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Slots Play Casinos Extols Online Casino Bonuses

There are a few different kinds of online casino bonuses. Here at Slots Play Casinos, we will start the discussion with deposit and no deposit bonuses.  Some bonuses come with free spins.  The comp points promotion that is so common at both online and land-based casinos is another kind of bonus since the redeemed casino credits are a form of found money.

Land-based casinos cannot give deposit bonuses.  We will explain why.  We will also delve a bit into the philosophical side to online casino gaming in contrast to going to a land-based casino to play.

What is a Deposit Bonus?

This is exactly what it sounds like: a gamer makes a deposit and gets a bonus for doing so.  Gamers should keep in mind that deposit bonuses are closed ended.  That means that there is a limit to how much bonus money a gamer can receive.

This type of bonus is usually referred to as x% for up to $X.  The upper limit of a bonus is important for those gamers who want to receive the higher limit of the bonus.  Let’s say that a top online casino is offering a 100% bonus for up to $2000.  It is obvious that a gamer should not deposit more than $2000.

It might be true that most gamers do not want to deposit such large sums.  Still, there could be a deposit bonus offer of 100% up to $100.  In that case, deposit up to $100 but no more.

The Rock and a Hard Place of Land-based Casinos

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we recognize that land-based casinos still have an appeal.  We focus primarily on online casinos since we believe that overall and on balance, online casinos offer a better gaming experience.

Nevertheless, we recognize that a land-based casino has an attractive atmosphere with bells and whistles and large rowdy groups of people at the roulette and craps tables.  Online casinos cannot match the atmosphere at a land-based casino.  But no land-based casino can offer a thousand-dollar bonus!

Why is That?

Every deposit bonus has a wagering requirement.  This means that a gamer has to bet, say, 30 times the bonus in order to be able to withdraw winnings.  Without the wagering requirement, gamers would have the incentive to cash out a bonus as soon as they received it!

This did happen when the first online casino bonuses were offered.

A gamer at an online casino can complete the wagering requirement at his or her own pace while a player at a land-based casino would have only a couple of days or a few hours to complete a wagering requirement.  In the case of a bonus worth upwards of a thousand dollars, it would mean having a large amount of deposited money just sitting on their player’s card until the next time they go to that casino!

Online Casinos Start the Bonus Extravaganza with Massive Welcome Packages

It is no longer unusual for an online casino to offer a Welcome Package worth several thousand dollars.  It is true that most gamers do not take the entire huge Welcome Package of bonuses.  However, their very existence is proof that deposit bonuses work terrifically at online casinos and are nowhere to be found at land-based casinos.

The Bonus Rate is Very Important

A bonus rate of 75% is no competition for a bonus rate of 150%!  Some online casinos offer deposit bonuses at a lower rate while others make the same offer at a higher rate.

We are in the era of Instant Play which allows gamers to play directly on their internet server.  This means that online casino games can play at several online casinos because there is no download needed.

This has made some online casino gamers good shoppers for the best deposit bonuses!  A bonus rate of 75% will no longer cut it for discerning gamers.  Competition among online casinos has raised the bar as far as both bonus rates and the maximum bonus size.

Free Spins Are a Great Way to Enjoy a New Slot

Online casinos often offer gamers a promotion of a deposit bonus and free spins.  These free spins are often on the casino’s new slot.  Online casinos try to bring out a new slot every month.  This means that game providers have to be better than they were a generation ago!  All of this works to the benefit of gamers.

There are more games and better games!

This great benefit comes much more to online casino gamers than to land-based casino players since online casinos have no walls.  So, they can add as many games as their game providers can produce!  Land-based casinos have to take out terminals to make room for new terminals and then only a small number of players can play a new slot at the same time.  In contrast, thousands can and do play new slots at online casinos.

Comp Points Work Especially Well at Online Casinos

In a sense, the advantages of comp points promotions at online casinos parallels the advantage of online casinos regarding wagering requirements: online gamers can play at their own pace!

A land-based casino player may leave the casino with almost enough comp points to redeem them for casino credits but the points have to wait in a drawer until the next time the player goes back to that casino.  That could be months or years.

If the player discovers the many benefits of online casino gaming it could be that he or she will never go back to that land-based casino and all the comp points will simply gather dust.

There is a Philosophical Side to Online Casino Gaming

We have to recognize that it costs exactly zero dollars to get to an online casino today, tomorrow, next week and so on.  It costs dearly to get to a land-based casino.

This represents the “bonus” of online casino convenience.

Setting Reasonable Time and Money Budgets

This is easy to do at online casinos since a gamer can play every day.  So, if 30 minutes is enough, then the gaming session will be for 30 minutes.  At land-based casinos, no gaming session lasts 30 minutes!  Thus, online casinos provide a type of convenience that allows gamers to play in a more relaxed manner.  They can enjoy the gaming more.  They can see online casino gaming as a form of entertainment.   They can develop other interests.

Online gamers can and do move from game to game while land-based casino players tend to get rooted to a game lest they lose their seat to someone else.

Online Casinos are Now Mobile Casinos

The vast majority of online gamers play on their mobile devices while comfortably sitting or lounging on the sofa or in bed.  Mobile is so much more convenient and comfortable for gamers that even land-based casinos have begun to offer a mobile platform for hotel guests.

Slots Play Casinos and Online Casinos

We do strongly espouse the online casino way of playing.  We recognize that many players still like the exciting atmosphere of a land-based casino.  We recommend some 30+ online casinos.  We feel that the future belongs to online and especially to mobile casino gaming.

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