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Glamma’s Adventures at Jackpot Capital Come to London

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we generally cover new casinos, new games, and we help our readers improve their gaming through our many gaming guides and articles. Now we would like to award kudos to Jackpot Capital online casino for their ongoing Glamma’s Adventures feature. In late March and throughout April, Glamma will be adventuring in London and surroundings and all over England at times!

We love the chance to praise any (all) of the 30 or more online casinos that we recommend and that has found a happy way to promote itself. So, hats off to Jackpot Capital and now to the happy details about Glamma’s Adventures for the Easter season.

Glamma’s Adventures in London

Did you know that the City of London is actually very small? It is! It covers just a small number of square miles and has a “population”: of less than 10,000 people! The really gigantic city is technically called Greater London.

Now, Greater London is super big! It covers land area much larger than any American city and has a population (no quote marks here) of 9,000,000 residents. A lot of people vacation and do business or work in London so the daily population is much larger than the official 9,000,000 number!

What Will Glamma Do in London?

Glamma will do a lot of things but the top two for her are to walk around in her Sherlock Holmes getup and go to a couple of local Easter Egg Hunts of which there are many! Some Easter Egg Hunts actually have a fee for entrance! It’s not a lot of money but Glamma will save her money for other Londonish adventures and will go to a couple of free Easter Egg Hunts.

After the Easter week of activities, Glamma will have plenty of time to enjoy what London has to offer in Spring Time. First of all, Glamma will take in all of the flowering trees and shrubs that cover London like a carpet.

The Flowering Gardens of London

Spring Time brings a carnival of color to London as so many trees and shrubs shrug off the cold of winter and renew themselves brilliantly and fragrantly. Cherry blossoms are especially fragrant as are Wisteria, Davidia, Magnolia, and Lilac. It is hard to believe that, in a city of some 9,000,000 residents, there are more trees than people! That gives locals and visitors alike the chance to take in the brilliant colors and fragrances of Spring Time.

The northern areas of North America and Europe and the mountains of these continents offer brilliant colors in September and October. Still, Glamma feels that the combination of colors and fragrances of the many trees of London are even better!

Glamma Loves a Garden

There are so many places in London where spring is colorful in London. Among the top places are Chiswick House, Kenwood Garden, Kew Gardens, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Highgate Wood, Isabella Plantation, St. James Park, and Buckingham Place Memorial Gardens.

Glamma has a full month to be enthralled, captivated, enchanted, bewitched, and generally flabbergasted by the beauty, variety, and gentle fragrances of London’s spring time flowers.

Glamma Loves a Castle

There are so many castles in London and the nearby areas that Glamma cannot hope to visit all of them! Still, Glamma will surely take in a few as there are guided tours of many castles. Warwick Castle is famous for the dungeons which scare the heebie jeebies out of visitors even though they know fill well that the dungeons are no longer used to “house” miscreants or enemies.

London is Old

There are signs that the area where modern day London is was inhabited hundreds of thousands of years ago. Glamma will be happy to walk kin areas that have homes and other buildings that are “only” a few hundred years old. The areas surrounding London on four sides have some of the oldest modern settlements with homes that look the part!

Glamma is Not a Big Football Fan

In fact, Glamma is rehearsing using the term football in reference to the game she grew up calling soccer! London has professional football teams that represent many neighborhoods. This is totally different than what North Americans know about football or baseball.

Ever since the Dodgers left Brooklyn, no major American sports team has been named for the extremely local area it calls home. The Chicago Cubs may be the toast of the town and the neighborhood where their stadium is may be called Wrigleyville but the team is still called the Chicago Cubs!

But football (soccer) is so big in London and in England generally that Glamma will try to take in a game whilst she’s there. Glamma will also try to speak Londonese in her American accent. The word “whilst” is a good place to start!

Here are a few other words and terms that Glamma will try to use whilst…

  1. Cuppa. In the USA, this refers to coffee. In Merry Old, it refers to tea.
  2. Footpath is a sidewalk.
  3. Banter is pleasant conversation.
  4. Yankee is often an insulting way to refer to an American.
  5. Bugger all is an insult on a person’s intelligence. As in Americans know bugger all about football.
  6. Know your onions is the opposite of bugger all. Glamma hopes to know her onions about all things London.
  7. Knackered means completely exhausted. Glamma hopes to be completely knackered every evening!
  8. A lad is a young guy. A bloke is just a guy. Glamma hopes to avoid the mistake of calling a bloke a lad!
  9. Cheerio and Toodle Pip both mean goodbye.
  10. Loo is the bathroom.

Glamma Runs a Wheel

Every month, Jackpot Capital changes the symbols on Glamma’s Wheel. In honor of Easter, the wheel this month will feature eggs. Every month this year and who knows, maybe next year as well, Jackpot Capital is featuring Glamma’s Adventures!

Just as the symbols on Glamma’s Wheel change every month so does the location of Glamma’s Adventure for the month!

So, be sure to keep up with Glamma’s Adventures on your fav social platform:

  1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackpotcapitalwins/
  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackpotcapital/
  3. X: https://twitter.com/winbigwithjc
  4. Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.at/winbigwithjc/
  5. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8TLPSK4YOjo-Ur00-ECl-A

The Joy of Joy

Slots Play Casinos is happy to be able to report on the happy promotion Jackpot Capital is running through Glamma’s Adventures. We are always happy to report on examples of a casino demonstrating a vibrant and joyous sense of humor.

We invite all gamers to read the latest news from us here at Slots Play Casinos.


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