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Enjoy Slots for their Bonus Rounds and Much More

There was a time, before slots went digital at all casinos, that there were no slots with bonus rounds.  Now, gamers can play online slots with bonus rounds at every online casino.  In this article, we here at Slots Play Casinos will talk about the kinds of bonus rounds gamers can enjoy at their favorite online casinos.

It seems too offbeat to believe but in the very early days of slots, the games were all mechanical.  There was some movement towards digital slots even before the first online casino came aboard but nowadays, if any land-based casino has a mechanical slot, it is there just for nostalgia.

Slots are a million miles better now than they were for the first five or six decades, before digital technology made slots so much more fun and entertaining.

What Makes Slots Fun and Entertaining?

Digital tech makes everything possible.  Here are a just a few ways slots are infinitely better today than they once were.

  1. Slots these days all have specific and changing themes.  For every slot about a culture from the past, there is one that uses fantasy or a futuristic look to entertain gamers.
  2. The challenge of creating slots with themes has made game providers employ the most creative people which ultimately enhances gamers’ fun and entertainment.
  3. Slots have characters and symbols that are part of that game’s storyline.  Thus, gamers look forward to a new slot coming out every month with another interesting theme and exciting characters.
  4. Slots use color more and in better fashion than the tired reds and blacks of the mechanical three-reel slots of a bygone era.
  5. Online casinos can keep retro slots for nostalgic gamers while land-based casinos have to take one out to make room for a new terminal.
  6. Slots all have wild symbols that can do amazing things in the regular game and in the bonus rounds.
  7. Online gamers can play as many slots as they want in one short session without giving up their seat since there are no seats in cyberspace!
  8. Slots technology has advanced so far that slots designed for mobile screens are easier on the eyes than the first generation of digital slots were.
  9. Online casinos offer unlimited free play because they can!  Land-based casinos cannot afford to make this kind of open-ended offer.  Gamers at online casinos can use the free play mode to test drive a slot to see if they like its game play enough to place a bet on it.

What Are Online Slots Bonus Rounds Like?

One of the great things about online casino gaming is that gamers can
“travel” from one casino to another without leaving their seat or sofa.  With Instant Play, there is no longer any need to download a casino.  Thus, gamers have tons of room for casinos on their internet server’s feed.

By being able to access many casinos, gamers can sample the slots and slot bonuses of several, even many, game providers.  This gives gamers a lot more freedom to have fun.

How Do Gamers Reach a Bonus Round?

The most common way is to get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.  This is different than the normal way gamers win in slots by going from left to right.

Some slots send gamers to the bonus round with only two scatters.

What Happens in the Bonus Round?

The most common slot bonus round is for free spins.  Sometimes, a game will offer as many as 50 free spins while 15-20 is most common.  The number of free spins is also usually determined by the number of scatters.  Three scatters garner the minimum number of free spins while five scatter get that lucky gamer a boatload of free spins.

Some slots allow gamers to reload the free spins if they get three or more scatters while playing their free spins.

Bonus Rounds Offer Other Great Benefits

The two most common bonus round additions are extra winnings and multipliers.  The wild symbols also sometimes do extra “tricks” in the bonus rounds.

Multipliers especially can give gamers huge wins.  In the regular game, a win with a wild symbol may have a 2x multiplier.  In the bonus round, that might be increased to 3x or more.

Another favorite tool of game providers is the free spins versus multiplier trade off.  They will offer more free spins for a lower multiplier or a higher multiplier for fewer free spins.  In this sub-bonus, the number of free spins to multipliers permutations is quite broad, making these slots extra fun.

Modern Slots Wild Symbols are Wild, Wild, Wild

Thre are many ways that the wild symbols increase winning chances for gamers.  The wild symbols add so much excitement to slots!  Wilds can stick and stack.  Sticky Wilds simply stick to their place on the reels while Stacked Wilds occupy a vertical line of spots.  Stacked Wilds usually stack three high but can also cover an entire reel.

Wilds can expand.  This means that they grow in all directions.  They can move; this usually means that they move to the right or to the left until they fall off the reels.

Probably the most exciting action a wild symbol can take is to explode.  Exploding Wilds send forth little baby wilds to many other spots on the reels.

How Slots Entertain Gamers

Slots are the most popular game at any casino whether land-based or online.  As a follower of the trends in online casinos, we here at Slots Play Casinos see slots as a kind of conduit for fun, excitement, and entertainment most commonly in the evening hours.

That is, slots lead gamers to pursue not just slots but many other avenues for fun and entertainment.  For many gamers slots in the early evening are a kind of aperitif for the pleasurable activities they will pursue later on.

We see slots as one of innumerable ways gamers can enjoy their evening activities.  Slots are the perfect game of chance that help gamers unwind after the normal tense and exhausting day at work.

Online gamers can play many different slots while land-based players tend to get rooted to one game for hours.  Since online gamers never have to wait to play, many gamers start off a session with slots and after 15 minutes or so, go to a different game such as the quintessential games of skill, blackjack and video poker, or a different game of chance and mirth such as Banana Jones.

Slots Play Casinos Covers Online Casinos in Depth

We have many casino reviews that help direct gamers to excellent online casinos.  We have guides for most everything an online casino gamer might want.  We publish two or more articles every week.  All in all, Slots Play Casinos gives gamers a great one-stop site for the many aspects of online casino gaming.


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