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Eureka! Try the Games of Skill at SlotoCash Casino

Becoming a better gamer at the games of skill featured at SlotoCash Casino requires some study and practice and many gamers avoid the work in favor of playing “well enough”. Playing well enough means that you will lose between 5-10% of the money you bet. If that is okay with you, you might not need to do the heavy lifting to get better at these games.

However, as we at Slots Play Casinos know, most gamers like to win, especially if they can literally win close to 100% of their money bet over the course of a gaming session. These gamers do want to improve their play incrementally to achieve that almost 100% return to player rate.

So, the key element here is how to schedule the study, how to effect the study, and how to practice the learned actions, so that we can become better gamers at the games of skill.

Perseverance and Dedication

These are the keywords that apply to any activity at which we can get better. Robert Pirsig, in his monumental work “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, speaks about “caring”. He talks about developing the patience we need to do a good job at anything we want to do.

His subject is motorcycle maintenance, and he makes it clear that the emotional side of doing a good job applies to everything we do. Perseverance and dedication are often misunderstood and underrated. Dedication is exactly what Robert Pirsig means by “caring”.

If we care, we will go the extra mile to learn how to do something well. Perseverance is simply the ability to both study and rest. Rest is as important as study. Pirsig uses the term “gumption” to describe the effect of perseverance. We need to maximize gumption in order to be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Sometimes taking a break increases our gumption to return to the challenges we face.

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you decide that you have two hours a day, you might study for two hours a day or you could decide that even though you have the time, you will devote less time to studying games of skill.

Why is this a Good Choice?

The answer is that in many areas less is more! The less time we dedicate to study, the better concentrated we can be during that time! So, we do have to know ourselves in order to choose the best study schedule for ourselves.

Getting started on any course of study is a big challenge for many people. If you hate studying over the weekend, don’t schedule study sessions for these days! If you lose concentration after 10:00 pm, schedule your study for earlier in the evening.

Get Started Slowly

Some people like to perform some kind of mild meditation before setting out to study a game of skill. In the context of blackjack and video poker, learning these games is a lot easier than learning chess or GO or carpentry.

You Have Gotten Better at Many Things Already!

Confidence is also an indispensable characteristic of people who can and do devote the time to get better at some activity. Many people have confidence in their professional activities but lack confidence in other areas.

Have you ever put together a PowerPoint presentation? Have you ever convinced clients or colleagues about an idea you have or a product you are selling? Have you ever baked a fancy cake for a special occasion by following the recipe and the instructions carefully and with confidence? Have you ever taken the time to organize a collection in a way that you would be proud to present it at a convention?

We all learn many, many things just by living! We can do so with perseverance, dedication, caring, and confidence! In fact, learning casino games is a lot less challenging than learning to do so many other things we do regularly!

A Lesson from an English Student

We know of an apocryphal story about studying English. The teacher asked a small class of adults how much time they had each day to study English as a second language. The students all said an hour or longer.

The teacher told them to start with five minutes! She knew that if a student tried to study for an hour and got tired soon after starting, it would cause them to not start on the next day! So, she told them to start with only five minutes. She knew that the five minutes would grow in a natural manner without the students making the formal decision to study for a longer period of time!

The same idea can apply to studying a new variation of video poker! Instead of demanding from ourselves an hour or more of dedicated study, we should start with five minutes of happy and dedicated study!

By starting small we can increase our happiness at studying and happiness usually translates into better performance.

How to Avoid Boredom

There is one reason and one reason only why we have statistical data from millions of blackjack and video poker hands: computers cannot get bored! People can get bored. Thus, the common advice to play many hands in order to master the best strategy gets gamers fully into the region of deep boredom! The best remedy for boredom is: stop trying to jump the strategy shark and do something else!

As if we needed yet another reason to say that online gaming has existential advantages over land-based casino gaming, here is another: when you play at home, you have a multitude of other activities to occupy your time and take you far from the land of the bored stiff!

The Eureka Moment Makes Online Games of Skill Fun

As we study video poker, blackjack, Caribbean Poker or any other game of skill, we will all encounter that singular moment when we say “I got it!”. This is known as the Eureka moment.

In all areas of interest, study leads to a Eureka moment. For people in pursuit of excellence, the Eureka moment is filled with sudden joy—the joy of knowing that you have grasped a difficult point and have embedded it in your brain never to be lost!

Slots Play Casinos Also Seeks the Eureka Moment

We try to help gamers improve their online gaming experience in any way we can. So does one of our top reviewed and recommended casinos SlotoCash Casino.

For the most up to date information about gaming at online and even at land-based casinos JOIN SLOTS PLAY CASINOS!

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