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Slots Play Casinos Explains the Best Roulette Strategies

Slots Play Casinos understands that every gamer is looking for an edge.  That is one way of describing and defining our mission: to help gamers achieve an edge against the house.

The best games to play to get an edge against the house are blackjack and video poker.  These games have been studied through millions of hands and there is a general consensus as to what the best play is on every hand.

Slots Play Casinos Attempts to Set Gamers Straight

Roulette strategies are less scientific.  There are actually two separate kinds of strategy some gamers use in playing roulette.  One is to use a betting system.  In this article, we will debunk a couple of the most popular betting systems going.

The other is to stick to a single bet until it hits hoping that it will then earn a profit for the gamer.  We will debunk this strategy as well!

The Best Strategy in Roulette

This strategy is to play the variation of roulette that gives you the best chance to win money.  American Roulette has 00 and 00 while European Roulette has only a 0.  Since a spin that lands on zero is a winner for the house unless the player specifically bet on the zero, we can say that the extra 00 in American Roulette logically increases the house edge.

And, it does!

The house edge in American Roulette is double the house edge in European Roulette.  So, the first and best strategy in roulette is to play European Roulette with one caveat.

What Type of Roulette is Offered at Land-based Casinos?

Unfortunately, at almost all land-based casinos in the US, the only roulette offered is American Roulette.  Unless you can afford to have a house edge of about 5.25%, you should simply not play roulette in American land-based casinos!

We know that gamers want to play roulette at online and land-based casinos so we will continue talking about betting systems and styles.

What Kinds of Bets Will You Make?

If you are going to make the least risky bets in roulette, you will make one of the three so-called even money bets.  These are odd or even; red or black; and first 18 numbers or second 18 numbers.

If you are determined to make only these bets, then the best strategy is to play French Roulette.  The house edge in French Roulette is half the house edge in European Roulette.

Once again, it is difficult to find a casino that offers French Roulette.  Furthermore, most roulette players do not want to stick with the so-called even money bets for an entire gaming session.

What’s Wrong with Betting Systems?

There are many betting systems and we don’t have space to cover all of them.  We will start with the most famous and most popular one, the Martingale System.

Before we get knee deep in debunking the Martingale System, we have to point out that in both American Roulette and European Roulette, there are no true even money bets since the 0 and 00 are winning outcomes for the house.

Still, gamers insist on calling these bets even money bets!

How Does the Martingale Betting System Work?

You make one of the so-called even money bets.  If you win, you make another even money bet for the same amount.  If you lose, you double your bet on the next bet.  Then, if you win, you actually win the size of your original bet.

Here is a chart to show you how it works:

Bet                                 Outcome                                 Money Status

$5                                  Lose                                        -$5

$10                                Win                                         +$5

It seems so easy!

What is the Big Flaw in the Martingale System?

Take a minute or two to think on it!

The big flaw in the Martingale System is Losing Streaks!  It doesn’t take a long losing streak to make the Martingale System lose a lot of money for gamers!  Always keep in mind that there are both winning streaks and losing streaks.

The Random Number Generator

We have to say a few words about the random number generator which determines all outcomes in online casinos.  In roulette at a land-based casino, the game is played at a physical table with a physical wheel and a physical ball and there are also losing streaks.

At an online casino, the random number generator does not know what has happened in the one previous spin or the last 100 spins.  So, there are losing streaks in roulette whether you play online or on land.

Here is our previous example stretched out to a five-spin losing streak:

Bet                                         Outcome                                 Money Status

$5                                           Lose                                        -$5

$10                                          Lose                                        -$15

$20                                          Lose                                        -$35

$40                                          Lose                                        -$75

$80                                          Lose                                        -$155

Now, do you bet $160?  You are down $155 so if you win the $160 bet, you end up ahead by $5.  Would anyone bet $160 to win $5?  Even Secretariat paid better than that!

D’Alembert is Martingale on a Sedative

In this system, you divide a $5 bet into one-dollar units.  You go up one unit if you lose and down one unit if you win the previous spin.  If you have a losing streak, your bet could double to $10.  Even if you lose the $10 bet, your next bet will be “only” $11.  So, a longish losing streak will cause you to lose bets that are double your base bet.  This is not a system for prolonged wins at roulette!

Some Bets Cannot be Made in Roulette

You can bet on one, two, three, and four numbers up to 18 numbers.  However, the way a roulette table is set up, there are bets you can’t make.  So, to a large extent, you have to forget about betting on birthdays, anniversaries, addresses and other familiar number combinations.

Online European Roulette gives gamers the best chance to be able to continue playing for a long time.  Just bet the so-called even money bets.  Players who like to whoop and holler when the roulette wheel is spinning should find a land-based casino that offers European Roulette.

Good luck with that!

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