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Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment Should Have Many WOW Moments

How many different ways can you say WOW?  To name just a few we have:  Holy Cow, Holy Moley, Yahoo, Yippee, Hey Hey, and a couple that we can’t print.  That is, we can’t print them if kids are around which is what happens in every family during the Thanksgiving extravaganza.  So what the big people need during the Thanksgiving weekend is some Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment!

“What Did You Say?”

Let’s not get carried away here!  There are a lot of things adults can do during the Thanksgiving weekend.  These include going shopping, going to a movie, going to a pub, hiking in the area, setting up a nostalgic barbeque with friends from your childhood who have also come back home to be with their families and are also looking for some good, clean Thanksgiving adult entertainment.

Entertain Yourselves with Online Gaming, Too!

If you do set up a grand reunion barbeque, give yourselves a day or two to recover from the turkey feast on Thanksgiving Day.  We also suggest setting up some online casino gaming fun at a top online casino such as Intertops Casino!  You can connect to your big screen and enjoy friendly competitions across all of the game categories Intertops Casino offers.

Some people will prefer to spin the slots reels and the casino has a couple of hundred slots games to choose from.  This kind of party should allow for a lot of whooping and hollering!  So use the slots at Intertops Casino to go far afield from your parent’s living room!  Head for ancient Greece or Rome!  Go experience a little Inca culture!  Remember to be Naughty and Nice!  That particular slot already has three versions which together create fantastic Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment!

Others among you will prefer the more cerebral games like blackjack, Caribbean poker, or video poker.  Although you would usually not interfere with a blackjack player’s train of thought, on this wonderful occasion it is perfectly okay to make fun of the egghead gamers!

Thanksgiving Bonus at Intertops Casino

One of the big reasons why an online gaming party at Intertops will work so well this Thanksgiving is because the casino is offering a fantastic Thanksgiving bonus! The bonus is for 125% up to $500.  That means that you can receive a cool $500 bonus for a deposit of only $400!

One great way to stretch this amazing bonus is to choose to make smallish bets.  After all, the purpose of an online gaming party for the friends and family you see once a year at best is to have fun together!  Even in video poker, where you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big extra payout for getting a Royal Flush, you can decide to play one video poker hand at a time instead of playing multi-hand video poker, and to play for the maximum bet.

What joy will reverberate in your house if someone actually does get a Royal Flush!

Intertops Will Give Away $150,000 This Month

We are fast heading toward the middle of the Thanksgiving month of November and you still have plenty of time to get some of the $150,000 the casino is awarding gamers this month.

The promotion for November is called Golden Leaves.  In the Northern Hemisphere, September, October , and November are the months of golden leaves and leaves in many other spectacular colors!  Add some cash money to your enjoyment at seeing Mother Nature turn the green leaves of summer into the reds, browns, oranges, and golds of autumn!

Golden Leaves promotion is actually a weekly promotion that will run for five weeks into December.  By then the leaves will probably all have fallen and you’ll be getting ready for cold and snow!  Still, Intertops Casino wants to keep the memory of golden leaves lodged in your mind as we approach the Holiday Season!

Every week for the five weeks of the promotion, Intertops Casino will give away $30,000 to the top 300 gamers on the leaderboard.  The size of your win will be determined by how many points you accumulate!

The promotion includes awards based on leaderboard points every Monday and a special draw every Thursday.  So get ready to play at Intertops this month!

Let’s Return to Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment

We spoke at length about having an online gaming party in conjunction with a big barbeque for friends and family.  We do have to recognize that adults also get entertained by watching kids play!  We love to see the kids get so happy that they burst out with squeals of glee often!

So, what can we do with the kids that will entertain the kids and the adults alike?

Play Football

North American kids like their version of football while kids in almost every other country in the world enjoy a version of football that some call soccer.  Take the kids to a park or field where they can run around kicking a soccer ball.  You’ll be amazed at how much energy the kids have!  They will still be going strong long after the adults are exhausted from the effort!

It’s best to have a few soccer balls so everyone can have a chance to kick and run!

If you choose to play North American football we have a cool suggestion for you.  In addition to making the game as kid friendly as possible, we suggest that families in the United States play in accordance with the rules for Canadian football and families in Canada play in accordance with the rules for US football!

Find a Super Duper Playground

Even if you have to pile the kids into a caravan of cars and drive several miles to a really cool park, the kids will have a great time.  A couple of thin adults might climb to the top of the highest slide and come down with a bunch of kids all at once in a train!  The more portly adults among us are well advised to stay grounded!

Go Bowling

This activity works fantastically if you can get to a bowling alley that has bumpers in the gutters.  The kids and even most of the adults will be happy that they can’t throw a gutter ball and the chances of throwing a strike will be just as good for the pre-school kids as for the high schoolers and adults!  Fun ensues!

Camp Out in the Back Yard

This assumes of course that you have access to a big enough back yard.   Get as many tents as you can.  The kids will love the feeling that they are sleeping outdoors even in cold weather!  All you need is enough blankets and sleeping bags and the kids will be toasty even on a cold night.

The adults can entertain the kids with nostalgic tales of their childhood and the kids can entertain the adults with “nostalgic” tales of the computer games they like to play!  Remember, what happened last week is already nostalgic to kids!

Say Thank You!

The Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to make sure that you think about all those things that you have to give thanks for.  The list of things to be thankful for includes good health, happy children, a delicious turkey dinner, and all of the people around you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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