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Slots Play Casinos Explains VIP Loyalty Programs

Most online casinos have a VIP program.  All of the casinos that we recommend here at Slots Play Casinos have a VIP program.  Some of the smaller, newer, less well monetized online casinos may not yet have VIP loyalty programs since these programs cost a lot of money to maintain and, by betting more than the average player, a VIP puts the casino at somewhat higher financial risk.

So, a quick rule of thumb may be that any online casino that has a full-fledged VIP program is likely monetized to the extent that it can afford to do so.

Who is a VIP?

There is a small but significant difference between a high roller and a VIP.  In both cases, the high roller and the VIP bet large sums of money on the outcomes of casino games.  The difference is that a high roller may do so once in a while whereas, in order to maintain his or her status as a VIP, a VIP has to consistently bet high every month.

That means that a true VIP at an online casino not only has the wealth to make high bets but has the time to wear down their bankroll enough to need to inject more money.

A lot of wealthy people work hard to maintain their wealth.  These people have the wealth to become an online casino VIP but they don’t have the time to whittle down their bankroll enough to deposit the amount they would need to deposit to retain their VIP status.

Here are a Couple of Gamers Who Are Not VIPs

These are gamers who bet high on video poker and blackjack!  That is because the return to player rate in these two great online casino games of skill is about 99.5% if the gamer plays with correct strategy on every hand.

What Do Online Casinos Do for a VIP?

The biggest benefit an online casino will bestow on a VIP is higher bonus offers and better deposit bonus rates.  Where the average gamer may get an offer of a bonus of 100% up to $1000, a VIP may get an offer of 200% up to $10,000.

Needless to say, the average gamer never sees such an offer and might consider it ridiculous if a computer glitch sent such an offer to their inbox!

Online Casinos Invite High Rollers to Become VIPs

A high roller making a big deposit once or twice is not a VIP!  The high roller has to show consistently high deposits over a few months’ time to cause the casino to perk up and recognize that said gamer may be a VIP!

Then an online casino might make one or more or all of the following offers:

  1. A dedicated VIP representative who will try to cater to the VIP’s needs.
  2. Higher deposit bonuses.
  3. More comp points per dollar bet.
  4. Life cycle gifts such as birthday or anniversary gifts.
  5. Travel and tickets to events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series etc.
  6. Faster payouts.

It might seem like a lot of money to pay for a VIP to go to the Super Bowl.  That gives you an indication of how much money a VIP is wagering at that particular online casino.

Becoming a VIP is Something of an Ego Trip

We are talking about a person who is very wealthy and has the time to play online casino games for long hours and risk a lot of money on a regular basis.

Such a person knows that he or she is rich!  They don’t really need an online casino to tell them that they are rich!  But a rich person who plays online casino games at such a high financial level may enjoy the recognition.  Certainly, it also helps that the casino makes all the arrangements for trips on the casino’s dime.

Land-based Casinos Also Have VIP Programs

A land-based casino will fly a VIP in first class and put them up in the hotel in the best suite.  They might give the VIP a large sum of money to start playing.

Where the casino will offer average players free whiskey, when they offer whiskey to a VIP, it is the best whiskey!

Where the casino may offer an average player a free voucher at the buffet, it might offer the VIP a free meal at the best restaurant in town!  The casino may also offer the best room service meal when the player decides that it is time to go back to their room.

Online Casinos Have a Big Advantage in Looking for VIPs

An online casino will notice that a gamer is making large deposits on a regular basis.  It is a lot more difficult for a land-based casino to recognize a potential VIP unless the player makes herself or himself known to the casino.

The convenience and constant availability of an online casino simply makes it a lot easier for a high roller to become a VIP at an online casino.

What Does a VIP Look for in an Online Casino?

Interestingly enough, they look for the same things the average gamer looks for!  These are:

  1. Great games from top game providers.
  2. A happy gaming environment.
  3. Safety and security.  This is a no-brainer as online casino gamers always have money on account at the casino.
  4. Excellent customer service.

Online Gamers Look to Slots Play Casinos for Excellence in our Area of Expertise

We don’t provide games.  We do have an excellent informative environment for gamers say they can find out a lot about online casino gaming.  We run a blog in which we explain as much as we can about every game category.  We talk about games of chance and games of skill.  We emphasize fun above getting rich quick.

One final word about VIPs: in order to be a true online casino or land-based casino VIP, you have to be very wealthy and have a lot of free time for casino gaming.

It’s totally okay if you don’t have massive wealth or unlimited free time for casino gaming.  We say again and again that the fun in online casino gaming is in the gaming itself under self-directed rules about time and money management.

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