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8 Tips for Enhanced Online Gaming Fun

We are still unfortunately in the coronavirus era and that means that more people are looking for good and enjoyable ways to pass the time at home. We still can’t go to movies, theater, concerts, sporting events, and even restaurants in many locations. Slots Play Casinos would like to make the case that gaming at an online slots casino has rightfully become a go to way for many people to spend a few happy hours at home.

We would like to present what we consider to be excellent tips for online casino gaming and we feel that if you follow these tips, you will enjoy your gaming much more.

1. Play at an Online Casino

Isn’t this a given since we already started that these are tips for making online gaming more fun? Yes… but. We want to remind many people who are now considering returning to their favorite land based casino now that they are reopening.

Online casino gaming has all of the advantages it had before the virus crisis! These advantages include higher return to player rates, lower cost, more flexibility in game choice, more games, better promotions and much more! So, our first tip for increased online gaming fun is to recognize that online gaming has so many advantages over land based casino gaming that most people are a lot better served by staying online.

2. Get up and Stretch

This is one of the biggest advantages of online gaming and one that is a great tip even if you never travel to a land based casino. Online gaming simply means that you have total control over when you play, how long you play for, and when it’s time for you to take a break.

Whereas land based casino gamblers may take a break every few hours, an online casino gamer can take a break to stretch, fix a snack, or simply go the bathroom, at much more frequent intervals.

Stretching is a vital activity. Airplane passengers are also told to stand and stretch often. They say that flying overseas without stretching enough is actually unhealthy. Land based casino gamblers stay in place because they don’t want to give up their seat. Online gamers don’t have a seat to give up!

You can take a break and come back instantly! All it takes is getting back into the casino which takes just a couple of moments! This is not the same as waiting for the slot you want to play to open up, something that happens often at land based casinos! It happens on land and it’s one of the big reasons land based casino gamblers stay seated for so long.

When you stretch often, your body will feel better and if your body feels better you will have a generalized feeling of well-being. This is a simple insight into making gaming more fun but it is also a true and genuine insight that land based casino players don’t pay enough attention to!

3. Stay Hydrated

In as sense, this is a corollary of the first tip. Many gamblers at land based casinos forget to bring water or quickly run out of water. They get weak from dehydration. Keep in mind that all of the air in a land based casino is recycled air. They may say that it is fresh but without windows how fresh can the air be?

When you play at home online, you can keep the window open and you can get a drink of water at any time. When you stay hydrated, you feel better. Some people say to drink only water. We say that it’s okay to drink soda water as well and fruit or vegetable juice.

We know that a modern health meme says: Don’t drink your calories. That may be true most of the time but what is really the problem with taking a cold glass of orange juice once in a while?

4. Whisky is not Part of Staying Hydrated

We say it clearly and often: do not drink any alcohol while you are gaming! Even a small amount of alcohol will cloud your judgment. If you wait until the session is over to hoist a cold one with pals, you’ll get a lot more fun out of both the cold ones and the gaming!

5. Use the Bathroom as Needed

An unavoidable consequence of staying hydrated is the need to use the bathroom. At land based casinos, many gamblers simply put this activity off. We won’t go into any more detail here but here are two things to keep in mind. First, when you play online, a bathroom break is no big deal at all! As much as it may be a big deal at a land based casino, it is a nothing deal when you play online.

The second thing to keep in mind is that when people hold it in they risk developing a urinary tract infection. This very bad news! Don’t let it happen to you!

6. Get Maximum Fun from Minimum Gaming Cost

This is at one a veiled reference to the high cost of traveling to a land based casino. It also refers to the higher return to player rates at online casinos. It also means that you can find online any game you wish to play for any sized bet you wish to make.

At a land based casino, a blackjack player might find that the blackjack table with the lowest minimum is the $5 table. Whatever happened to $2 tables? Online you can easily find $1 blackjack!

At some locations such as Las Vegas, you can go from casino to casino until you find the one that suits your budget best. This is a laborious search in Las Vegas and it really works only in places with a number of casinos. It doesn’t work if you go to a land based casino that is the only casino in the area.

Online, you can go from casino to casino in the thousands at the touch of a finger or the click of your mouse! So, you can easily find the casino that best suits you. If you play at a casino that is best for your individual needs, you will feel better about gaming and as we have said, when you feel better, you enjoy the activity a lot more!

7. Enjoy Gaming for its Own Sake

Gaming can be a healthy diversion or pastime but you should always enjoy the gaming as is. Gaming is not an escape from adult demands or responsibilities. Games are supposed to be games not reality. Treat gaming as an activity involving games rather than an activity that involves gambling and you’ll have a much better time playing.

At an online casino, you can also play in free play mode. The game is the medium and the message, pace Marshall McLuhan, is that it should always be a game.

8. Slots Play Casinos Encourages Gamers to Embrace Gamification

This long term is a very new concept. It basically means turning activities that didn’t used to be games into some sort of game. Thus, in a work environment, the HR departments are encouraged to find ways to add a touch of game to work.

Does the company put in a ping pong table? How about Happy Hour once or twice a month? How about casual dress on Friday? How about breakfast once a week where colleagues can enjoy a simple yet nourishing breakfast together? Companies are discovering that there are many ways to make a work environment more game-like.

We say that online casinos at their best gamify gaming! Check out our recommended online casinos for a world of online gaming fun!

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