Social Casino News

All online casinos offer unlimited free play even as they continually make new player bonus offers. You never have to deposit if you don’t want to. Land based casinos may offer a very limited amount of free play, if at all, as their business relies on players gambling with real money.

In contrast to these two most familiar casino types is the social casino. This is a casino that offers casino gaming for free. They don’t accept deposits and don’t run deposit bonus promotions. On the flip side, your winnings are virtual – you don’t win real money.

Many gamers prefer these casinos because they simply want to play for fun without jeopardizing their hard-earned cash. Social casinos rely on players buying extra spins or extra cards at very minimal costs.

Social gaming is a growing element of the casino gaming world. They’re very active online and through all the social channels we’re all familiar with, such as Facebook.