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Technology Drives the Online Casino Business

Two recent developments in online casino gaming technology point to the importance of technological advances in the industry. Technological improvements and advancements have spurred the casino market since the first online casinos came on board some twenty years ago.

Technology is prominent in every aspect of online casino gaming from the graphics in a casino’s library of slots, to how the casino keeps track of every gamer’s casino bonuses to the Live Casino platform and the general gaming platforms we will report on in this news story.

We at Slots Play Casinos continue to monitor developments in the land based and online casino markets and report our findings to you.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution became famous in the gaming instantly when it introduced its technologically revolutionary Live Casino platform a few years ago. Now Evolution announces that it will open a Live Casino studio in New Jersey. The company opened a Live Casino studio in Vancouver, Canada in early 2018. So, the announcement about another North American studio for Live Casino feeds is quite significant.

Evolution added in its announcement that, while it has spent the last five years becoming the leading provider of Live Casino feeds in Europe, it has all along been studying the U.S. market since 2013. The announcement stated that now is the correct time to enter the American Live Casino market.

For now, the studio will feed Live Casino action only in New Jersey. The United States is a vast and rapidly growing online casino market and New Jersey is one of the smaller states. So, this announcement makes Evolution Gaming an instant leader in the American market within its Live Casino niche.

Evolution will offer roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and Three Card Poker on its Live Casino feeds.

The fast growth of Evolution Gaming can be seen in recent announcements of partnerships with Hard Rock Atlantic City, Resorts International, 888casino, and Ocean Resort.

The Live Casino feeds will be compatible with all mobile devices and all desktop and laptop computers.

Nektan PLC

The massive explosion in legal sports betting has enhanced the BetVictor sportsbook brand. The great growth of legal sports betting in the United States garners the biggest headlines and the legal market there is still less than the continuing illegal sports betting market there. Leading sports books are clamoring to become part of the fast-growing legal sports betting market.

BetVictor is one of the leading online sportsbooks in the world. As more and more customers continue to come to BetVictor to place sports bets, they demand greater access to regular online casino games.

Now BetVictor has partnered with Nektan PLC to bring its powerful E-Lite gaming platform to BetVictor. For its part, Nektan PLC is a relatively new player in the casino technology industry. Nektan is based in Gibraltar, long the home of many online casino gaming companies including casinos themselves and their game and other suppliers.

Strictly as an aside, Gibraltar is under some pressure from its corporate gaming community as Brexit threatens to change the rules regarding regulation and taxes. The situation in Gibraltar may affect the online gaming industry in the future.

Nektan is not a game developer. Rather it provides “B2B solutions” to game providers and casino operators. The E-Line platform will give BetVictor access to the games of at least 24 game developers. BetVictor will incorporate E-Line into three of BetVictor’s online gaming brands.

And Nektan will also gain access to a ready-made market of gamers presently registered with a BetVictor brand. The partnership of BetVictor and Nektan is seen as a major step forward for both companies. As a relatively young company focusing on the technological side of the online gaming business, Nektan can now boast that its E-Line platform can reach millions of gamers around the world.

For its part, BetVictor is taking a bold step to expand its gaming base of customers. Turlough Lally, BetVictor’s Director of Casino operations, spoke directly about the company’s need to answer player demands. He said, “With the constant technology advances and new games available at the tap of a button, customer demands are becoming increasingly high.” Mr. Lally continued by speaking about the need for online gaming operators to continuously re-assess and innovate their gaming options especially in being able to provide smooth access to BetVictor’s products and services through mobile devices.

Spokespersons for Nektan reiterated the great advance for the company the partnership with BetVictor will bring. As Nektan is technology-driven, the company is now seen as a leading player on the technological side of the industry. We may be reading soon about more big brands partnering with Nektan. Nektan sees itself as becoming the “go to provider of premium and compliant entertainment content” in the gaming industry.

Technology is the Medium

Back in the 1960’s a professor of English, Marshall McLuhan, wrote that “the medium is the message”. In the world of casino gaming and especially online casino gaming, the technology that runs an online casino is the medium through which players find the entertainment value they want. If the technology at an online casino lags behind the new norm, which may change abruptly as new technology becomes available, the casino will slowly or quickly leak players to other, more technologically advanced, casinos.

When McLuhan wrote these words he saw a medium of communication as a complete “environment”. The environment defines our attitude not only to the medium but also to the contents of that medium. So, online casinos are one medium but within that medium are many sub-media or sub-environments.

The news that we are reporting here is about two very important sub-environments in the online gaming industry: Live Casino and gaming platforms. When players find that one online casino provides the state-of-the-art environment in either of these two sub-environments, they will expect all other online casinos to do so as well.

In that way, the announcements from BetVictor, Nektan, and Evolution signal the massive changes that newer, better, stronger, and faster technology will continue to bring to the online casino industry. And we all know who the benefactor of this is: you, the player!

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