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All about Real Money Online Casinos for USA Gamers

All online casino gamers come to these casinos to play their games for real money. So, the term real money online casinos USA is something of a tautology! The question Slots Play Casinos wishes to address here is are there any real money online casinos for USA gamers. Put another way, can gamers from the United States play real money online casino games?

Playing at a Casino for Real Money is Exciting

People have always found placing a bet on the outcome of a game or event exhilarating. Real money casino games give people the chance to experience this natural thrill in a completely safe online environment.

What are the Best Online Casino Games That Pay Real Money?

This question is highly subjective. There are hundreds of real money games and perhaps billions of gamers playing them! One gamer’s favorite casino games are another gamer’s second-tier casino games.

Everyone loves playing their favorite casino games for real money!  In our online casino reviews, we try to accommodate all gaming tastes and preferences.

Real Money Casinos Offer Great Bonuses to Increase Gamers’ Real Money Wins

Online casinos offer a sizable welcome bonus (actually a few bonuses in the casino’s Welcome Package). With this free money, gamers can peruse the casino looking for the real money games they most want to play.

All real money online casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus the gamer has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings.

Online Casinos Offer Bonuses in their Many Promotions

Online casinos offer many deposit bonuses because gamers have virtually unlimited time to complete the wagering requirements. Land-based casinos cannot offer these great bonuses because very few players at land-based casinos can complete a wagering requirement in the little time they will be at the casino.

These deposit bonuses are real money in the fullest sense! When you play a casino’s games with their bonus money, you can win real money! Many online casinos have some restrictions on which games you can play with bonus money. The most common restriction is progressive jackpot games.

Another common restriction is the maximum a gamer can win with bonus money.

What is the Story about Real Money Online Casinos USA?

In 2005, the United States Congress passed a law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIEGA. Many gamers, casinos, and game developers thought that the UIEGA meant that gaming at a real money casino USA (what the law described as gambling) was suddenly illegal.

This may have been the impression the members of Congress wanted to convey but it wasn’t in the law! The law made it difficult for banks and credit card companies to transfer money to an online casino and to allow withdrawals from those casinos.

Online real money casinos looked for ways to comply with the law and still continue to operate freely and legally in the United States.

Online Casinos for USA Gamers Discover Bitcoin

Bitcoin and similar currencies are called cryptocurrencies by the people who don’t want people to use them. Let’s call bitcoin and the other alternative currencies. As governments continued to overspend, overborrow, and overprint their own currencies, it became obvious that there was a need for an alternative currency.

Alternative currencies are entirely digital. That makes it natural for gamers to use these currencies for online casino banking.

How Many of the Casinos that SPC Recommends Use Bitcoin?

All of our reviewed and recommended casinos allow banking in bitcoin pursuant to the laws of the state of which a gamer is a resident. Bitcoin provides almost absolute anonymity! One thing that bitcoin and the others do provide is online casino banking without any real bank or government knowing about it!

Bitcoin offers privacy and speed.

Bitcoin is the Fastest Online Payout Method

Gamers want fast withdrawals. Remember, depositing is quick once a gamer has completed the registration form. The best online casinos ask for some more identifying evidence when gamers ask to withdraw funds.

They do this to protect gamers! The casinos are very well-protected by encryption software but most people do not have encryption software protecting their identities. So, it is theoretically possible for a hacker to try to withdraw the few thousand dollars a gamer has in his or her casino account!

Therefore, online casinos ask for more proof that the requester is the proper owner of the money. Once that technical issue is taken care of, bitcoin and the other alternative currencies are the fastest way to withdraw funds!

How Does a Gamer Know He or She is Choosing a Good Casino?

This question truly gets to the very reason that Slots Play Casinos exists. We review online casinos and recommend the better ones. Online gaming in the USA has many advantages over playing at land-based casinos and we see it as our mission to explain why that is so and to direct gamers to excellent online casinos.

After completing the registration form, we suggest that new gamers contact the casino’s customer service office.

Why Should New Gamers Contact Customer Service?

Customer service is the eyes and ears of any online casino. We think that long-time gamers should do so as well but it is very important that new gamers do so. Every gamer can certainly think of several questions to ask customer service.

We feel that it is good to talk with a service rep even if you know the answer to any given question.  We do this as well when we are preparing a new casino review.

Contact Customer Service before You Deposit Money!

It is entirely possible that a gamer might fill out the registration form and decide not to deposit there based on his or her experience talking to customer service! If that ever happens, we would certainly like to hear about it! We chide online casinos on having better service values and, if one of our recommended casinos fails a call from a new gamer, we want to know about it

This is one way you can know that you are choosing a good casino!

How We Review and Rank the Best Online Casinos

We don’t really rank casinos. All of the casinos we recommend are basically equal in all of the parameters we consider important for an online casino. We review casinos by talking to the customer service reps, talking to management, depositing and withdrawing money, and playing games.

One of the odd things that we have found at online casinos is that sometimes the games are great but the landing page isn’t. When that happens, we tell the casino’s management about it.

One of our pet peeves here at Slots Play Casinos is when an online casino has great content but the font is too small and the contrast between the letters and the background is not easy on the eyes!

The Best Real Money Online Casinos: Top Features

The best online casinos have a wide range of real money casino games. Land-based casinos also have a wider range of games but their range is still smaller than at online casinos since land-based casinos cannot put in enough tables to provide all of the variations in games like blackjack.

In addition, when a land-based casino brings in new terminals it has to take out an equal number of terminals. As a result, there are many more “classic” casino games at online casinos than at land-based casinos.

Finally, players at land-based casinos play a very limited number of games either because there are other people at the terminals they would like to play or there is no room at a table game!

All of these considerations taken together mean that the gaming experience at an online casino is much broader than at a land-based casino.

Get Exclusive Bonus Offers

We are at the end of Part 1 of this discussion of real money online casinos for USA gamers. We will end with a short reminder to gamers that SPC has arranged for many exclusive bonus offers including deposit bonuses and free spins with all of the casinos we recommend at this time.

We will surely add more casinos to that list and with that, there will be even more exclusive bonus offers!


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