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Casino Promotions Make Online Gaming More Fun

Online casinos offer many promotions, many more than land-based casinos can offer.  The biggest reason why online casinos can offer much better promotions than land-based casinos is simply that online casinos are available to gamers all day every day while any one player at a land-based casino will come to the casino possibly once or twice a year.

Slots Play Casinos Covers Promotions and Much More

Slots Play Casinos has been around for just a few years. We are part watchdog and part reporters of online casino gaming. We review casinos, games, promotions, and much more. We also have worked out arrangements with some casinos so that we can offer exclusive promotions to gamers.

Here we will talk about promotions in general.

Bonus Promotions are the Leading Type of Promotion

Every deposit bonus promotion carries a wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus. A gamer has to complete the wagering requirement before he or she can withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement is fair since it prevents a gamer from accepting the bonus and then immediately cashing out which actually happened fairly often back in the 1990s when deposit bonuses were introduced without a wagering requirement.

New Players Online Receive Great Bonus Offers

This is one of the biggest differences between land-based casinos and online casinos. Land-based casinos cannot afford to make any new player bonus offers while the new player Welcome Package at many online casinos is for a few thousands of dollars!

Clearly, online casinos have a big advantage over brick-and-mortar casinos when it comes to welcoming new members!

Land-based Casino Players Cannot Complete a Wagering Requirement

At a land-based casino, players come for a single day up to a long weekend. This is simply not enough time to complete the wagering requirement unless the player makes extremely high bets. At an online casino, gamers can take their time working through the wagering requirement over time and while making much more reasonable bets.

What Kind of Promotions Do Land-based Casinos Offer?

The casino promotions available at land-based casinos vary from free alcohol and buffet meals to subsidized flights, hotel accommodations, and tickets to the shows. Most players can receive the first two promotions while the more pricey promotions are usually reserved for high rollers.

Land-based Casinos Offer Different Types of Players Different Types of Promotions

The first two promotions are designed to keep players on the casino floor for as long as possible. The desire to get free drinks may keep some players on the floor for a few hours longer than they could make reasonable decisions.

The same is true of the free buffet meals. After eating too much at the buffet, most players will come back to the casino floor even though the digestive process will be in full swing the result of which is the drowsiness most people experience after a large holiday meal.

Do Online Casinos Offer More than Deposit Bonuses?

Of course, they do!

We should not, however, belittle the deposit bonus! These bonuses give gamers from 50% to 200% the size of the deposit as a bonus. This gives gamers a lot more money to play with.

If gamers follow our advice and set aside a reasonable length of time for an online casino gaming session, the deposit bonus might give them enough extra cash to cover several sessions at their favorite online casino.

Free Money and Free Spins Make the Online Casino Go Round

in addition to the free money from deposit bonuses, the best online casinos offer free spins as well. The free spins bonuses are usually connected to a deposit bonus offer. They offer great fun to gamers who especially love to play slots.

Casino play, of course, involves many games in addition to slots but most gamers like to play slots above all other games.

For them, the free spins promotions are the best of all gaming worlds.

Some Online Casinos Offer Cash Prizes

A lot depends on the promotion. Cash prizes may come from spinning a wheel. Most of the cash prizes in the wheel of fortune promotions are small but there is always one sliver of the wheel that offers four or even five-figure cash prizes.

Free Play is a Type of Promotion

Online casinos can easily afford to offer free play while land-based casinos cannot afford to give a terminal over to free play. Free play serves two purposes both of which are monetary even though the gamers don’t actually receive any money.

Play for Free as a Go to Way to Play

First, a gamer can schedule a free play gaming session so that they play their favorite casino games without any financial risk at all.

For some gamers free play is the most fun way to play casino games.

Learn Game Subtleties the Free Play Way

The second benefit of free play is that it enables a gamer to learn the ins and outs of a game he or she is not yet familiar with. This can be considered a kind of financial award the online casino “gives” their gamers.

The Rules of Casino Games May be Elusive at First

Understanding the complete rules of any game can save gamers a lot of money in futile bets. For instance, in video poker a gamer who hopes to get lucky and win big with a Royal Flush has to bet the maximum on the winning hand. Similarly, in order to qualify for a progressive jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

Free Play Helps Strategists

The most popular table games at land-based casinos, not so much at online casinos, are craps and roulette. The complete rules in these games take time to learn. The most popular games of skill at online casinos are video poker and blackjack. Strategy in these games is often counterintuitive.

Gamers benefit tremendously by being able to learn how best to play these games in free-play mode. That is why free play is so important to online gamers.

Most Casinos Offer a Comp Points Promotion

Different casinos call this promotion by different names but the idea is always the same: Gamers can earn points automatically by playing games. At an online casino, the casino keeps track of gamers’ comp points while at land-based casinos the points collect on a player’s card.

In both cases, a gamer can cash in his or her comp points, usually for casino credits.

In Some Casinos Gamers Can Get Cash Back

Some gamers choose not to participate in the comp points promotion. These gamers opt for the CashBack promotion. Obviously, if a casino does not offer a CashBack promotion, gamers should participate in the comp points promotion!

Slots Play Casinos Offers a Lot of Useful Information to Online Gamers

SPC does recognize the occasional appeal of a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino. Still, we firmly believe that the future of gaming is online, digital, and mobile. Mobile gaming turns the concept of a casino on its head!

Whereas for many decades the casinos were all stationary enterprises, mobile makes the casino portable. Rather than having to travel to a casino, gamers can now take the casino with them!

With mobile casinos, gamers can visit an unlimited number of great vacation destinations and not miss out on their short yet frequent online gaming session!


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