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Enjoy the Many Benefits of the Best Blackjack Online

The best blackjack is the blackjack you like to play and where you like to play the game!  There is no one best blackjack online nor is there one best blackjack on land!  Everyone has his or her preferences.

At Slots Play Casinos, we claim that there is also no single best online blackjack casino since there are thousands of online casinos and each carries an assortment of blackjack options.

Blackjack Players Like to Bet Real Money

One of the most telling preferences of blackjack players online and on land is that they all prefer playing blackjack for real money.

Here is the first of many differences between online blackjack for real money USA and blackjack for real money at land-based casinos.

At any reputable online casino, gamers can play in unlimited free play mode as a great, cost-free way to learn the ins and outs of any new blackjack variation they might want to play before they are ready to make a bet.

Land-based casinos cannot have a player sit in at a blackjack table and play without betting if there is a betting player waiting for a seat.

Online Blackjack Gamers Understand Strategy

Here at Slots Play Casinos, we have a blackjack guide and one of the main points of our guide is that with the correct strategy, a gamer should receive back 99.5% of all money bet.  That means that a very little luck is often the difference between a session of blackjack that ends up in the black as opposed to a session that ends up in the red.

Land-based Casinos Do Not Encourage Strategic Play in Blackjack

Land-based casinos understand that in a fair blackjack game, a player who uses the best strategy on every hand will likely receive in return 99.5% of all bets.  Land-based casinos do not publish a blackjack guide that spells out the best strategy for every contingency.

Instead, land-based casinos rely on two factors that lead land-based blackjack players astray.

Oh, Monty, Monty!

Nostalgia buffs know that this was a great George Carlin riff from the 1960’s.  in blackjack, the insecurity of having to make a decision happens very often as players go first and often have 12 or more points but not a great point count and are afraid of going over 21 on the next card.

So, many players always stand with 12 or more points!

In fact, the land-based casinos count on other players at the table blaming for their own losses a player who is hitting with 12 or more points when that move is statistically justified!  So, blackjack players at land-based casinos who want to use the best strategy are often intimidated by the clueless wonders playing at the same table!

How Much is a Blackjack Worth?

At most online casinos and at all of the online casinos we have reviewed and recommended, a blackjack earns the gamer a 3-2 payout.  This is a big part of the 99.5% return-to-player rate at online casinos.

As costs go up for land-based casinos, many of them have switched from a 3-2 payout for a blackjack to a 6-5 payout.  It seems like a small and insignificant change but it reduces the return to player rate by several percentage points, enough to make a winning session of blackjack next to impossible!

This is an insidious tactic that many land-based casinos use to make blackjack a low-value game for land-based casino players.  Often these players are led astray

by the simple fact that no one at land-based casinos will tell them that they are playing a great game with unfair rules!

Variety is the Online Casino Blackjack Spice of Life

There are many blackjack variations.  At a land-based casino, they can offer no more than one or two since blackjack tables take up a lot of space and an empty blackjack table is a losing blackjack table for the casino!

At online casinos, space is unlimited so online casinos can offer several variations of blackjack, video poker, and slots.

Instant Play Allows Gamers to Sample the Gaming Product of Several Game Providers

With Instant Play, gamers play directly on their internet server so they can easily go from one casino to another to play other variations of blackjack and other games from different game providers.

In theory, this is also possible at land-based casinos in places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas which have many casinos.  However, it is a known fact that most land-based casino players stick with one casino and thus are limited in their blackjack action by what that on casino offers.

What Time is It?

Land-based casinos have many tricks up their sleeves to get blackjack players − and all other players − to play when they are physically unable to make good decisions.

Keep in mind that at a land-based casino the overwhelming majority of players − those who do not live within walking distance of the casino – have to travel, often at great expense, just to get to the casino for a long weekend more or less.

Thus, land-based casino players have an incentive to spend as much time at they can on the casino floor!

Land-based casinos help create time confusion by having no clocks and no windows!  Even the average modern player, who has a smartphone, will leave the phone in their room thinking that they will have no use for the phone while they are gambling.

The Effect of Being Too Tired to Play

Land-based casino players, like all people doing all sorts of things, get tired! What an insight this is! NOT!  It is entirely obvious which is why land-based casinos have no clocks or windows.

Land-based casinos channel their players’ desire to get their money’s worth of gambling packed into three short days and help them along in the players’ desire to play on and on!

Advantage Goes to Online Casinos!

Online casino gamers know that they will be able to access their top online casinos whenever they wish to do so.  The ramification of this is that online casino gamers have the incentive to play for short periods of time thus playing games of skill and continuous decision making such as blackjack while fully alert!

Here are Two More Tricks that Land-based Casinos Use

These casinos ply players with free alcohol and give away vouchers for free buffet meals.

Free alcohol gets players tipsy and tired and free buffet meals get players just tired!

In either case, after imbibing and overeating, players make poor decisions and, in a game of skill at which players have to be at the top of their cognitive form, these practices lead to many losses.

Online casino gamers have no such tricks to overcome and with just the simplest proven blackjack strategy, come away winning very often!

Slots Play Casinos Has Great Information for Online Casino Gamers!

We have reviewed some 30 online casinos.  Gamers can move from casino to casino via their internet server and Instant Play and sample blackjack in many forms and from many game providers!

SPC offers timely information on many online casino games!


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