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Choose the Best Game at an Online Casino by Playing All of the Casino’s Games

When you go to a toy store to buy a birthday gift for someone, you are faced with a common dilemma: How to choose the right game?  The same applies when you use the Fairgo Casino login to access the 300 or more games at Fairgo.   Fairgo, is one of the casinos we here at Slots Play Casinos have recommended.

The Fairgo Casino login is your ticket to online casino heaven!  Not only do you have to choose which game to play; you also have to choose which game to play NEXT.

First of all, Fairgo has a large selection of games from SpinLogic, one of the top game providers.  Secondly, at any online casino, gamers can easily go from one game to the next game and come back to the first game if they wish to do so.

It is so different at a land-based casino where players tend to root to one terminal.

It Does Present a Happy Dilemma

The easy availability of over 300 games does present a conundrum to some gamers, especially those gamers who used to play only at land-based casinos and are true newcomers to the online casino milieu.

The dilemma is which game to play!

So, in this article, we will go over online casino games in general to give you a few tips on how to choose the NEXT game.

Let’s Start with Slots AKA Pokies

We can divide slots into various categories.  First, we have themes.  There are slots about ancient cultures.  There are slots about holidays.  There are slots about mythology.  There are slots that incorporate vibrant colors and there are also slots that tend toward being a bit dark.

Modern Slots Have Exciting Symbols

Second, we can divide slots by how the wild symbol works.  Wild symbols have come of age during the recent digital evolution and revolution.  Now, we have stacked wilds, sticky wilds, cascading wilds, travelling wilds, multiplying wilds, expanding wilds, and exploding wilds just to name a few of the ways of the wild.  Each action by a wild symbol is exciting.  A lot of gamers go from slot to slot based on the great new ways the wilds operate.

The scatter symbols are less exciting than the wild symbols, yet they take us to the free spins bonus rounds where more adventures await.

A gamer can play many slots in a gaming session by playing slots with bonus rounds they like or wild symbols they like.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

There are progressive and non-progressive slots.  Progressive jackpots can reach seven figures.  The jackpots in non-progressive slots are less enriching.  There is a major catch here and it constitutes a major categorization of slots.

Volatility Can be High, Low, or Medium

The term volatility refers to the number of gamers who ultimately will divide the money returned to players after they have been wagered.  Three pokies may have the same return-to-player rate which at Fairgo is about 96-97%.  In a pokie with high volatility, relatively few gamers share the winnings.  In a slot with low volatility, the opposite happens; relatively many gamers share the winnings.

You can see that in a slot with high volatility, the average win will be higher than the average win in a low-volatility slot.

How to Choose a Pokie

Gamers need to be true to themselves and play the slots that most suit their interests and bankroll.  A slot with high volatility will wear down a bankroll a lot faster than one with low volatility unless you hit all or part of a big jackpot.

On the other hand, we also regularly encourage gamers to sample all of the games from any one online casino since it is so easy to do so, it makes gaming more fun and entertaining, and it is so different than most players experience at a land-based casino.

Bankroll Management is So Important, We Talk about it a Lot

Yes, we seem to repeat ourselves a lot about just how important good bankroll management is.  In the area of slots, we are all in on playing some progressive jackpot slots but we also always urge gamers to be sure that you play within your means.

Do All Casino Games Have Volatility?

Indeed, not!

Here we get to a category of games that is in a sense the opposite of slots.  We are talking about video poker and blackjack.  There is zero volatility in these games.  They operate from a standard deck of cards.  The return to player rate in both blackjack and video poker is about 99.5%!  That means that you can play for a long time and either break even, win a little, or lose a little.

Hone Your Skill

Video poker and blackjack are considered games of skill even though there is still a lot of luck involved.  As games of skill, there is correct strategy that gamers can use on every hand.  By using the best strategy on every hand, a gamer can minimize the chance element as we see in the high return to player rate.

Pokies are games of chance.

Are Most Casino Games Games of Skill or Games of Chance?

Here we have yet another way to categorize casino games.  Roulette and craps are games of chance.  We can minimize the chance element by making even money bets.

There are no even money bets in roulette because of the ornery 0.  To Fairgo Casino’s great credit, they offer only European Roulette with just one 0 and don’t offer American Roulette with 0 and 00.  The house edge in European Roulette is half the edge in American Roulette!

Banana Jones is a game of chance.  This is such a fun game that many gamers close out a session by playing a few rounds with ol’ Banana.  Baccarat is a game of skill since there is one bet that is demonstrably better than all other bets.  In baccarat, it is best to bet against the player and go with the banker.

Fairgo Casino and many other excellent online casinos offer the three Caribbean Poker games.  These are exciting and challenging games.  In short, the player makes an ante bet and gets cards along with the dealer.

Now the player has to decide to fold or stay in the hand.  If he or he decides to stay, they make a second bet that is twice the ante bet and get other cards to complete their hand.  Here is the big kicker.  The dealer cannot win both bets unless she “qualifies” with a minimum hand.

So, here are the possibilities in Caribbean Poker:

  1. The player folds and loses the ante bet.
  2. The player goes on and makes the second bet.
  3. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins the ante bet and the raise is a push.
  4. If the dealer does qualify, the higher hand wins both bets.

In Conclusion:

  1. Play as many games as you can.
  2. Always set a budget and stick to it.

There will always be games you like more and games you like less.  Until you are 100% sure which games you like more than others, play all of the games a casino offers.

If you play frequent, short sessions, it will still take you a very long time to try out every game at a casino such as Fairgo.  No one has ever played all of the games at a land-based casino! (our surmise; correct us if we are wrong).

Only when you know objectively which games you like the most and how much you can allocate for gaming will you know in full which games to play!

The Goal Here at Slots Play Casinos is Objective Reporting

We try to cover the online casino niche.  As there are thousands of online casinos, we find ourselves talking more about a handful, some 30 casinos.  We also talk at length about games, strategy, banking, casino myths and many other topics of objective interest.

Having said that, we urge all of you to…


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