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$150,000 Oktoberfest Promotion at Intertops Casino Red

One of the most popular online casino bonuses is the many promotions they can run for as long as a month. Intertops Casino Red is running, appropriately, an Oktoberfest promotion until October 8.

Contestants compete against each other for $30,000 in weekly prizes.

The management team at Intertops Casino Red found that the long-standing tradition of Oktoberfest would be the perfect backdrop to a five week-long fall time promotion. Everyone associates Oktoberfest with great beer and loud brass bands.

Brassy versus Classy

The music of a brass band stands in direct contraposition to classical music. There is a kind of nickname for a brass band: an oom pa pa band whereas classical music orchestras have the drier reputation of playing the best music ever written. People who love loud brass band don’t care that Beethoven never wrote oom pa pa music.

The Oktoberfest festival in Germany has long served as a happy introduction to the long northern European winter. The mood that Intertops Casino Red is looking for is to make casino playing a wonderful, fun experience that will entertain gamers throughout the cold months.

Gain Points and Win

The basics of the Oktoberfest promotion at Intertops Casino Red are simple. You earn points by playing slots, video poker, or table games. Every week, the top 300 players each win from $500 to $30 in a sliding scale based on their position on the leaderboard at the end of the week. The top twenty players vie for an additional $1000 in a blind draw.

The casino also runs a blind draw on Thursdays during the promotion with 50 players winning a special bonus so even players who play just a little can win a prize.

Platform Crazy

This promotion is available to gamers on their desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet gaming platforms. You can move from platform to platform because, through the magic of the computer age, you have one account for this promotion regardless of which platform you play from.

The Details

  • To join the promotion you have to deposit as little as $75. Of course, you can deposit more but $75 buys you a “seat” at the table, as it were.
  • You earn 1 point for every $100 you bet.
  • The leaderboard reverts back to 0 on Monday and the previous week’s winners get paid then.
  • To qualify for the Thursday draw, you need to deposit $25 between Monday and Wednesday and bet with those twenty five dollars.
  • At the end of the tournament, there will be one final draw for $1000.

September Bonus

We spoke about casino bonuses at the start of this news report. In connection with the Oktoberfest promotion, Intertops Casino Red is running a special September bonus to coincide with the start of the new school year. The bonus code for this bonus is back2school. The bonus is for 150% up to $300.

Many Winners and Many Bonuses

The good news this month from Intertops is that hundreds of players can win tidy sums playing slots and other casino games with each week starting the promotion afresh so everyone can join in at any time.

German Beer

Outside of Germany, few people know that by law German beer may have only four ingredients: malted barley, yeast, hops, and water. The law forbids German brewers from adding chemicals or sugar to the great German national beverage.

In keeping with the purity of great German beer, Intertops has developed its Oktoberfest promotion. Players need deposit only $75 to join. To qualify for the Thursday draw, players need deposit only $25. There is a final draw for a $1000 prize at the end of the promotion on October 8. Finally, the leaderboard is cleaned every Monday so latecomers can start on equal footing with all others.


This festival began in Bavaria a very long time ago. It generally runs for two and one half weeks in September and October. The promotion at Intertops will also run to the end of the first week of October but began five weeks before.

Every year, the real Oktoberfest festival serves several million liters of beer. The Intertops Casino promoters of their Oktoberfest game urge all gamers to save their beer imbibing for after they have played their casino games of choice.

Then, you can oom pa pa into the wee hours.

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