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Choose a Land-based Casino Wisely (and get those Free Chips)

As all of our readers know, we here at Slots Play Casinos prefer online over land-based casinos. There are many reasons for this preference. The top reasons are flexibility, convenience, comfort, and bonuses. Land-based casinos cannot give the same size bonuses that online casinos give on a regular basis. Some online and land-based casinos do give free chips.

Casino Gamers Like the Excitement of a Land-based Casino with Free Chips

We do readily admit that land-based casinos have something to offer casino gamers! This is the excitement on the casino floor. There are bells and whistles and brightly shining lights. When a player wins a big jackpot at slots, for example, the entire casino knows about it!

At the craps table some of the people will be rooting for the shooter while other swill root against her or him. This creates a lot of noise that emanates from the craps table. Similarly, at the roulette table, players root for their number or the set of numbers they have bet on. This creates a lot of noise from the roulette table as well!

The really big land-based casinos also have a public show of sorts. A casino might simulate a volcanic eruption! These are quite entertaining! So, a lot of casino players enjoy a long weekend at a land-based casino

We would like now to give a few tips on how to choose a land-based casino.

Try to Find a Casino Less than Two Hours Drive Away

There are so many land-based casinos these days that we feel a large majority of gamers can find at least one casino reasonably close to home. The reason for this piece of advice is that flying to a land-based casino is a tremendous hassle in terms of time and it is also very expensive.

Driving is no longer cheap but it is still a lot less expensive than flying.

When you choose a nearby casino, you can make a full day of it with stops in small towns, state parks, both on the trip to the casino and on the return trip home. Especially people who live in large cities need to replenish the supply of joy and good feelings that just a few hours in a small town or country setting can give.

Depending on where the casino you choose is located, you might choose to stay at a hotel or motel a little out of the town the casino is in. We can smell the country air from here!

Make Sure the Casino Has the Kind of Gaming You Like

With the corona virus restrictions still in place in many areas, there might not be the kind of blackjack you like to play. The same might be the case in video poker. It is imperative to check out any casino to find that they still pay 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 for video poker.

If you lingo, make sure the casino has a bingo room.

Call the Casino to Test the Customer Service Waters

Calling a business is a good idea in every aspect of modern commerce and a land-based casino is no exception. By the way, we also recommend calling an online casino for the same reason. As far as the land-based casino is concerned, you need to find out just how important your presence at the casino is to them.

Be confident enough to ask tough questions. Ask for a deal on the hotel room. A lot of people are too shy to ask for a deal. You should ask and negotiate for a deal if need be.

A good customer service representative should be able to answer every question you ask no matter how odd the question is! If they don’t know the answer, they should immediately find the answer and report it back to you.

Check the Casino out Online

A land-based casino has to have a strong internet presence. They should have many pictures and explanations of everything they have to offer. If the website is lacking any way and you get no satisfaction from a phone conversation, this casino will have proven itself unworthy of your allegiance.

Some websites that talk about casinos have player reactions to the time they spent at the casino. Read these “reviews” and testimonials carefully. A true report might say that the casino didn’t have something to offer that a player wanted. There might be a report that the hotel room was less than sparkling clean.

By the way, whenever you look for a room away from home, you must read the comments. We have found that some hotels are overwhelmingly popular for cleanliness and service and others are the exact opposite: dirty and not service oriented.

Making a Road Trip will Reduce your Time in the Casino

This is a very good thing! In any direction from your house are many things to do or see that are far more worthwhile than yet another hour on the casino floor. Here is a shortlist of things you might find on the way to the casino or on the way home:

  1. Family-owned restaurants.
  2. Museums.
  3. Beautiful tree-lined streets for a short walk.
  4. Mansions to look at as you walk.
  5. Pioneer village.
  6. Historical places such as the childhood hoe of a famous person.
  7. Small town college campuses. Exploring a small town college campus is one of the least appreciated things to do and see.
  8. Nature trails or parks. In the United States there are hundreds of small rivers many of which have a trail that follows the river bank.
  9. Local breweries, distilleries, or wineries.
  10. Fairgrounds.
  11. Farms open to the public.
  12. Farmers market.
  13. Antique shop.
  14. Local theater.

We Still Recommend Online Casinos

As you can see, a trip to a land-based casino should actually be a full excursion with a couple of hours at the casino as part, but not all, of the excursion. There is a lot to do when you get out of town! And if you have an online casino, you can take the casino with you when you explore the small towns on the way to your land-based casino.

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