seasonal.  They are filled with exclusive promotions available only to players who read the magazine.

Slots Play Casinos Tells All

Our site is filled with useful information about online casinos and their games, promotions, customer service, and so on.  We also contrast online casinos and land-based casinos often.  You can easily guess which type of casino we think is better for gamers.

Just in the area of sound money management, online casinos cost nothing to get to while land-based casinos cost a great deal in money, time, and inconvenience.  Furthermore, land-based casinos cannot offer the kinds of bonuses online casinos offer regularly.

Slots Play Casinos is devoted to reporting all of the good and even some of the bad to online casino gamers.


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