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Color is a Major Aspect of Happy Online Slots

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have reviewed and recommended about 25 online casinos. Most of them use SpinLogic as thru exclusive game provider. So, it gives us a lot of pleasure to be able to recommend Ripper Casino which uses three other game providers: Rival, Arrow’s Edge, and Booming Games.

Ripper Casino also offers great deposit bonuses so you can play for long stretches with the casino’s own money! You do have to remember to use the correct Ripper Casino bonus codes for each bonus you apply for.

SpinLogic Sets the Industry Standard for Casino Game Development

Before we review a couple of colorful games at Ripper Casino, we would like to say a word about SpoinLogic. It makes a lot of sense that so many of the top online casinos use the games provided by SpinLogic. The company has been in the online casino games niche for a couple of decades. There are probably a couple of thousand SpinLogic games on the online casino circuit. Gamers simply love their games!

Does SpinLogic Have a Casino Game Development Monopoly?

Of course, not!

No single company can have a monopoly on the genius it takes to develop a good online casino game. So, we are happy to be able to report that the games at Ripper Casino are as good as the games at any online casino that features the brilliant work product of SpinLogic!

Instant Play Gives Gamers the Best of the Online Casino Gaming World

We will soon talk about a couple of new games featured at Ripper Casino but first we want to reiterate the great benefit that Instant Play presents to gamers. Instant Play allows gamers to play on their internet browser without the need to download a heavy, modern online casino.

Gamers can go from casino to casino, trying out their new and older games. Gamers can play games from several game providers. They can develop their own play list of games that cross online casino cyber-borders!

There is a Difference between Colorful Slots and Darker Slots

We will talk soon about a couple of new slots here but we also want to speak about how the colorfulness of a slot or lack thereof sets the tone for a slot in general. There are good reasons to play both types of slots!  Each type of slot sets a mood and depending on a gamer’s mood, he or she might prefer a colorful slot to cheer them up or to keep them in high spirits or they might want a darker slot that often takes gamers back in time to cultures that thrived long ago.

Game Providers Offer at Least One New Slot Every Month

The great proliferation of online slots means that gamers can play the color game as they wish. Gamers can go from highly colorful slots to less cheery slots in a single session!

Now we will talk about a couple of very colorful slots that made their debut in the very recent past.

Bunny Bucks

This super-colorful slot was developed by Arrow’s Edge and released in time for Easter. It is an Easter egg slot that takes color to a higher dimension. Easter, of course, is a highly religious holiday marking the moment that Jesus was resurrected after he died on the cross.

As such, Easter has tremendous religious significance for Christians all over the world. Still, over the centuries, a lighter tone has developed around the Easter holiday with the Easter Egg hunt being one of the main ways people take the very solemn day of Easter and turn it somewhat into a day of levity for kids and adults alike.

Color simply takes over! There are Easter symbols surrounding the five-reel screen. A little chickadee is at each of the four corners of the screen. On the screen are the Royal symbols plus a light blue bunny which is the scatter symbol and the Easter Egg itself which is the scatter symbol.

Other icons are a chocolate rabbit, a hatching chick, a carrot, and a basket.

The carrot is for the bunny and the other symbols are all about Easter as a family day where parents and children might picnic together and an egg begins its natural journey to becoming a chick!

Bunny Bucks is a low volatility slot that gives gamers the chance to play for a long time and end up very close to their starting bankroll. The game features two progressive jackpots and the usual free spins bonus round.

It is the use of color, graphics, and animation that set modern slots apart from the slots of a generation ago. Color, graphics, and animation have taken giant leaps forward in the last decade or so and slots show them every month! Aside from the chance to win real money, it is the color, graphics, and animation that set modern slots apart!

Candy Crush

There is an online game by this name. Candy Crush slot takes the name and sets it in a slots format. Each symbol is a different candy or confection. We are not sure as to the identity of all 13 symbols but we can identify the glazed donut, the green lollipop, a heart-shaped cookie with a fruity topping, a round cookie with a strawberry cream topping, a watermelon popsicle, a half-moon shaped sucking candy that might be caramel, a gingerbread tree, a pink meringue drop, a star-shaped cookie, and a cookie in the shape of a candy cane.

The wild symbol is a golden crown and the scatter symbol is a golden star.

Just as Bunny Bucks came out in time for Easter, Candy Crush came out in time for Valentine’s Day where men (mostly) give candy to their female love (mostly).

Where, other than at a sweet online slot can a gamer enjoy so many sugary and mouthwatering candies and confections without needing to visit the dentist right away?

Candy Crush has six reels as befitting its hyper-modern graphics and animation. It also features cascading reels, free spin bonus rounds, a bonus buy which a modern feature that allows gamers to buy a free spin bonus round, and a staggering 15625 betways.

Both Candy Crush and Bunny Bucks are sure to put a lasting smile on your face! There are days when a happy, colorful slot is exactly what a gamer needs and Candy Crus and Bunny Bucks at Ripper Casino deliver the goods!

Slots Play Casinos Offers Timely Information on the Casino Scene

As you may have noticed, we spoke about Bunny Bucks and Candy Crush not so much about their gameplay and features as about how they use color to enhance one’s good mood or to create a good mood in gamers!

Come to Slots Play Casinos often for excellent information and talk about all things casino!

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