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Check it Out! A New Look at Thunderbolt Casino!

At Slots Play Casinos, we look at all of the online casinos we have already reviewed and found worthy of our recommendation and, naturally, casinos that we have not reviewed yet. We have recently paid a return visit to Thunderbolt Casino and were struck by the beauty of their new look! So we would like to tell you all about it!


What is a Thunderbolt?

A thunderbolt is a big bolt of lightning accompanied by a clap of thunder. That means that the lightning is relatively close by. We also use the term “thunderbolt’ to indicate something you read, heard, saw, were told, felt, or smelled that struck you with the “power” of thunderbolt!

Thunderbolt Casino Started in 2015

Thunderbolt is a recent addition to the pantheon of online casinos. When the first online casino appeared in 1994 it was followed soon enough by a few others and then a slow trickle of online casinos came to the market. By the 2010’s new casinos were popping up online every day, or so it seemed.

Many of these new arrivals aren’t up to the same standard as the originals. Thunderbolt Casino impressed gamers and industry onlookers right from the start! Clearly, Thunderbolt Casino is run by people who know what millennials want! They also know what South African gamers want and cater to the South African market even as the casino is available to players from all over the world as well!

Looking to Accomplish a Facelift

So, even after being in business for only five years and even after receiving accolades from all over the critical sector of the online casino realm, Thunderbolt Casino decided that it was time for a facelift!

Making the Landing Page Visually Attractive

There is attractive and there is attractive! Thunderbolt Casino knows that gamers want a landing page that has color, excellent contrast among the colors, not too much written text, a font that is easy to read, and simply a friendly face. New gamers who are surfing the internet for an online casino that makes them feel welcome first see an elephant on the Thunderbolt Casino landing page!

The elephant is looking right at you! It is surrounded by symbols of gaming in various colors. The elephant is holding one of the faeries from Magic Mushroom which sets a high bar for colorfulness in slots! In addition to the imp, the elephant is holding a mobile device, demonstrating that Thunderbolt realizes that most online casino gaming these days is done on a mobile device and that the gap between mobile and desktop will only get larger as time goes by.

Thunderbolt is signaling in a very subtle way that it is set to serve mobile gamers in every possible way!

Free Play

We clicked on the games icon and then on slots. Everything came up quickly! The written text was easy to read as the contrast with the background was perfect! What impressed us so much was that Thunderbolt says immediately that it offers unlimited free play!

Free play is the best way for gamers to try out a new slot or other game without needing to place a bet. Online casinos offer free play but most try to hide this detail from their gamers! We understand why they do so, we feel it is a big part of our mission to tell gamers about free play, and we are full of praise for Thunderbolt Casino for being so upfront about their offer of unlimited free play!

Gamers at Thunderbolt can now use features such a hot and cold games and promotion filtering. Thando the Chameleon is the casino mascot! All in all, the new look Thunderbolt has given itself makes it even more user-friendly than it was before!

Kudos to thunderbolt for understanding that even a five-year-old face might need to be “lifted”.

Ring in the Old, Too

Just because Thunderbolt casino felt that it needed a facelift doesn’t mean that it needed “internal surgery”. The inner workings of the casino remain and make gaming there especially fun!

In addition to a large number of slots, the casino offers table games, video poker, and specialty games. The cashback and comp points promotions remain. VIP’s can still receive many benefits befitting their elevated status. Promotions abound for deposit bonuses and free spins.

Everything is explained in such easy terms that you will feel as if you are truly among friends!

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