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Slotocash Introduces Bitcoin Lightning

It is always fun to return to Slotocash Online Casino.  We here at Slots Play Casinos find that Slotocash is a perfect embodiment of the fun side of online casino gaming!  So, it is fun for us whenever we have the chance to talk about a new and newsworthy development emanating from Slotocash.

So, drumroll please, Slotocash now uses Bitcoin Lightning for deposits and withdrawals.

Did Slotocash Invent Bitcoin Lightning?

No, not at all!

Bitcoin Lightning is a method of depositing and withdrawing bitcoins at Slotocash.  Any online casino can use Bitcoin Lightning.  Still, the technology is quite new and casinos, like most businesses, are still wrapping their heads around bitcoin as a viable currency.

In fact, the Bitcoin Lightning Network has been around since about 2016.  The network makes bitcoin transactions faster.  There is a lot of technological stuff involved in Bitcoin Lightning so we will try to simplify it as much as possible.

We Begin with Bitcoin Itself

Whey was bitcoin created?  Where once there were no so-called cryptocurrencies, now there are many.  Bitcoin was the first.  Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies were created to effect three conditions:

  1. To act as a buffer versus fiat money printed by governments.
  2. To make money transactions faster.
  3. To eliminate all middlemen from financial transactions.
  4. To be an entirely digital currency.

The Early Days of Bitcoin

A lot of people, not necessarily casino gamers, understood the value of an alternative currency as government money was no longer backed by gold or silver.  Still, bitcoin had to prove itself to be a real currency albeit one that was a fiat currency in itself!

The big difference was that bitcoin was self-limiting.  As a result, bitcoin began to be accepted as a currency.  A lot of businesses looked into accepting bitcoins for payments.  Online casinos started to accept bitcoin and slowly using bitcoins as a deposit and withdrawal method became popular.

Bitcoin Actually Became Slower as it Became More Popular

Bitcoin is a purely digital currency and was expected to be fast no matter how many transactions were made at the same time in bitcoin.

Bitcoin exists on what is called a blockchain.  The blockchain works very fast as a conduit for bitcoin transactions but as the number of transactions in bitcoin increased exponentially, the blockchain was discovered to be less fast than it was originally thought to be.

How Slow is Bitcoin?

Without the Lightning Network, bitcoin can process about seven transactions per second.  Credit cards can process over 1000 transactions per second!  So a way to increase the speed of bitcoin transactions was clearly needed.

The Lightning Network Was Invented in 2016

All of this digital currency stuff is so new!  Bitcoin itself is only about 20 years old and the Lightning Network is less than 10 years old!  So it is not surprising to find that as bitcoins have become more popular as a means of commerce generally, there should be bumps along the way.

Is Bitcoin Less Valuable Because it is Slower than Expected?

It might be!

As transactions using the Lightning Network increase bitcoin speed, the value of a single bitcoin might zoom up.  This is not known and from the standpoint of online casino gaming at Slotocash or at any good online casino, it doesn’t matter!

Slotocash Helps Their Gamers Deposit and Withdraw Funds

Naturally, it is the interest of Slotocash and all online casinos to help their gamers move funds in and out of their casino accounts!  So, any gamer who wants to make a transaction in bitcoin using the Lightning Network can contact Slotocash and a customer service representative will help them learn how to make these transactions!

Slotocash is a Uniquely Creative Online Casino

All good online casinos have many games in several different categories.  They all run excellent promotions.  Slotocash runs a comp points promotion like so many online and land-based casinos do.  Uniquely, Slotocash has a number of games that qualify gamers for double comp points!

Slotocash carries 14 different variations in video poker.  The casino also has a number of great blackjack variations.  Of course, Slotocash has a very large library of slots.  They also carry many specialty games including Bingo and European Roulette.

Sloto Magazine Sets Slotocash Apart

We feel that the Sloto Magazine, that comes out four times a year, is a great innovation that other online casinos should emulate!  Let’s take a look at Sloto Magazine.

Do You Know What Hygge Means?

Sloto Magazine has many short articles that give insights into newer Slotocash games.  Further along in the Spring 2023 edition of Sloto Magazine, we find a page that talks about trends around the world.

Hygge is an everyday term in Denmark.  Winters in Denmark are long and dark most of the time so the Danish people have developed a culture around the concept of Hygge which means feeling warm and cozy.

One of the many advantages online casino gamers have over land-based casino players is that online casinos offer great mobile gaming platforms.  Gamers can feel warm and cozy on their sofa or in bed with the Right One especially during the long, cold Nordic winters!

Do You Know What Lagom Means?

Lagom is a Swedish term which means to accept “just enough” without overdoing it or overindulging.  This concept fits perfectly with the advice we here at Slots Play Casinos give to our readers: play at online casinos in short sessions to calm down and unwind after a long day on the job and then get on with your evening with friends, family, a hobby, a good book, or so many other great activities and pursuits.

Do You Know What Friluftsliv Means?

We don’t even know how to pronounce it!

Friluftslive is a Norwegian cultural concept that means to live outdoors in the clean, fresh air.  Even in the cold of winter, Norwegians venture forth to hike, fish, sled, and otherwise enjoy the clean, fresh air!

Sloto Lifestyle is a Partner with Sloto Magazine

Sloto Life is a collection of short articles that help people improve their lives.  Some articles are reprinted from Sloto Magazine and some are original articles for Sloto Life.  Sloto Life covers many topics of value to Slotocash gamers or to the general public.  One need not be a member of the Slotocash family to read Sloto Life!

Read Slots Play Casinos Often

We imagine you can see now why we are so supportive of Slotocash Casino!  In fact, we are very supportive of about 30 top online casinos, the ones we have reviewed and recommend.

Still, as an online casino that shows how to look beyond oneself and the casino, Slotocash stands out and deserves the greatest of kudos!


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