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And Now (drum roll….) We Revisit Slotocash Casino

We are on a mission to revisit all of the online casinos we have previously reviewed and recommended.  After all, are all of these 30-some casinos still worthy of the Slots Play Casinos recommendation?  Today, we will put Slotocash casino under the microscope.

Reader alert: We liked what we saw.

Who Does Slotocash Casino Serve?

Naturally, as an online casino, Slotocash serves gamers from around the world.  This is important to understand since Slotocash publishes many articles and a quarterly magazine all in English.

So, we would expect the casino to serve a primarily English-speaking clientele but that is not really the case.  Players flock to Slotocash because of its large selection of games, great promotions, the magazine, and the overall ambience at this particular online casino that stands ahead of many other online casinos, even ones we highly recommend!

Isn’t the Casino Called Sloto’Cash?

Yes, the C is capitalized and there is an apostrophe in the middle there!  But most online searchers type the name out as Slotocash so, in this article, we will do the same!

By the way, we asked the people at Slotocash if it was okay to write the name of the casino as Slotocash and they said “Sure, no problem”.  Apparently, even the casino’s own gamers, when they write to the casino, call it Slotocash!

What Does Slots Play Casinos Like about Slotocash?

There are four things we especially like about Slotocash:

  1. The casino checks all of the standard boxes regarding safety and security, range of games, varied banking options, promotions, and all of the nitty-gritty that makes online casinos a great way to play casino games.
  2. Slotocash has a wonderful sense of humor.  We spoke about the ambience at the casino.  This is how Slotocash successfully turns gambling into gaming.
  3. Slotocash publishes an online magazine that is highly informative as well as a good marketing tool for the casino’s promotions.
  4. Slotocash offers a $7777 Welcome Package for new gamers!

Any Serious Online Casino Checks All of these Boxes

There are so many online casinos these days and far too many of them DO NOT check all of these boxes.  So, let’s go through the basics of what makes an online casino worth your “investment” as a gamer.

Absolute Safety and Security is an Absolute

You would never buy something online if you thought that your money might be stolen.  We trust hundreds, even thousands, of online merchants, who sell anything from flowers and chocolate, to furniture, appliances, airline tickets, and much more.

The secret to online safety is called encryption software.  This is software that scrambles data that are transmitted online so that only people with a “need to know” can see the data.  The SSL encryption software that Slotocash Casino uses is as strong as the encryption software used by giant online banks, Big Box online stores, and the like.

What Does it Mean that an Online Casino Has a Good Sense of Humor?

First there is the personal touch.  When you go to Slotocash, you will be greeted by a large rectangle saying “Welcome to Slotocash” and then it offers the $7777 bonus for new players and an extra 300 free spins.

This information is delivered in three colors, with large fonts, and a clear contrast between the background and the letters.  They are marketing themselves, of course, but the feeling a new gamer gets when they go to Slotocash is that they have landed at a friendly place!

That is what ambience is all about!

Now, one example of Slotocash’s sense of humor.  On the landing page we referenced above there is a R2D2 type of robot pointing to the information about the welcome bonus.  The “mouth” of the robot is a small rectangle with three reels of a slot showing.

A little further down on the same page we arrive at a section with a promotional offer of free chips and free spins, and then a promotion celebrating the casino’s 16th birthday and another promotion celebrating the first publication of the Slotocash magazine.  Here the mouth of the robot is turned up as if he/she is smiling.

How Did Slotocash Come up with the Idea for an Online Casino Magazine?

It took Slotocash 8 full years to go from the casino’s own inception to the first edition of the magazine.  What might the corporate conversations have been like?

“I have an idea for a casino magazine to be published every quarter.”

“Are there any other online casinos that have a magazine like the one you are suggesting?”

“No, there aren’t.”

“Why do you think this idea will work?”

“One, because no one else has tried it and, two, because it will set us apart from all other online casinos.”

“How long will it take for you to get this idea off the ground?”

We assume that the idea for the magazine was broached just a few months before he first magazine was published!

What’s in the Magazine?

Every quarter the magazine features a review of ongoing promotions, a preview of upcoming promotions, and many pages of general information that gamers can find useful in their everyday life.

The Sloto Life section of the magazine has life hacks that gamers can apply immediately in addition to general and unusual information on many topics.  Naturally, a lot of players go to Slotocash to read the magazine and join the casino.

Slots Play Casinos Also Has a Lot of Useful Information for Gamers

We follow the Slotocash paradigm to some extent as well!  We offer bonuses including free spins through deals we have made with various casinos including Slotocash.

We also publish many articles with helpful information, gaming guides and tutorials for many different types of games.  We encourage gamers to come to Slots Play often because there is so much to learn at SPC that no one can expect to read everything in one sitting!

The Slotocash Welcome Bonus Has a Lot to Teach Online Casino Proprietors

There are two things we note about deposit bonuses: the bonus rate and the highest sum a gamer can take as a bonus.

There are online casinos that offer 50% bonus rates and up to $1000 or less.  Slotocash offers 100%, 200%, and 177% bonus rates for the five Welcome Package bonuses they offer up to a total of $7777.

In addition, Slotocash offers a total of 300 free spins along with the big deposit bonuses.

A Side Lesson from Deposit Bonuses

We tell games quite often, whenever we are talking about deposit bonuses, that there will always be another bonus you can take.  So, if the bonus rate is 100% and the maximum bonus for that offer is $1000, you should never deposit more than $1000!  That will give you the top bonus for that offer!  Any higher deposit will lose out on the bonus for the extra amount!

Slots Play Casinos Has a Huge Library of Information to Serve the Online Casino Gaming Public


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