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We’ve Got the Answer to Your Question: How to Win at Online Slots?

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we started noticing a major casino gaming trend in March and April of 2020.  The trend was the movement of erstwhile land-based casino players to online casinos since the land-based casinos were getting shut down because of the Covid 19 crisis.

Since slots are the favorite game at land-based casinos, the new online casino gamers asked the question: how to win at online slots? We have long said that online casino gaming has many advantages over land-based casino gaming.  Winning at slots is most definitely one of them!

Online Slots Pay More

Online casinos have a lot smaller operating costs than land-based casinos have.  Think in terms of electricity, water, heating and cooling, maintenance of the casino floor and the hotel, salaries, and so much more and you will get the picture.

So, many land-based casinos instruct their game providers to calibrate the random number generator to return about 90% of all money wagered on any single slot.  Online casinos have their game providers return about 96-97% to gamers.

This alone is good advice for how to win at slots: play online!

The Key to Winning at Online Slots

The “key” is to understand the overriding reality of slots.  Here gamers have to understand that they can “win” at slots even if they don’t win money.  Slots are calibrated to return about 97% of all bets to gamers.  Some gamers will get lucky and end a session in the black while most gamers will end a session in the red.

Winning Has a Couple of Meanings

Gamers can “win” at slots if they look at them as a form of entertainment.  Slots are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.  However, slots are not the only way to relax and unwind!  Here at Slots Play Casinos we have long advocated for relatively short gaming sessions at online casinos and for gamers to then move on to other interesting activities.

Free Time Activities Unbound

There is for all intents and purposes an unlimited number of excellent pursuits gamers can pursue after spinning a few slots.  Many of them “cost” money.  Few people who have a hobby of collecting things would call any expenses they incur as they pursue their hobby to be extravagant.

Few people who love to hike would consider the cost of good hiking shoes to be extravagant.  People who like to cook or bake would consider the costs of cooking and baking for friends and family to be extravagant.

There are an unlimited number of fun activities people can pursue after online casino gaming.  Pursuing one or more of these activities can be defined as “winning” at slots.

Understand Volatility in Slots

Slots are the only casino game with volatility.  Volatility is how the winnings are distributed among gamers.  A slot with high volatility will give relatively more money back per winning spin to relatively few players.  A slot with low volatility will be the exact opposite: it will give back relatively little money per win to relatively many gamers.

We might say that winning at slots means playing slots with low volatility much more than playing slots with high volatility.

Win By Playing Many Slots

The great advantage of Instant Play is that gamers can play at several excellent online casinos.  This gives gamers the chance to play slots from a number of different game providers.  Online slots will still return about 97% of all money bet but just playing many different slots will add a large measure of fun to your gaming.

Win By Playing Many Games

Players at land-based casinos tend to get rooted to a single game.  They don’t like to switch gamed because that means giving up their seat possibly never to get it back.

This problem simply does not exist at any online casino.  That means that just by playing at an online casino, a gamer can develop an appreciation of the many other games on offer at these casinos that usually are not offered at land-based casinos.

Win at Slots by Winning at Video Poker

Since an online casino player can and should experiment with other games, we are sure that some players will discover the many benefits of online video pokerBlackjack fits into this discussion as well.

The return to player rate in both blackjack and video poker assuming the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand is about 99.5%.  Gamers benefit by learning the best strategy for these games and also how to determine the best strategy for other pursuits such as business.

Gamers also develop a deeper appreciation of all of the other games an online casino offers.  Winning at slots can be defined as learning to play slots in coordination with the many other games a good online casino offers.

Online Video Poker and Blackjack Pay More

While we are on the subject of winning at slots by playing other games, we should point out that slots are not the only land-based casino game that pays out less than online casinos pay out.

Online blackjack pays 3-2 for a blackjack while many land-based casinos pay only 6-5.  Online casinos pay 9-6 in video poker for a full house and a flush while land-based casinos are starting to pay out only 8-5 or 7-5.

Online Casinos Offer Free Play

While playing in an online casino’s free play mode won’t win you money it also won’t lose money.  So, this is another way to “win” playing slots.

Free play is great for gamers who are learning a game they have never played before or for gamers who want to play a bit longer but don’t want to play for real money any longer.  This often happens when a gamer is casino hopping and trying out new slots.

Slots Play Casinos Tells All about Online Casinos

Here at SPC we do understand that land-based casinos still have a lot of attraction for some casino players.  We are fully of the belief that online casinos have a lot more going for them for casino gaming fun and entertainment.  We have listed a few such reasons why we advocate so strongly for online casinos.  Slots Play Casinos also offers many articles and guides for gamers who want to dig deeper into the Slots Play way of thinking about casino gaming.


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