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Jackpot Capital Sends Glamma to Hollywood!

Jackpot Capital online casino is one of Slots Play Casino’s top recommended casinos.  One reason is that the casino has a wonderful sense of humor as exhibited by the Glamma’s Adventures.  These are the travels of Jackpot Capital’s mascot, Glamma, to different parts of the world every month this year.

Glamma For the Oscars

March is Oscar month, the month that Hollywood congratulates its own with the extravagant Oscar ceremony.  Who will take the major Oscars?  Who will take the minor Oscars?

Glamma Will Oversee Her Promotions

During Oscar month, Glamma will bring several promotions to our wide range of gamers.  First, there will be a wheel with the faces of famous celebrities festooning the wheel.  Gamers get to spin the wheel for good prizes.

Glamma has also gotten Jackpot Capital to offer a modest but welcome $24 no deposit bonus and a 222% deposit bonus!

Finally, Glamma promises lots of free spins and more!  Three great slots from SpinLogic are going to be featured for the free spins part of this promotion:

  1. Three Stooges
  2. Cleopatra’s Gold
  3. High Fashion

Glamma grew up laughing at the ridiculous exploits of the Three Stooges. She naturally likes high fashion even though most of her world traveling wardrobe is based on classic styles, and, well, who wouldn’t like to win a handful of Cleopatra’s Gold?

Who is Jackpot Capital’s Glamma?

That is a fascinating question!  The term Glamma has one unique meaning, namely a glamorous grandma.  The term glam comes from glamorize, glamor, or glamorous.  It was first used in 1961 according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Some gamers ask how old Glamma is.  After an extensive conversation with Chat at Jackpot Capital, we found out that Glamma is ageless and has a wealth of knowledge.

Glamma was already in middle age when she became the face of Jackpot Capital.  She has always been a unique woman of age since she is often “out there on the highway, looking for adventure, and whatever comes her way”.

How Old is Jackpot Capital?

Jackpot Capital made its appearance in 2007, fully 13 years after the first online casino came along.  One of the things online casinos learned from the early ones was that gamers like a casino with a sense of humor.

Having a mascot introduced prominently on the homepage is one way that an online casino can demonstrate its sense of humor.  Thus, the character of Glamma, the motorcycle-riding, beautiful, grey-haired grandma, with red glasses and a killing smile came along!

What Will Glamma Do in Hollywood?

Glamma is going to Hollywood for the most glamorous of all the awards ceremonies.  Where else could a woman whose name exudes glamour be during Oscar month!

Glamma really is hoping that Annette Bening and Jodi Foster win in their respective categories for their roles in Nyad.  Diana Nyad is an inspiration to all women and girls and especially to older women like Glamma, herself.  Diana Nyad swam the sea from Cuba to Key West after she turned 60!

Some days Glamma find it challenging to climb the stairs!  And Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida!

In addition to rooting for Jodi and Anette, Glamma does need activities to fill her days in Hollywood.  So, here are a few ideas Glamma has for daytime activities during Oscar month.

Whale Watching

There are whales in the ocean off of the beaches in some parts of southern California and companies run whale watching excursions.  Glamma is looking forward to seeing the world’s largest mammals up close.

Hiking and Horseback Riding

Michael McIntyre is a British comedian who has a lot of fun making fun of the way Americans talk.  Horseback riding is a case in point.  Watch HERE.

Glamma plans to go horseback riding and hiking in the hills overlooking Hollywood and the Los Angeles basin.  She will go on the easier hikes and will enjoy a ride on horseback to see the famous Hollywood sign.

The Secrets Museums Hold

There are plenty of museums in the Los Angeles area.  Glamma will decide which museums to go to when she gets there.  The museums range from science to Natural History to the natural history of the southern California sound in popular music.

Surfing the Ocean

Glamma does not surf.  Lucky for her she can take beginners’ surfing lessons.  Glamma hopes to ride a big wave before she leaves southern California.

Surfing the Skies

Glamma also dreams about the heavens.  She will spend a couple of hours at the Griffith Observatory.  Stargazing at the observatory correlates well with stargazing in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Surfing the Skies 2.0

Helicopter rides over large urban areas are quite expensive.  But that won’t stop Glamma!  She is determined to lift off on a helicopter ride over southern California.

Taste That Wine

Years ago, at her first wine tasting activity, Glamma got pretty tipsy because she swallowed a lot of small sips of wine.  It took a couple of hours before Glamma was able to drive away!

Then Glama taught herself the fine art of wine tasting without swallowing.  During Oscar month, Glamma is planning to taste some wine at several wineries close to Hollywood or just an hour’s drive away.

It may not be Napa Valley but at least Glamma won’t need a nappa after all that wine tasting!

There is More to Do

In her research into things to do in southern California, Glamma found a lot more to do than the Walk of Stars, Disneyland, and Rodeo Drive.  So, Glamma’s time there will be well spent!

Slots Play Casinos Re-Recommends Jackpot Capital

Jackpot Capital is still young as online casinos go and it has learned the fine art of attracting gamers and offering them so much that they stay loyal and happy.  Smooth banking, great promotions, a lot of excellent slots and many other games as well.  Video poker and blackjack provide long, enjoyable sessions with many variations and there are a good number of other table games to whet the appetite of gamers of all gaming persuasions!

And Jackpot Capital also offers the intrepid Banana Jones!  Check out his portly self!

Slots Play Casinos Surfs Online Casinos

Jackpot Capital’s Glamma may surf the ocean and the skies.  Slots Play Casinos surfs the online casino market so as to report on new developments in that casino gaming niche.


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