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Slots Play Casinos Happily Recommends the Intertops Family of Sites

We love getting woke to what’s new and interesting in online casino gaming! We were looking up something about games providers and we discovered, or we should say we were reminded, that WGS Technologies is the games provider for Intertops Classic Casino while Real Time Gaming or RTG is the games provider for the other Intertops online gaming “family members”. Intertops is far more than a single slots casino!

We decided then and there to write an article about the great gaming flexibility of the Intertops family.

Four in One Gaming

Intertops offers two different casinos: Intertops Casino and Intertops Casino Classic. RTG runs the games at Intertops Casino and WGS runs the games at Intertops Casino Classic. This alone gives gamers at Intertops great flexibility in their casino gaming.


Intertops also runs a distinct poker room. There you can play against players from all over the world and for stakes as low or as high as you wish.

The Benefits of Anonymity

There are a few major advantages to playing poker online. The first is that no one can see you. If you feel that you have a number of tells for when you have a very good hand or, conversely, when you are bluffing, you can practice developing your “poker face” while playing online.

Total Flexibility

The second great advantage to playing poker online instead of on land is that you can play whenever you wish and can quit whenever you wish. People who travel to a land-based casino or poker room have the expense of travel to cover and that tends to keep them at the poker table for some time after it was a lot more prudent for them to stop.

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Another big advantage of online poker is that you can play for any stake you want to play for. Since an online poker room has worldwide reach, there is never a lack of poker players at every stakes level and skill level. At a land based poker room, you might find that everyone has a skill level that exceeds your own and that playing with them is the same as giving away your money or that the stakes are simply too high for you.

Maintain Your Self-confidence and Grow it Over Time

A fourth big advantage of online poker is that there is a lot less intimidation around the table. On land, players talk. You can see their expression. If you misread a hand and you see in the other players’ reactions that they have noticed that you misread the hand, some players would get intimidated and would lose any “edge” they may have had when they started playing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Online poker is a much better way to get in a large number of poker hands over a relatively short period of time. Just think about how many hands you could play if you don’t have to research hotel reservations and flights, pack a suitcase, travel to an airport, fly to a casino, take a taxi to your hotel where you have to check-in and take a shower before going out into the public!

Sports Betting

The fourth great gaming option at the Intertops family of gaming and betting sites is the sportsbook. We hope that by the time you read this article sports have come back in a big way. If not, we assure you that sports assuredly will one day re-emerge from the corona conundrum!

Online sports betting has the same advantages as simple casino gaming and playing in the poker room. One aspect of sports betting on land that is often overlooked is that sports bettors at a land-based sportsbook generally follow the games or sports they bet on in real-time.

That means that since they are not at home, they don’t have any of the activities they normally do at home such as hobbies nor do they have the daily responsibilities they normally deal with at home. So they watch the games or follow as news comes in at frequent intervals. In other words, betting on sports at Intertops Sportsbook can be a healthy and fun pastime while bettors involve themselves in the many other things they have to do or simply enjoy doing while they wait for the outcomes of their bets while, on land, sports betting can become an obsession.

Not Just about Sports

Sports betting is about a lot more than sports these days. In fact, it is almost entirely about non-sports matters. In the absence of sports, many sportsbooks are taking wagers on such serious matters as the weather, what Donald Trump will tweet about next, which Hollywood celeb will come out with a line of designer face masks, and which mouth stuffer will eat the most hot dogs at the next hot dog eating competition.

Betting on politics, the draft in the NFL or NBA, and other sports-related subjects has become common at sportsbooks. Online sports betting is fast becoming a major player in the online gaming business. Bettors are happy to be able to place a bet at a reputable online sportsbook.

Good Old Fashioned Casino Gaming

Always remember that the Intertops family has not just one but two online casinos! The games providers are different—WGS or RTG—which allows gamers to pick and choose from over 300 games at each casino, the different interfaces, the slightly different variety of games, and the different creative teams as they vie for primacy in the online slots market.

You can easily move from one gaming site to the other. You don’t need to move to another terminal or open another computer! All you have to do is tap or click and you’re in!

Intertops has been involved in online gaming for well over twenty years which, in online gaming terms, makes the family a true greybeard. But Intertops stays forever young! The wonderful variety of slots, table games, video poker, tournaments, promotions, and casual games give gamers a vast range of gaming opportunities from their desktop, laptop, or mobile platform.

Gamers have long found the Intertops family to be helpful in all ways, full of options, and always forward-looking. We at Slots Play Casinos are happy to be able to include the Intertops family of casinos, sportsbook, and poker room among our chosen recommended sites!

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