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New Jersey Leads the Way in Online Casino Gambling

It has been understood for a long time that gambling at an online casino gives players more control over their gaming practices as well as their bankroll. What is newsworthy is that some states in the United States have reinstated online casino gambling despite the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) from 2006 that effectively stymied online casino gaming in the US.

New Jersey

The explosive growth in online gambling in New Jersey provides useful, new data which analysts, government regulators, gamers, and casino operators can use to make online gaming safer and more user friendly.


Land based casinos cannot compete with online casinos in the breadth of bonuses they can offer. The biggest reason is that every bonus has to be played off. This is called a play through requirement or some term that means the same.

Online casinos can offer large bonuses not only to new players but every day of the week. The proliferation of online bonuses imparts the simple responsibility upon the player to enter the correct bonus codes in order to access the bonus he or she wants.

No casino could offer a thousand dollars in bonuses and then allow the player to withdraw the money right away. There lies bankruptcy. So, legitimately, casinos make players gamble a factor of the bonus before they can withdraw any of the money.

At an online casino, a player can work through the play through requirement over a fairly long period of time while at a land based casino, the incentive would be to make the large number of bets while the player is still at the casino.

Time Control

When a gamer travels to a land based casino, he or she is committing to a gaming session that may last a few days with some breaks for food, drink, sleep, shows, and more. The breaks are usually relatively small as players go to land based casinos to play the games.

When people access an online casino, there is no such time control problem. you can play for a few minutes or longer and then get back to working on your project, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, painting the gate, or any of the many mundane tasks we give ourselves all the time.

Playing at an online casino never gives the player the feeling that they are “stuck” at the casino. They can play as long as they wish and come back whenever it’s convenient to do so. When a player travels to a land based casino, there is the incentive to get all the gambling in over a very short period of time “in order to get their money’s worth”.

Keeping Track of All Activity

There are, of course, some online casinos that don’t have the software that players need to keep track of all their gambling activity. Land based casinos also don’t generally keep track of your gambling; they leave this very important part of gambling to you alone. If you find that any online casino doesn’t track your activity, simply leave that casino for another.

The best online casinos track your bankroll, the outcomes of all games, and the progress you’re making in working off the play through requirement for the bonuses you take. It takes a simple click to get accurate information which many gamers use to moderate their gambling activity.


Some gamers like the anonymity of gambling at a land based casino but they fail to realize that if they use a credit card to make deposits they are no longer anonymous. At an online casino, the casino needs to know more about you than you might want them to know but that’s the only way they can be sure that the money you withdraw is really yours.

So gambling at an online casino may be less private but it’s necessarily less private in order to protect your assets.

Flocking to Online Casinos

Although entrepreneurs are still building big, expensive land based casinos, they are always aware of the undeniable fact that online casino gaming is far more convenient that land based casino gambling. So many people have joined the online casinos that have opened in New Jersey this year that industry observers say that land based casinos have to improve their product in order to maintain market share and even to increase customer visits.

Integrated Resorts

The money being put into new land based casinos, not only in New Jersey but in many other states and countries as well, all point to the idea that a casino can no longer be a self-contained gambling enterprise. An Integrated Resort has much more than a casino and modest hotel rooms.

An Integrated Resort has to appeal to general tourists who are looking for better than average accommodations, family friendly amenities, convention centers, shopping, high end dining, theaters, and everything else that goes into a great vacation.

New land based casinos that embrace this idea will still get a lot of gambling business but they will also profit mightily from all the other attractions and services they offer. Before the rise in online casino traffic in New Jersey and elsewhere, the United States’ land based casino industry featured just casinos and hotels. Online casino competition is driving multi-billion dollar investments in the next generation of land based casinos that will appeal to a much broader range of customers.

Making Gambling Safer

As land based casinos begin to rely less on gambling outright and more on the full range of resort amenities, they will be able to restrict gamblers who have demonstrated some type of gambling problem. This will lead many gamers to gamble less and spend their money more wisely.

Making Gambling More User Friendly

As Integrated Resorts are built, gamers will find that they can have a great weekend vacation “at the casino” without gambling as much as they might have done in the past. Many gamblers will allocate a larger proportion of their gambling money to online casino play and leave more money for shows, restaurants, and day trips using the casino hotel as a base.

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